Dramatic Reversal of Heart Disease

From the May 2006 edition of Dr. Fuhrman’s Healthy Times:

Dramatic reversal of atherosclerotic heart disease is the norm in my medical practice. Not a week goes by when I do not see a patient whose heart problems, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels have normalized. The results I see are so effective because my recommendations are ideal for maximizing human longevity. The following stories show the power of diet and lifestyle changes.

John Pawlikowski
John recently returned to my office for a routine follow-up visit. He is now 84 years old and in excellent health. His cholesterol level is 142 with an HDL of 86. He is 5’10”, weighs 152 pounds, and he is muscular and fit.

He is a dramatically different man from the one who walked into my office 13 years ago suffering from advanced heart disease. At that point in his life, John was facing a major health crisis. Based on chest pains and the abnormal results of a stress test and cardiac catherization, he had been advised to undergo bypass surgery immediately.

I assured him that if he did exactly what I asked of him, his heart disease would melt away rapidly, and he would live a long life—free of heart disease—without the interference and intervention of cardiac surgeons and cardiologists.

In a few weeks, John’s chest pains lessened, and in a few months they disappeared. His cardiologist was so impressed with the results that he told John he no longer needed surgery and advised him to keep following my advice.

John lost about 60 pounds in the first year after coming to see me, and he has maintained his present weight for over 10 years. He has been free of any further heart problems, and he is on no medication. He has not had any medical problems in the past 13 years.

Bruce Heimlich
Bruce was not a patient of mine. He introduced himself after a lecture I gave in San Francisco, and we have corresponded since then. At the time, Bruce was 49 years old and weighed 225 pounds. He had tried many diets to lose weight, including the vegetarian one he was following when he found out that he had a significant blockage of his right carotid artery (ultrasound showed over 80 percent occlusion). Bruce read my book Eat to Live and decided not to undergo surgical treatment. Within one year, he lost 75 pounds. He repeated the test to evaluate the blockage in his carotid arteries, and the ultra-sonographer was shocked to see that no plaque or disease could be found. The atherosclerotic plaque obstructing the lumen of the blood vessels had disappeared completely.