Exercises that Help Prevent Osteoporosis

From the July 2003 edition of Dr. Fuhrman’s Healthy Times:

The first three back exercises involve use of gym equipment. Never attempt to lift heavy weights with your back. Perform smooth movements with an amount of weight light enough for you to be comfortable doing at least twenty repetitions.
1. Seated cable row: With knees slightly bent, lean forward, then pull the handles back to your chest with elbows wide as your back comes to vertical.

2. Wide cable pull downs: Pull down the cable to your chest with elbows wide as you lean back to a sixty-degree angle.

3. Back extensions: Lean over exercise ball, and arch your back up like a reverse sit up, or use a back extension chair made for this exercise.

4. Superman: While lying on your stomach, lift trunk and legs up off the ground like a bow.

5. Alternate Superman: Use alternate arm and leg to perform the superman.

6. Weighted backpack: Wear a weighted backpack for a few hours per week. Normal activities of moving around and getting up and down with a weighted backpack on strengthens the back.