Brad is Beating Cholesterol Without Drugs

The following was written by Brad Hibler after he read Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat to Live.

I want to thank you for publishing your views! I recently (within the last few months) purchased your Eat to Live book (recommended by a co-worker) because my Cholesterol numbers were in the mid 300's. I never considered myself overweight or considered my self a bad eater. I really didn't snack on the so called junk food. I'm 6' and was 175lbs. I weigh in at 165 lbs now and have lost over 2 inches of belly fat--not the important thing... the important thing is; my numbers have dropped to what the medical industry calls normal! I am striving to get my numbers down to what you call good in your book.

In the beginning my doctor put me on Lovastatin. I took it for almost a month and got side affects that I didn't like so I stopped. I sure am glad there is an alternative to medicines to correct issues as I have/had.

Plus I don't get the low blood sugar feelings anymore and I have plenty of energy!

In short: "Thank you." I'm sure you hear that a hundred times a day!