No, Caffeine Isn't Healthy

Yesterday I found this article on WebMD. It debunks "diet myths" like eating at night makes you fat and drinking water helps you lose weight. For kicks, I passed it along to Dr. Fuhrman.

Now, their claim about caffeine NOT being unhealthy, really set him off. Here's what he said:

They ignored the downside and gave a one-sided view. Caffeine is a mild drug, addictive and like other drugs, can have both risks and benefits. In higher dosages the risks, such as irregular heart beat is potentially dangerous.

But because some people with the potential to abuse caffeine, like young people, are sensitive to rationalizations that promote caffeine and justify their addiction. This advice could be potentially dangerous and even fatal due to life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia.

Dr. Fuhrman is right. Especially about young people! All those super-caffeinated energy drinks are aimed POINTBLANK at kids, prompting many states to crackdown on energy drinks.

And yet, some company still thinks it’s a good idea to put caffeine in soap! Nope, its not a joke. 

To B or Not to B, that is the Question... --UPDATE--

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Allie Beatty of Allies Voice and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Followhealthlife or Dr. Fuhrman.

For every time someone told me the answer to diabetes is blood sugar control – immediately I knew the question cannot possibly be ‘how do I prevent complications”. Complications are now known to be caused from AGE (advanced glycation end products). AGEs are released into the body after glucose metabolism. If insulin helps metabolize glucose – why doesn’t the body make something that protects it from complications of diabetes? It does – it’s found in proinsulin.

The beta cells make proinsulin. Proinsulin is a combination of insulin and C-peptide. Insulin breaks off from proinsulin (like the launching of a space shuttle) to carry glucose out of the blood and into the cells. C-peptide lingers in the blood to ‘clean up’ the AGEs created from glucose metabolism. People with diabetes develop complications in their eyes, nerves and kidneys. Analogues (synthetic ‘insulin’) only lower blood glucose and leave AGEs in the blood to complicate the tissues of the eyes, nerves and kidneys. This occurs in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Mother Nature is forgiving and reasonable. For she realized these membranes would need a secondary source of prevention from complications if insulin and c-peptide were in short supply. As it turns out – vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, reverses damages from AGEs, much like C-peptide. Because vitamin B is water-soluble, and people with diabetes tend to urinate frequently – over time the body becomes dangerously depleted of vitamin B, including vitamin B1 – thiamine.

Studies have shown that vitamin B1 (thiamine) is essential for the metabolism of glucose from the blood (aka ‘blood sugar’). Vitamin B1 (thiamine) is keeps your mucous membranes healthy and is essential for nervous system, cardiovascular and muscular function. It leaves me puzzled as to why doctors aren’t religiously checking patients’ with diabetes thiamine levels. Nearly every complication of diabetes can be prevented (and in some cases treated) with consideration to thiamine.

Alas, you know my gripe will eventually meander into the nefarious patents and suppression of BIG PHARMA. So I’ll spare you the drama and leave you with one simple call to action. Don’t wait for your thiamine levels to drop. Get yourself a good B-complex with plenty of thiamine. Keep a running tab on your thiamine levels and if they start to drop – discuss with your doctor a plan of action to replenish the Bs.

UPDATE: Dr. Fuhrman had a reaction to Allie's post. His thoughts:

This is misleading and it exaggerates the known benefits of thiamine supplementation in the diabetic. It is also harmful to the extent that diabetics think they can adequately protect themselves with supplements, (as it subconsciously de-emphasizes the critical nature of aggressive dietary and lifestyle changes), instead of changing their diet and exercise habits, which has the potential to remove the diabetes completely.

Sure, diabetics are low in thiamine (vitamin B1), as well as other micronutrients, and sure thiamine deficiency as well as deficiencies with other micronutrient) can accelerate the enhanced micro-vascular damage from diabetes. However, that does not mean that thiamine supplementation (alone) will prevent or even help prevent the micro-vascular complications to the kidney, nerves and eyes in diabetes. Those studies are ongoing and no definitive conclusions at this point can be made.

To encourage high dosages of supplemental B1, without mention of a diet, rich in B1 (vegetable and bean-based), will continue the nutritional folly of the last decades. There are thousands of micronutrients needed to maximize your health and type-2 diabetes is a disease that develops because of nutritional ignorance and the subsequent food addictions that develop from low nutrient eating. Becoming thin is the first step. When you eat the micronutrient-rich diet I recommend you get appetite suppression, dramatic weight loss, enhanced exercise tolerance, and most people can actually get rid of their diabetes. A type-1 diabetic can reduce their insulin needs by about half, and protect themselves from the complications of diabetes.

Caring for thousands of diabetic patients in my practice and weaning them off their medications while watching their condition melt away, has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my medical practice. So if you have diabetes, instead of looking for a pill, supplement, or medication to protect you, which will never be maximally protective, I want to encourage you to take the bull by the horns and strive to get rid of your diabetes. That should be the take away message.

My nutritional protocol has already been confirmed by medical studies to be the most effective for lowering cholesterol, and a pilot study has also shown it to me the most effective for weight loss. For diabetics, it can be a life-saving. If you are diabetic, I implore you to learn more.

I now recommend that diabetics check their blood level of B1 (thiamine) and supplement appropriately, but the most important way to control the complications of (type 2) diabetes is to get rid of it via nutritional excellence and exercise.


Eating to Live on the Outside: World Peace Café

After the FRENZY of Followhealthlife’s redesign, I’m pooped! I need some peace and quiet. Speaking of peace! This week we’re heading to World Peace Café in Atlanta, Georgia. No, not literally, via the internet!

The menu is decent. Just a few problems; like eggs, cheese and bread. But overall, World Peace Café looks pretty good. Here’s what caught my eye:

Lentil, Kale and Mushroom Soup

  • It’s pretty self-explanatory. It could be salty, so I’d ask first.

Full Veggie Sandwich

  • Avocado, tomato, sprouts and rosemary mayonnaise; I’d ditch the mayo and order wheat bread and side house salad. Love that avocado!

Grilled Veggie Sandwich

  • Marinated grilled carrots, zucchinis, roasted red pepper, portabella mushrooms and mozzarella cheese; again, wheat bread and a side salad and I’d nix the cheese.

Jamaican Burger

  • Peace burger (made with organic vegetables and oats), Jamaican jerk sauce and fresh mango salsa and roasted the potato wedges; the burger is intriguing and mango ALWAYS cool!

Sun Salad

  • Organic greens, avocado, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and raisins; all good, but I’d skip the bread it comes with and order the plum vinaigrette dressing.

Peace Burger Salad

  • Beets, carrots, tomatoes, sliced Peace Burger and organic greens; same deal, no bread and I like the plum dressing.

Veggie Rice Bowl

  • Grilled or steamed veggies, tofu hearts and flowers and sauce of the day; I’m not sure what tofu hearts and flowers are, but steamed veggies KICK butt and yes, the rice is a concession.

World Peace Café has some COOL sides too. They’ve got salads, grilled veggies, fresh fruit, roasted potato wedges and steamed rice. I’m not feeling the rice, but pairing up the fruit and veggies would be a GREAT idea!

In the end, I’d probably order the Sun Salad. That’s the BEST option. But what do you think? Check out World Peace Café’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Just leave a comment! Until then, eat wisely. Peace.

An Apple Crank Started the Momentum

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Howie Jacobson, PhD of FitFam and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Followhealthlife or Dr. Fuhrman.

Packing school lunches is always a challenge in my house. So it was with some surprise that my 9-year-old son suddenly started asking for apples for lunch about a month and a half ago.

To me, apples are the perfect food. They resist most mild forms of travel abuse, unlike plums and peaches. They come in nice colors and can be eaten one-handed while you do your school work.

But for finicky kids, apples present a problem. The skin!

Skin the apple ahead of time, and it turns brown. Leave the skin on and a third grader will see ammo-deflecting armor surrounding his fruit, rather than a thin and delicious protective layer. The apple will come home untouched or worse, thrown away with one guilty bite taken out of it.

Back to the point, why was my son so excited about apples?

Turns out his teacher, who has a keen interest in all things mechanical, had brought to class an apple peeler and corer. Now, all of a sudden, my son's apple was the coolest thing at lunchtime, because he could crank this simple machine and magically peel and core it in front of his classmate's amazed and appreciative eyes.

Now all the kids want apples for lunch. Probably an overstatement, but I'm a little excited here!

So what's my takeaway? Presentation matters. The experience of food matters. Peer pressure matters. And most of all, if you want to change behavior, use toys. The apple gadget provided immediate gratification prior to the first bite. The apple jumped to the front of the awesome-dessert line because it started with momentum.

When you get a strong spasm of intention to eat right, to exercise, to meditate, to do whatever it is that supports your highest good and yet doesn't happen as often as it should. Use that POWER MOMENT to shift your future environment.

Buy an apple peeler, go for a fun run, clean out your study and make it a meditation room, use that momentum! Create ongoing favorable conditions, so doing the right thing becomes fun and easy.

Green-News: Friday 10.31.08

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Grapes Lower Blood Pressure

A new study in the Journal of Gerontology: Biological Sciences claims flavonoids in grapes may help LOWER blood pressure and REDUCE heart muscle damage. Especially in individuals consuming salt-heavy diets; Reuters reports.

Favonoids are superstars! And they’re NOT limited to grapes. Many foods, like broccoli and other green vegetables, are potent sources of flavonoids and healthful compounds like vitamins E, A, C and K and fiber, folate, lutein and lycopene.

And previous research has determined eating flavonoid-rich plant foods ENHANCE heart health by lowering cholesterol and improving blood flow and according to Dr. Fuhrman, you can eat broccoli and grapes everyday, in unlimited quantities!

Do You Take Your Health For Granted?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Scott Wharton of HealthandMen and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Followhealthlife or Dr. Fuhrman.

Do you take your health for granted? Chances are if you're reading this right now, you don't. However I was heading home late last night and I noticed a billboard for a wellness radio show and for some reason it got me to thinking about how many people probably drive by that everyday and think, “Why?”

When you go to the grocery store the first section that is in most markets is the produce. Perhaps one of the most important sections of the super market, filled with the healthiest items in the store. How many people pretty much bypass this section almost all together and go about buying the same things they bought the last time?

How many people give no thought to simply eating healthy food and fill their shopping cart with the same garbage each and every time? You'd be surprised. Sure they might buy some canned vegetables, but that’s only because they feel that they have to have a vegetable on their dinner plate and don’t really want that vegetable for its nutritional value.

Most people don't become health conscious until the errors of their ways catch up to them and they suffer a heart attack or a simple cholesterol test show dangerous levels. They go about their daily lives and have the mentality that they feel healthy so they must be healthy.

Health insurance rates for men are normally higher than women's rates. One reason is because men can be ignorant. They brush off minor aches and pains and don't get regular check-ups. Those minor aches and pains could be symptoms of bigger underlying issues and sometimes it's not caught until it's too late.

I think women are more health conscious for various reasons. One is the fact that women are generally more self-conscious about their weight and often do research on what they can do about it. When they research they learn all sorts of things that they never knew before and they start becoming more aware of their personal health. Also, most women are not as stubborn as men and normally get themselves checked out when they feel something isn't right.

It goes back to the mentality that I feel fine, so I must be fine. There are also people that just don't care. They live for the moment and live unhealthy lifestyles. They may be happy, but it can create hardships for themselves and other people in the long run when they are beating up their bodies from the inside out. You don't have to be paranoid about your health, just be aware.

Over 500 years ago English philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon said "Scientia Potentia Est", which translates to today's "Knowledge Is Power" and in U.S. Military leadership they teach "Know yourself and seek self improvement". These are words to live by in both a moral sense and health sense.

Don't take your health for granted and encourage others to do the same.

Positive Eating, Fueled by Diet Failure!

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Laura Klein of OrganicAuthority and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Followhealthlife or Dr. Fuhrman.

The New York Times reported that positive eating trends are on the upswing!

Remarkably the percentage of people who are currently dieting is on a decline to 29 percent in 2007 from 33 percent in 2004. In place of calorie counting, starvation and deprivation, people are adding tasty whole foods to their diets, and 53 percent more are cooking more and from scratch!

This is exciting stuff! It has always been my advice that if you don’t know where to begin in transitioning your diet to a healthy one, start by adding more delicious organic fruits and vegetables to your diet every time you grocery shop and if you can swing it, on a daily basis. Keep it simple and easy.

If you are inclined to count something, start counting chemicals in your food instead of calories. Studies are now showing that chemicals in our food are leading to serious health issues like obesity, cancer and more. If you are inclined to reach for diet sodas and diet foods, take a few seconds (literally that’s all it takes) and scan the list of ingredients and ask yourself how familiar you are with the ingredients in that packaged drink or food product.

Other reports have shown number of farmers markets across America have more than doubled since the mid-1990s. And the sales of organic foods continue to rise. We are finally beginning to follow in the footsteps of Europe.

One of the things I have discovered in my quest to discover the most delicious foods on the planet is the remarkable healing qualities of tasty, whole, organic foods. There are so many miraculous healing stories of people who have cured themselves of serious diseases, like cancer, obesity, diabetes, and more, by simply eating a delicious, organic, whole foods diet. Bottom line, delicious, whole, organic foods are commonly overlooked as one of the most powerful healing tools on the planet.

If you are concerned about the price of organic foods during these tight economic times here are some of my recommendations for creating room in your budget to add tasty, whole, organic foods to your shopping cart:

  • Buy fewer prepackaged processed food products and add more whole foods to your shopping basket. Buying less junky fast foods creates room in your budget for tasty, whole organic foods!
  • Eat out less. Eat at home at least one to two times more per week (or more). This will create a huge amount of room in your budget for quality organic foods.
  • Buy at your local farmers markets! Not only are you buying local but many times organic produce can be up to 20-40% cheaper.
  • Don't rule out non-organic when it comes to local farmers. While you are at your local farmers market, get to know your farmer! Ask if they grow organically even if they aren’t a certified organic farm. Many times local farmers can’t afford the certification but grow organically the way Mother Nature intended.
  • Use a grocery list! This may seem obvious, but studies show that people who use grocery lists and stick to them save money on their grocery bill.

Overall, think about your values when you shop. Do you shop merely on price and large quantities? Or does quality and nutritional value count for something? Remember: consuming foods that are tasty and rich in nutritional value is what will keep you healthy, help in keeping the weight off and add up to less doctor visits. And knowing it's better for the planet is a nice perk!

Green-News: Thursday 10.30.08

  • And now Nike is getting hip to the eco-push. New "Nike Considered" products will utilize efficient design patterns, which use less material and will be easier to RECYCLE and contain non-toxic compounds, like cork and organic cotton; Reuters reports.

Where the Bananas Are...

Here! The bananas are right here. Followhealthlife's Operation Banana Hunt has found a TON of bananas!

Okay, so it started out as a goofy idea, to find bananas from ALL over the world, but believe it or not, we’ve actually discovered 20 out the 31 Dole organic farms worldwide.

Admittedly, I’ve done the BULK of the work. But you guys have pitched in too! Here’s a montage of bananas so far:

Yup, that’s A LOT of bananas. I’ve eaten more bananas this year than EVER before. Which explains why I’m being regularly mistaken for an escaped monkey from the zoo!

So help me out! Keep your eyes peeled—no PUN intended—for more bananas. Especially look for farm numbers: 223, 993, 996, 997, 998, 350, 625, 633, 698 and 253.

Come on, get out there! Find those bananas. Then check out the Dole Organic Program and tell me what you discover. Drop a comment or send an email. It's easy, just go bananas!

How Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Our Life!

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Robyn O’Brien of AllergyKids and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Followhealthlife or Dr. Fuhrman.

As a mother of four, I thought I’d seen it all. Endless ear infections, middle of the night stomach flus, and every rash, oozing eye and childhood condition I could imagine. And then my life changed abruptly and irrevocably over a plate of scrambled eggs.

It all started on what seemed like an ordinary morning. You know the ones? Where the kids come screaming down the stairs and you're not sure if the chaos is in the form of a game of chase or a favorite T shirt that can't be found.

As my four children powered down their Eggo waffles, tubes of blue yogurt and some scrambled eggs, I decided to slip a few spoonfuls of eggs onto my youngest child’s tray. But she didn't really seem interested, fussed and pushed them away.

As I cleaned up the mess, I noticed that my baby seemed tired. And since she was not quite one at the time, I took her upstairs for her morning nap.

I don't know what made me check on her that morning, but a few minutes later, in an act that can only be defined as Mama Instinct, I went upstairs.

I lost my breath the minute I walked into her bedroom. Her face was swollen shut. As I grabbed her from her crib, I came screaming downstairs, calling out to the older children, asking if they had put something on her face, in her crib, in her eyes.

All I got were those blank little kid stares. You know the ones? And at that point, I got really scared, because my older children had no idea what I was talking about.

I called the pediatrician in a complete panic, and she told me to come in immediately that it sounded like an allergic reaction.

What was happening? I felt completely out of control, unable to protect my baby from something as normal as food. What kind of mother was I?

Little did I know what that day and that diagnosis would bring.

I began to learn about food allergies: How there has been a 400 percent increase in the condition in the last ten years and how the peanut allergy alone doubled from 1997-2002. I learned how proteins and chemicals in foods that can threaten a child's immune system.

I learned that there are chemicals found in our foods that can compromise a child’s immune system, making them more vulnerable to all types of chronic conditions and diseases, including allergies, asthma, ADHD and autism (which now affect 1 out of every 3 American children).

I learned that the reason that people choose to avoid processed foods in their diets is to reduce their children’s exposure to harmful chemicals and ingredients. I also learned that the reason that people spend more on organic produce is because these foods are not allowed, by law, to contain chemically engineered products (like insecticides or genetically manipulated materials in their ingredients).

And I learned that there is so much a mom can do to protect her kids and the kids around her!

Kidney Stones in Children?

Just like Pokemon cards and cholesterol-lowering medications, kids can NOW compare kidney stones too. That’s right! More and more doctors are seeing kidney stones, commonly found in adults, showing up in children—as young as 5 or 6!

And what’s to blame? What else! Crappy diets, but in particular, SALTY diets. The New York Times reports:

Excess salt has to be excreted through the kidneys, but salt binds to calcium on its way out, creating a greater concentration of calcium in the urine and the kidneys.

“What we’ve really seen is an increase in the salt load in children’s diet,” said Dr. Bruce L. Slaughenhoupt, co-director of pediatric urology and of the pediatric kidney stone clinic at the University of Wisconsin. He and other experts mentioned not just salty chips and French fries, but also processed foods like sandwich meats; canned soups; packaged meals; and even sports drinks like Gatorade, which are so popular among schoolchildren they are now sold in child-friendly juice boxes.

No doubt. Food producers LOVE to push salt on kids! For example, a new report came out revealing breakfast cereals have too much sugar. Cereal-makers said fine! We’ll just pump our fruity loops full of salt instead.

Listen, salt is bad for children of ALL ages. But if parents and kids start eating healthfully, you AVOID the salt problem altogether!

Kids in the Kitchen

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Amy Roskelley of SuperHealthyKids and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Followhealthlife or Dr. Fuhrman.

Here’s a tip, let the kids be part of cooking. When they have time and interest invested, they are more likely to discover new foods and discover they actually like them. Kids can do a lot of things. Let them choose the produce at the store, wash it, chop it (unless they are a four year old who thinks everything can be cut with a light saber), bake, serve, prepare, whatever!

I decided to let my son (ketchup boy) help prepare dinner, because he doesn’t cook with me very often. I first let him make choices.

“What should we put on top of our salad tonight? Would you like cucumbers and tomatoes, or apples and oranges?”

“None of it,” was his reply.

“Well, we’re making a salad anyway, so I’m letting you decide what we’ll put on it.”

He comes back and says, “Okay, apples and oranges.”

I said, “Great, you peel the oranges and cut the apples, and I’ll wash the lettuce.” We made the salad, and then sat down to eat. The kids separated their oranges from their lettuce (heaven forbid the lettuce should touch the oranges), but they did eat both, so I consider it a success.

Other things they can do to be part of the process, is let them help start a garden. I bought some alfalfa seeds and a sprouting jar since it was winter and nothing grows in Utah during the winter. But sprouting can happen all year round. So the kids helped by rinsing the seeds daily.

There are so many reasons to let your kids help with preparing your families meal. If they help, they’ll learn meal planning, how to cook, and prepare food. This way they aren’t eating out of a can when you send them to college.

But mostly, I’m hoping someone will want to marry them someday, so they aren’t living in my house when they are 40!

Green-News: Wednesday 10.29.08

  • Sadly, the UK may be swan-less this year. Warming temperatures in Siberia are DELAYING the Bewick’s swan annual migration. Each year, bird watchers have been waiting for them longer and longer; The Telegraph reports.

A Tomato, Grown in Garbage

There are LOTS of ways to go green. You can eat organic food. Buy reusable shopping bags. And even stick a brick in your toilet.

Or you can dedicate SIX MONTHS of your life to growing a FREAKING tomato and blog about it EVERY week!

And then, you can make a VIDEO about it and set it to music:


You know you LOVE the song! Digging that up took some MAJOR nerdy-ness on my part.

Actually, growing that tomato was QUITE an experience. I really enjoyed doing it. I can’t wait for the spring, so I can do it again!

Stay tuned, Followhealthlife’s GREEN revolution has only begun!

This year's garbage tomato has begun

More Women Getting Arthritis...

A new study by the Mayo Clinic reveals rheumatoid arthritis is on the RISE among women in the United States. Up significantly from previous data. However, the rate has remained about the same for men; Reuters reports.

Now, you could do Tai Chi to reduce arthritis-related knee pain or you can STOP arthritis altogether. Previous research indicates that a vegetable-based vegan diet offers protection against arthritis and helps ease symptoms.

I Can't Live Without My Vita-Mix!

Editor's Note: This is a guest post from Jennifer McCann of Vegan Lunch Box and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Followhealthlife or Dr. Fuhrman.

I swear by the magical super power of a Vita-Mix to blend otherwise objectionable foods to a lovely smooth consistency that will meet the approval of picky children, and adults! I use it to blend chunky soups into smooth purees for my son, so he can avoid the distress of having to dissect his stew before eating. I also blend his tomato sauce, and manage to sneak in some cooked kale and carrots while I'm at it!

But the main reason we love the blender is for making SMOOTHIES! Smoothies are a great way to make fruits (and, to a lesser extent, vegetables) fun and easy. We make smoothies every day for breakfast or a healthy snack.

Now that my son is almost 10 he likes to show his independence and make his own. However, we started having problems with his idea of how much frozen fruit to use; it was not uncommon to find that he had thrown over 3 cups of frozen blueberries in the blender to make one breakfast smoothie. Healthy, yes, but talk about expensive!

So here's what I did to get smoothie-making under control and turn it into a kid-friendly activity: I purchased clear square bins at a wholesale grocery store, just like the kind they use in restaurants, along with a 3 oz. (approx. 1/3 cup) ice cream scoop.

Then I posted a smoothie recipe template on the refrigerator for my son's reference. It's practically impossible to go wrong with it: 1 cup of nondairy milk or 100% juice (or a mix of the two), 1 scoop of ice, 1 container nondairy yogurt, and 3 scoops of fruit. Voila! A yummy smoothie!

Of course, you can leave out the yogurt if you prefer, and add all sorts of nutritious extras to any smoothie: one or two tablespoons nuts or nut butter, a tablespoon of ground flaxseed, a Pixie-Vite or other supplement, handfuls of cooked or raw greens, slices of avocado, etc. My husband even likes to add raw oats to his, to thicken it into a hearty breakfast shake.

Purple Tomatoes!

Relax! You’re NOT having an acid flashback. Using genes from the snapdragon flower, scientists have genetically engineered PURPLE tomatoes! The dark color makes them richer in cancer-fighting compounds called anthocyanins; via the AFP.

Actually, many plants NATURALLY contain anthocyanins, like blueberries. But tomatoes are still awesome! They taste great raw. Dr. Fuhrman considers tomatoes as one of the best foods for health and longevity. And they’re FANTASTIC with broccoli!

Green-News: Tuesday 10.28.08

Better, Stronger, Faster...

Say hello to the NEW!

Followhealthlife has come a LONG way. From a lowly blip on the blogosphere, to an EVER-GROWING information source, regularly picked up by Reuters and other MAJOR news outlets.

Posting AMAZING numbers for a niche-blog. Followhealthlife continues to BREAK its own traffic numbers month after month. And this month figures to be the BEST yet! Cracking 100,000 total visitors.

Followhealthlife’s revamped image is just the NEXT step in its evolution. And it’ll only get better!

Kicking off the new design, this week will feature guest articles from our friends and colleagues, like Jim Foster of Diet-Blog and Jennifer McCann of Vegan Lunch Box, and special follow up posts on Operation Banana Hunt, my GREEN tomato and more!

Myself, Dr. Fuhrman and all of team Fuhrman THANK YOU for your loyalty and support! We’re glad to have you and we appreciate your help in making Followhealthlife an exciting and up-and-coming brand.

I’ll be around ALL day, ironing out all the kinks. So please explore the new look. Click around and let me know what you think. Make lots of comments. And thanks again, you guys ROCK! Peace.

The 6-Word Diet: An End to Complexity

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Jim Foster of Diet-Blog and does NOT necessarily represent the opinions of Followhealthlife or Dr. Fuhrman.

Do you ever feel baffled, overwhelmed, and fatigued by all the diet advice that’s out there? Over the last few decades we’ve seen books that cover a bewildering array of nutritional combinations. Some become instant bestsellers – while others are thrown in the bargain bin before you can say “revolutionary new plan“.

It becomes mind-numbingly banal after a while – and in my view most people simply want to get on with life - enjoying their food and experiencing good health. Following rigid plans can feel empowering for a while – but in an ever-increasingly hectic life – simplicity begins to look very attractive.

Today’s information highway is strewn with 30-point plans for achieving better bodies. We have more assistance and guidance at our fingertips than ever before. How much of that knowledge we actually retain is up for debate.

Let’s distill all the complexity down into one easy sentence. It won’t lose you “4 pounds in 7 days”. It won’t “melt fat”, and it is no “revolutionary secret”.

Here we go, 6 words: Eat more fruit and fibrous vegetables.

Don’t stress, don’t strain. Don’t count, don’t obsess. Focus on which fruits and veggies you enjoy. Buy (or grow) them. Eat them.

Life is too short to spend it on angst and worry.

You may be surprised at the number of positive follow-on affects from simply focusing on fruit and vegetables. It’s more helpful to focus on foods you can add rather than stressing about what you have to avoid. If you’re stomach has filled up on broccoli – you’re unlikely to binge on a tub of ice cream.

Keep it simple. Keep it positive.

Tai Chi Fights Arthritis and Diabetes

Research by Tufts Medical Center claims Tai Chi, an ancient form of Chinese exercise, DECREASES knee pain from arthritis. Reuters reports:

The study provided the latest evidence that tai chi may offer benefits for people with arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation advocacy group recommends it for improving the quality of life of people with arthritis.

Tai chi is a form of exercise developed in China centuries ago. With tai chi, a person slowly performs a series of postures or movements that are low impact and put little stress on the muscles and joints. It can improve muscle function, balance and flexibility.

That’s why I started doing yoga. Oh, and a previous study determined Tai Chi also helps CONTROL type-2 diabetes. Pretty cool!

On Manager's Special 10.27.08


Those onions $2.13.



Just $1.00 for the peppers.



Grapes only $1.42.



And $1.52 for the pears.

Grand total $6.07.

More GOOD stuff, another CHEAP price!

Green-News: Monday 10.27.08


This Monday...

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Kids' Cereal Now Saltier!

Earlier this month, Consumer Reports discovered kids’ cereals, like Honey Smacks and Froot Loops, have MORE sugar than doughnuts! Fortunately, Kellogg’s has an unlikely solution. Slash the sugar, but INCREASE the salt; The Wall Street Journal reports.

Wow, what GENIUS came up with that! Salt is dangerous, it heightens stroke-risk and races blood pressure. And processed foods, like cereal, are NOT health-promoting either. They contain harmful compounds called acrylamides. So, pass on the fruity loops!

Via Serious Eats.

High Fat Diet Worsens Sleep Apnea

A new study suggests individuals eating diets HIGH saturated fat are MORE likely to develop severe symptoms of sleep apnea.

The research appears in Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. Reuters reports:

Among 320 adults they assessed, those with severe symptoms of sleep apnea generally ate diets higher in cholesterol and artery-clogging saturated fat. While obesity does raise the risk of severe sleep apnea, the findings were not explained by the study participants' weight.

The results, say the researchers, suggest that eating habits may contribute to the increased risks of heart disease and stroke seen in people with sleep apnea.

"This unhealthy diet may be one reason why sleep apnea contributes to a greater risk of cardiovascular disease," senior researcher Dr. Stuart Quan, of Harvard Medical School in Boston.

But researchers insist MORE studies are needed to better understand the relationship between POOR diet, sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease.

Like how bad food and obesity increases heart risk!

Eating to Live on the Outside: Sublime

It’s freaking COLD in New Jersey. I need WARM weather. Florida here I come! Not literally, I’ll have to pretend. This week, via the powers of the internet, Eating to Live on the Outside heads to Sublime in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

And Sublime looks pretty good! I see PLENTY of vegetables. And veggie sushi, I LOVE veggie sushi! Okay, here’s the food I'd consider ordering. Take a look:

Rice Paper Spring Rolls

  • Rice paper, napa cabbage, carrots, red pepper, bok choy and yuzu sauce; provided their NOT fried or greasy, I can deal with rice paper.

Organic Edamame

  • Roasted sea vegetables, sesame, edamame and cracked black pepper; if it’s NOT too salty, I’d be cool with it.

Sublime Roll

  • Avocado, cucumber, scallions, soy paper and lemon aioli; I LOVE avocado and I’m okay with the soy paper and oil.


  • Avocado and cucumber; pretty simple, I DIG it!

Hydroponic Baby Arugula Salad

  • Roasted red peppers, spiced walnuts, olives, golden raisins and balsamic vinaigrette; I’d DITCH the olives and order the dressing on the side.

Sublime Chopped Salad

  • Romaine lettuce, garbanzo beans, bell peppers, cucumbers, onion, kalamata olives, scallions and red wine vinaigrette; same deal, I’m nixing the olives and dressing on the side.

Sublime Picatta

  • Grilled asparagus, olive oil whipped mashed potatoes and lemon caper sauce; the olive oil is a little iffy, but the asparagus KICKS butt!

Wok Garden

  • Tofu, bok choy, Napa cabbage, water chestnuts, carrots, bell peppers, ginger and steamed brown rice; it’s probably stir-fried, but that’s still A LOT of great stuff!

Sublime Loaf

  • Lentils, brown rice, water chestnut, wasabi red bliss mash and grilled asparagus; very interesting, I’d give it a try.

Stuffed Portobello

  • Marsala demi-glace, fried shallot, quinoa pilaf, vine-ripe tomato and seasonal vegetable; the fried shallots makes me nervous, but quinoa ROCKS, so I can handle it.

Or you can order a BUNCH of sides. I like the seasonal vegetable, grilled asparagus, marinated cucumbers, wasabi red bliss mash, roasted red bliss potatoes and quinoa pilaf. Hard to argue with that!

Overall, my two FAVORITES are the Wok Garden and Sublime Chopped Salad. I’d order either one, but what about you? Check out Sublime’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Just leave a comment. Until then, happy eating! Peace.

Green-News: Friday 10.24.08

Dairy, Wrong for Weight-Loss

Last year, the dairy industry DUMPED a harebrained campaign promoting milk for weight-loss. Because NO science supported it! Experts assert it’s counter-intuitive to associate fat and calorie-laden foods, like milk and other dairy foods, with weight-loss.

And now, new research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows dairy supplementation FAILED to alter fat metabolism and energy expenditure in overweight individuals; via the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Milk and dairy are NOT your friends. Dairy products cause disease. Previous reports link cow’s milk with diabetes and Crohn’s disease and both milk and meat INCREASE prostate cancer-risk. Not mention, milk-production STRAINS the environment!

More Kids with Food Allergies...

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 3 MILLION children now have food allergies. Peanut allergies have DOUBLED and kids seem to be taking LONGER to outgrow milk and egg allergies; the Associated Press reports.

Actually, breastfeeding does A LOT to reduce the risk of allergies. Dr. Fuhrman explains the ANTIBODIES derived from mother’s milk maximize immune system function and protect against immune system disorders and allergies.

To further REDUCE risk Dr. Fuhrman recommends delaying nuts and nut butters until nine months and AVOIDING foods like salt, eggs, oil, seafood, meat, cheese, milk, and butter until after your child's first birthday.

Weener Trouble Signals Heart Risk!

In a letter to the British Medical Journal, Dr. Geoffrey Hackett of Good Hope Hospital in Great Britain, insists his years of observation reveal a CLEAR link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and coronary events. He claims ED boosts cardiovascular RISK by 50%; via Booster Shots.

He’s NOT alone! This spring, Dr. Mehmet Oz visited The Colbert Report and explained that a CERTAIN part of the male anatomy is our “dipstick” for health. And a previous study determined erectile dysfunction is a WARNING sign for heart trouble in men with type-2 diabetes.

Green-News: Thursday 10.23.08

  • To help save elephants, eBay has BANNED the sale of ivory. An eBay spokes claims they can’t guarantee the ivory is coming from regulation-compliant sellers; the Associated Press reports.

Surprise, Bad Food Causes Heart Attacks!

A new study by McMaster University claims people eating a diet rich in meat and junk food are MORE likely to have heart attacks than people eating mostly fruits and vegetables.

The research appears in the journal Circulation. Reuters reports:

People who ate more fruits and vegetables had a 30 percent lower risk of heart attack compared to people who ate little or none of these foods, they found.

People eating a Western diet had a 35 percent greater risk of heart attack compared to people who consumed little or no fried foods and meat.

Not a shocker! The link between saturated fat and heart attack is WIDELY accepted. Luckily a PLANT-based diet has been shown to prevent and reserve heart disease.

But this guy had to learn the hard way. His butter-based diet nearly killed him!

Speedy Eaters Get Fatter

Findings in the British Medical Journal suggest people who eat quickly are THREE times more likely to be OVERWEIGHT. Researchers blame the easy availability of fast food; Reuters reports.

Speed-eating makes you fat! Wow, add it to the list, along with sick fat cells and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, as reasons why we’re SO bloated. Not to mention, gut bugs!

Fight Cancer, Find Strength in Exercise

Exercise is STRONG medicine. We all know it keeps us fit, but many reports claim it can also help PREVENT cancer, like prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Some California cancer patients are putting EXERCISE to the test, while undergoing treatment, they’re pumping iron and hitting the mat; via The Los Angeles Times.

Diet is important too! Certain foods, like soy beans, garlic and apples, have POTENT anti-cancer effects. Now, imagine if you pair a HEALTHY eating with exercise!

Little People, Big Broccoli!

Look closely. Do you see him? He’s smiling at you! A little FACE in the broccoli.

Bread & Honey discovered it on bag of Cascadian Farm frozen broccoli florets.

And a macro lenses reveals a whole BUNCH of little people: WTF, BROCCOLI?

Via Serious Eats.

Green-News: Wednesday 10.22.08

  • Saving the planet is a great idea. But DON’T let it become an obsession! “Energy anorexics,” is the term experts are using to describe green-obsessed people; from The New York Times.
  • Recent U.S. tax-breaks may soon help solar-power to cost LESS than energy generated from conventional power plants; Reuters reports.

New Jersey's Mandatory Flu-Shots Enrage Parents!

New Jersey has lost it FREAKING mind! In December, 6108032618 became the first state to require mandatory flu-shots for ALL preschoolers. Parents were ticked!

And now, angered by the legislation which goes in effect this fall, HUNDREDS of parents rallied outside the New Jersey Statehouse in Trenton on Thursday, DEMANDING an “opt out” clause; The Washington Post reports.

This is WRONG! All parents want is a choice. The government should NOT tell parents how to manage their children’s health. The push for mandatory vaccinations is un-American!

Only drug-makers benefit from mandatory vaccinations. The flu-shot is a NOT miracle. Previous reports have indicated most DON’T even work against many strains of flu.

He's Not Fat, He's Big Boned!

Parents are crazy! At least some are. Like this crazy lady, she thinks it’s TOTALLY fine to feed her daughter a diet made up almost ENTIRELY of French fries. Quick, call child services!

And now, new search by the University of Melbourne claims 40% of parents DON’T consider their overweight child fat. Making them UNLIKELY to take preventative actions to improve their kid’s health; via Booster Shots.

Some people are OUT of touch. Like these moms who defied school lunch reforms by hustling hamburgers on the playground! Apparently they didn’t get the memo that healthy eating starts with the parents.

China Creates Online Food Safety...

Food from China has suffered INTENSE scrutiny. Melamine-milk has sickened thousands and FREAKED out millions! Even Chinese green beans are causing panic.

To calm fears, China has developed an online system that TRACKS how ingredients of food-exports were sourced and what, if any, tests they’ve undergone; from NewScientist.

Seems like a passive-aggressive way to “solve” the problem. Holding people responsible, like detaining the individuals responsible for the melamine, sends a CLEARER message.

Soap, Caffeine in the Shower?

Like America isn’t ALREADY hopelessly addicted to caffeine! A new soap claims a hearty lather will deliver 200 mg of skin-absorbed caffeine. That’s TWICE the amount in a cup of coffee; via Time magazine.

The report explains caffeine has also been I6108032618ECTED into body lotion, potato chips, oatmeal and jelly beans. What’s next, caffeinated cigarettes! According to Dr. Fuhrman, caffeine is a DRUG and should be avoided.

It’s especially dangerous in energy drinks, which pack a WALLOP of caffeine, spurring state officials to request WARNING labels on energy drinks, like Red Bull. Even a cup of coffee is iffy. It keeps you food-addicted. Eek!

Green-News: Tuesday 10.21.08

On Manager's Special 10.20.08


This broccoli cost $0.39.



That broccoli cost $0.64.



Only $0.45 for this broccoli.

Yup, that’s A LOT of broccoli! And it only cost $1.48.

Ozone Health Risks

Ozone is not JUST an environmental issue. It’s also a health issue. With ozone levels in peril, many experts insist people’s lungs are at risk. Inhaling TOO MUCH ozone can harm lungs and worsen respiratory ailments; Discovery News reports.

This has been a problem for a LONG time now. Previous reports have shown ozone levels can increase stroke risk, heighten the chance of premature death and even SHUT DOWN immune responses in the lungs. So screw it, I’m staying inside!

People Aren't Eating Out as Much...

Unless you live UNDER a rock! You’ve probably noticed the economy is in the crapper. Forcing many people to CUT BACK to save money. Like driving LESS and spending MORE time at home.

And now, new research indicates people are also eating out LESS and packing their own lunches. Actually, besides SAVING money, eating at home and packing a lunch can be MUCH healthier.

Via Slashfood.

Green-News: Monday 10.20.08

  • Speaking of Europe, Britain will institute a LEGALLY-BINDING pledge to cut 80% of carbon emission by 2050; the AFP reports.

Soy Beats Breast Cancer

A new study, in the International Journal of Cancer, claims soy foods REDUCE the risk of breast cancer tumors, both estrogen receptor (ER)-positive tumors and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)-negative tumors; Reuters reports.

Actually, the BENEFITS of soy have been widely reported. Soy helps against stroke, heart disease and soybeans do NOT lower sperm count, but you SHOULDN’T go overboard with soy products, Dr. Fuhrman insists a soy foods-based diet isn't a good idea.

Our Genes Make Us Overeat...

Obesity is NOT genetic. According to Dr. Fuhrman, even people with slim parents can become obese. Because they DON’T exercise and make POOR food choices!

And yet, new research in Science claims our GENES prod us to overeat and gain excess weight, because when we eat our BRAINS release feel-good chemicals; HealthDay News reports.

This sounds like TOXIC hunger. Toxic hunger is the cranky, sick feeling you get from food withdrawals of a poor diet. Dr. Fuhrman recommends a HEALTHY diet eliminates this problem!

Backyard Mushrooms, Watch Out!

I love mushrooms! I eat them EVERY week. Mushrooms are PACKED with phytochemicals and studies show mushrooms can help fight obesity.

Unfortunately, most Americans list mushrooms as one of their MOST hated foods, even though mushroom-technology could SAVE the planet!

But DON’T eat the mushrooms in your backyard! Chances are they’re poisonous and can cause seizures and liver damage; via Julie’s Health Club.

Eating to Live on the Outside: Bay Leaf

Surprise! It time for another Eating to Live on the Outside and this week we’re heading to Bay Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant in Portland, Oregon. So, via the internet, let’s check out the menu. Okay, here’s what looks good to me:

Bay Leaf
  • Steamed Chinese leeks, mashed broad beans and minced tofu; hard to argue with this!

Fresh Lettuce Wraps

  • Fresh lettuce filled with vegetables and mushrooms; looking good here too.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage

  • Cabbage, carrots, cucumber and sauce; I’d ask about the sauce first, could be salty.

Seasoned Spinach

  • Blanched spinach, citrus soy sauce and sesame; soy sauce might turn you off, I’m okay with it.

Edamame Beans

  • Edamame; very cool, plain and simple!

Pumpkin Bisque

  • Soup with pumpkin and carrots; talk to the waiter, salt MIGHT be an issue.

Asparagus Bisque

  • Asparagus soup and coconut milk; same deal with the salt.

Bay Leaf Salad

  • Spinach salad, tofu, tomato, raisins, nuts, and dressing made with olive oil, honey and pepper; I’d order the dressing on the side.

Papaya Salad

  • Green papaya, peanuts and spicy dressing; this is one of my FAVORITE foods!

Pad Thai

  • Rice noodles, bean sprouts, tofu and peanuts; the noodles are iffy, but I’m okay with it.

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

  • Eggplant, sautéed in tangy garlic sauce, served on bean sprout greens; the sautéing is dicey, this wouldn’t be my first choice.

Wild Yam Delight

  • Wild yams sautéed with baby corn and snow peas; same problem with the sautéing.

Lotus Root Delux

  • Sliced lotus root, bamboo shoots, snow peas, carrots and brown sauce; I’d ask about the sauce before ordering.

I don’t have any SERIOUS gripes with Bay Leaf. They do cook with A LOT of tofu and I prefer nutrient-dense veggies over bean curd, but it’s still pretty cool. Overall, the Papaya Salad and Bay Leaf Salad are my two favorites.

Now it’s your turn. Scope out Bay Leaf’s menu and let me know how YOU handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Just make a comment or send an email to Until then, eat wisely! Peace.

Green-News: Friday 10.17.08

Stop Thief, Don't Eat those Nuts!

Thieves made a DUMB mistake! These dopes stole 660 pounds of hazelnuts. The problem is they’re full of hydrogen phosphate gas, used to extend shelf life, making them poisonous! German authorities have  warned them NOT to eat them; Reuters reports.

I find that HILARIOUS, but don’t let it distract you. Nuts are SUPER foods; pistachios lower cholesterol, nuts and seeds promote weight-loss, cashews make bones strong and almonds fight free radicals and reduce inflammation. Nuts, eat some!

Contaminants Found Bottled Water...

Yesterday, Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware urged baby bottle-makers to STOP using bisphenol-A (BPA). Reacting to research claiming BPA exposure causes learning impairments and depression.

And now, a new study discovered the SAME contaminants in tap water, turned up in popular brands of BOTTLED water, immediately challenging the belief that bottled water is purer; the Associated Press reports.

A similar story broke last year. Pepsi had to admit that its bottled water brand, Aquafina, is actually TAP water; responding to heat from environmental watchdogs claiming plastic bottles HARM the planet.

Ditch the freaking plastic already! Get yourself a metal water bottle, I did.

Web Searches Workout the Brain

I’m a genius! I do HUNDREDS of web searches each day. A new report claims searching the net TRAINS our brains to stay active and healthy; Reuters reports.

This is GREAT! And centenarians would agree. In a recent survey, U.S. centenarians listed “keep your mind active” as a TOP TEN tip for living to 100.

I wonder how many searches you’d have to do to STOP alcohol from shrinking your brain. Oh, and here's more tips! Check out Dr. Fuhrman’s Seven Secrets of Longevity.

China's Tainted Beans!

Oh man. China has a WHOLE bunch of food problems. First, melamine-contaminated baby formula took the world by storm.

Now, Japan is warning citizens to AVOID a Chinese variety of frozen green beans. This time HIGH concentrations of pesticides are to blame; via CNN.

I’ve got nothing but LOVE for China, I want to go there, but maybe they should stick to what they do best. Growing GIANT veggies!

Green-News: Thursday 10.16.08

  • Green jobs are on the RISE and some of highest paying eco-jobs are venture capitalist, Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President of sustainability; via TreeHugger.

Fruit Pectin Protects Against Cancer

New research in the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, claims pectin, the stuff used in jams and found naturally in citrus fruits, INHIBITS the growth of proteins responsible for cancer progression; ScienceDaily reports.

Fascinating stuff! Dr. Fuhrman points out that modified citrus pectin (MCP), a compound obtained from the peel and pulp of citrus fruits, also has EFFECTIVE anti-metastatic properties. Metastasis is one of the MOST life-threatening aspects of cancer.

Apples and oranges are packed with pectin! And in general, fruits and veggies beat up cancer! Foods like broccoli, leafy greens and beans possess AMAZING anti-cancer abilities. So go eat some!

Booze Shrinks the Brain!

Alcohol, without it many of us would NEVER attract a mate, myself included! But booze can really mess you up. A recent study determined alcohol DISTORTS the brain’s reaction to images and makes us less fearful. Uh, duh!

And now, new research in the Archives of Neurology claims excess drinking may actually SHRINK the brain; speeding up the natural age-related reduction of brain volume (about 1.9% per decade). Even low levels of drinking are risky; HealthDay News reports.

Having a few drinks might boost your social life, but it HARMS your health! According to Dr. Fuhrman, alcohol has been linked to both breast cancer and atrial fibrillation and red wine isn't heart healthy either.

Cap'n McCain's and Obama O's!

Hope in a bowl. Straight-talk in a box. It’s a SAD day for American nutrition. For $39 a piece, you can have your POLITICS for breakfast. Yuck, processed cereal.

Looks like I’ll be voting for Gilligan and the Skipper!

Via Serious Eats.

3 States Want BPA Gone...

Representatives from Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware have sent letters to 11 baby bottle manufacturers and formula-makers URGING them to stop using BPA; via AHN.

The action is in RESPONSE to the Yale School of Medicine’s research claiming bisphenol-A (BPA), interferes with brain cells, causing learning impairments and depression.


Green-News: Wednesday 10.15.08

Obesity Blamed for America's High Blood Pressure

A new study in the journal Hypertension reveals more Americans than EVER before have high blood pressure. Researchers from the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute blame the United States’ OBESITY epidemic for the increase; HealthDay News reports.

What makes this even MORE scary is a previous report claims BOTH doctors and patients are missing the mark when it comes to high blood pressure-prevention. Doctors are failing to screen patients and patients aren’t taking the appropriate measures to avoid it.

Diet is a MAJOR determining factor for high blood pressure. Dr. Fuhrman faults America’s unhealthy obsession with bad food. Processed foods are extremely HIGH in salt; increasing the risk of obesity, hypertension, stroke and other diseases.

But fruits and vegetables, like pomegranates, NATURALLY lower blood pressure, prevent heart attack and stroke and PROTECT against cancer. Also, other research has shown that certain types of MUSIC, such as Celtic and classical, can help lower blood pressure too!

Double Kids' Vitamin D! --UPDATED--

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests DOUBLING children’s intake of vitamin D to 400 units daily. Experts recommend a vitamin D supplement for breast-fed and partially bottle-fed infants and teenagers who drink little or no milk; the Associated Press reports.

Vitamin D is an important, but often OVERLOOKED nutrient—especially for kids! Previous reports have shown vitamin D staves off rickets in children and giving babies vitamin D may help PREVENT type-1 diabetes.

I asked Dr. Fuhrman, and he agrees that the recommended daily allowance for Vitamin D is too low, since MOST people are deficient in vitamin D and this leads to an INCREASED risk of disease. Vitamin D helps us absorb calcium and build stronger bones.

UPDATE: Hey all, GREAT news from Dr. Fuhrman:

I upped the Vitamin D in the Pixie-Vites last year. We must face the realization that we have a nationwide epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency, it has been going on for years, and is a contributing cause of cancer and other diseases. Anything we can do to assure Vitamin D adequacy is likely favorable.

Heart Disease to Skyrocket in Obese Teens...

During a conference of the American Society of Hypertension, experts warned that heart disease risk could TRIPLE among teenagers; obesity and high blood pressure are to blame. WebMD reports:

The presence of child obesity results in higher rates of high blood pressure," which is a major risk factor for stroke and heart attack, said Bonita Falkner, MD, a professor of medicine and pediatrics at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. "This is a problem that is not going to magically go away, and it puts children at risk for premature cardiac events at an earlier period in their adult lives.

In fact, heart disease DOES start during childhood and with over 1 million young children having undiagnosed high blood pressure, teaching kids HEALTHY eating habits is paramount!

Hot Soup!

Potato Kale Stew

1 onion, chopped
2 cups red lentils
4 potatoes, diced
2 pounds kale, de-veined and torn into pieces
1 tablespoon savory
1 tablespoon marjoram

Water sauté onion. Add lentils and cook past the point of done; more than 15 minutes. Stir with a spoon to make a creamy base. Add the potatoes and cook 3 minutes. Add the kale and cook until the potatoes and kale are done. Add the savory and marjoram. Serves 4.

Apple Pumpkin Soup

1/4 cup water
1 small onion, chopped
1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger root
3 cups water
3 tablespoons Dr. Fuhrman's VegiZest
2 medium apples, peeled, cored and diced
1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon nutmeg, or more to taste
1 15-ounce can solid-pack pumpkin
3/4 cup raw cashews, reserving 1/4 cup for garnish
1/4 cup soy milk
4 packed cups organic baby spinach

Sauté water, onion, and ginger in medium saucepan until soft. Combine water & VegiZest with a wire whisk. Add along with apples, curry, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Cover and simmer until apples are tender, 10-15 minutes. Stir in pumpkin until smooth and heat another ten minutes. In a blender, puree half of the mixture along with the cashews until smooth and return to the pan. Stir in soy milk and spinach. Allow spinach to wilt and serve with reserved chopped cashews sprinkled on top. Serves 4.

Carrot and Red Lentil Soup

2 quarts carrot Juice
1 pound red lentils
3-4 large sweet onions, chopped

Combine all ingredients. Bring to boil, lower heat and simmer, with closed lid until lentils are cooked and onions are mushy. This generally takes around an hour. This soup tastes best if left for a few hours or over night. Serves 4.


Green-News: Tuesday 10.14.08

  • At high altitude ozone PROTECTS us, but at low elevation it promotes respiratory illnesses. And research shows Californian’s recent wildfires have pushed ozone levels BEYOND “safe” limits; the NewScientist Environment reports.
  • We’re used to thinking of asbestos as a toxin, that MUST be removed, but some experts suggest just leaving it alone or painting over it. This doesn’t disturb the dangerous fibers and seals them in place; The New York Times reports.

Obesity Linked to Cancer, Heart Attack and Miscarriage

Obesity is a HUGE problem in the United States. And yet, A LOT of people don’t realize it. A new study, in Obstetrics & Gynecology, claims many women are unaware that obesity can lead to certain cancers, like colon cancer and breast cancer; Reuters reports.

Now, obesity HURTS your heart too. Another study, this time in Journal of the American College of Cardiology, ties obesity to early risk of heart attack. One researcher told Reuters, “Obesity has overtaken smoking as the leading cause of premature heart attacks.”

That’s NO joke! Neither is having a miscarriage. And new a study in Fertility and Sterility claims obese women are 67% more likely to have a miscarriage than normal weight women; via Reuters.

Wow! That’s three HUGE reasons to maintain healthy bodyweight.

Exercise, Feel the Beat!

New research in the Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology claims listening to music gives workouts a BOOST! Via Brunel University:

Thirty participants exercised on a treadmill while listening to a selection of motivational rock or pop music, including tracks by Queen, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Madonna. They were asked to keep in strict time with the beat. The findings show that when carefully selected according to scientific principles, music can enhance endurance by 15% and improve the ‘feeling states’ of exercisers, helping them to derive much greater pleasure from the task. One significant new finding is that music can help exercisers to feel more positive even when they are working out at a very high intensity – close to physical exhaustion.

I TOTALLY agree. When I turn on the Metallica, I become a BEAST! What kind of music gets your motor running?

Via Diet-Blog.

Don't Move, Play Video Games, Eat Grub, Get Fat...

If sitting on your butt ALL day and playing video games wasn’t BAD enough. A company called Gamer Grub just created these DISGUSTING snacks. Take a look:

  • Action Pizza: pizza cashews & pitas, tomato sesame sticks, tomato almonds, cheese pitas and mozzarella peanuts.
  • Racing Wasabi: wasabi soy almonds and peanuts, wasabi peas, honey mustard sesame sticks, and pita chips.
  • Strategy Chocolate: almonds, chocolate raisins, cherries, white chocolate chips.
  • Sports PB&J: peanuts, peanut butter chips, strawberry jelly chips, bread cubes.

Yuck! I play video games and that CRAP gives gamers a bad name. But it does remind me of the South Park World of Warcraft episode. Too funny!

Via Serious Eats.

Green-News: Monday 10.13.08

My Tomato, Dust to Dust...


That’s ALL the leftover tomatoes. Here’s how they got there.



The fall weather took its toll. I had to pick them.



Sadly, it was time to say goodbye.



Look, ALL my compost turned into dirt!





Some STRANGE finds! Corn cobs, avocado shells and dirty apples.



No sense just throwing out the plant!



No, this story ISN'T over yet. To be continued.

Eat for Health: Switching to a Nutritarian Diet

This is an excerpt from Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat For Health.

As your body’s detoxification activities increase in the first week or two of this program, the symptoms of toxic hunger could increase. These feelings could include lightheadedness, fatigue, headaches, increased urination, sore throat, flatulence, and, very rarely, fever, body itching, and rashes. These uncomfortable sensations rarely last longer then one week and, even if they do, they will lessen with time.

Occasionally, people find it takes time for their digestive tract to adjust to all the additional raw fiber, and they experience an increase in gas or bloating or have looser stools. This is usually caused by the increased volume of raw vegetables and because you swallow more air when eating salads. It is remedied by chewing better so the air is out of the mouth before swallowing. Better chewing also breaks down the cells, making them easier to digest. For those with this problem, the amount of raw salad can be increased in a more gradual fashion. You can also eat less raw foods and more cooked vegetables, such as steamed zucchini, squash, brown rice, potato, and sweet potato. When the symptoms subside, gradually increase the amount of raw greens and cruciferous vegetables in your diet. Dried fruits, roasted nuts, and beans can also contribute to digestive problems at the beginning of transitioning to this way of eating. To combat these issues, use raw nuts, avoid dried fruit and other sweet substances, and soak beans in water overnight or eat them in smaller amounts until you adjust.

So, if you are troubled by digestive problems, try the following:

  • Chew food better, especially salads.
  • Eat beans in smaller amounts.
  • Soak beans and legumes overnight before cooking.
  • Avoid carbonated beverages.
  • Do not overeat.
  • Eat less raw vegetables and increase the raw vegetables gradually.

Be patient and give your body a little time to adjust to a different eating-style. Remember, your digestive tract can make the adjustments if allowed to do it gradually.

NFL Getting Kids Fit, But...

The National Football League has made youth FITNESS a priority. And recently, members of the New York Giants, helped build a playground in New Jersey, part of the NFL’s Play 60 campaign, encouraging kids to eat right and be ACTIVE for 60-minutes a day; via The New York Times.

Now, this is all well and good, but football has its OWN health problems. Football players, specifically NFL linemen, are SHORT-LIVED and at HIGHER risk of heart disease. The ENORMOUS size of these men—a result of “bulking up”—cuts into their lifespan.

Worse yet, the “bigger is better” trend may be undermining youth fitness initiatives, like Play 60. Previous reports have shown even HIGH SCHOOL football players are packing on the size—putting their future health at risk!

Melamine Milk: 10,666 Kids Sick

At this point, the Chinese melamine milk scare is a full-blown epidemic. According to a new report, MORE than 10,000 children are still in serious condition after consuming powdered milk contaminated with the industrial chemical melamine; the Associated Press reports.

Over 10,000 is a STAGGERING figure! But how widespread the danger extends is even MORE amazing. So far, countries like South Korea and the United States have also issued warnings about Chinese-made food products; like baby formula, chocolate and candy bars.

A clear-cut example that NOT only do national food safety agencies, like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, need to SETUP their enforcement, but global health organizations, like the World Health Organization (WHO), also NEED to become better watchdogs.

Actually, the WHO acknowledges this on their website, “Recent trends in global food production, processing, distribution and preparation are creating an increasing demand for food safety research in order to ensure a safer global food supply.” Well, let’s get to it!

Eating to Live on the Outside: Abay Ethiopian Cuisine --UPDATE--

Alright, it’s Friday. The week’s almost over. Just ONE thing left to do. It’s time for Eating to Live on the Outside. And this week Abay Ethiopian Cuisine is on the menu. It looks pretty good. Plenty of veggie food! Here’s what I like:

Abay House Salad

  • Leaf lettuce, string beans, red onions, tomatoes, peppers and a olive oil and fresh lime juice dressing; limit or omit the dressing and you’re all set.

Tomato Salad

  • Diced tomatoes, onions, peppers and the olive oil-fresh lime dressing; same deal, just WATCH the dressing.

Potato Salad

  • Potatoes, peppers, onions, cinnamon and special house dressing; keep an eye out for that DRESSING!

Indugay Wat

  • Fresh mushrooms, brown lentils and berbere sauce; no problems here.

Kay Sir Dinich

  • Potatoes, fresh beets, garlic, ginger and onions; sounds GREAT, beets kick butt!


  • Brown lentils, onions, green peppers, cumin and lime juice; very nice.

Misir Wat

  • Red lentils simmered in berbere sauce; I like it.

Shiro Wat

  • Ground split peas, lentils and chickpeas simmered in berbere and seasonings; I LOVE those peas!

Kik Alicha

  • Yellow split peas simmered in flavorful sauce; it’s cool, but ask about the sauce before ordering.

Tikil Gomen

  • Lightly spiced cabbage, carrots, onions and tomatoes stewed in a mild sauce; I’d ask about the sauce here too.

Ye’ Abesha Gomen

  • Kale, peppers, ginger, garlic and onions slow-cooked in a mild sauce; again with the sauce, but hooray for KALE!

Wow! All that stuff looks GREAT. I have A LOT of favorites this week! Now, if you’re also having trouble deciding what to order. Combine up to four entrees and SHARE with your tablemates!

I’m digging Abay. It’d DEFINIENTLY work for a nutritarian, but tell me what you think. Check out Abay’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Make a comment or send an email to Until then, eat right! Peace.

UPDATE: Check it out, the owner of Abay dropped me a line:

I ran across your post on Abay. Thanks so much for taking the time to consider my restaurant. I noticed that a poster indicated that our wats contain butter. All of our vegan dishes truly are vegan. This includes the vegetarian wats. Thus, Misir, Inguday and Shiro contain no butter despite the fact that they are wat stews.
Arguably, we take people's food decisions to the extreme in that we don't even use the same cooking utensils for vegetarian and meat dishes, let alone include animal products in dishes we denote as vegan. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thank you.

James W. Wallace, Esq.
Abay Ethiopian Cuisine

Have a Healthy Halloween!

It’s a little early, so you’ll have plenty of time to decide. This Halloween, do you want to embarrass your child as a carrot or a banana! Either way, it’s a GREAT opportunity to take your vegetable-based diet one step further.

Just head over to, there you can pick between a peapod, chili pepper, strawberry, apple, grapes and many more!

Via Serious Eats.

Green-News: Friday 10.10.08

Exotic Pets Bad for Kids

When I was little, I had hermit crabs, frogs, birds, toads, lizards and goldfish, but apparently some of those AREN’T safe for children. Exotic pets, like hedgehogs, hamsters, baby chicks, lizards and turtles, can make kids SICK; the Associated Press reports.

Oh crap. I used to share fruit with my chameleon! Speaking of crap, kitty litter can also be a DANGER. Dr. Fuhrman suggests pregnant women should AVOID cat litter and cat feces because it contains a parasite that spreads a disease called toxoplasmosis.

Our poor pets! They’ve got problems too. In Australia, the obesity epidemic is EVEN making pets fat, and, there’s actually a LINK between fat pats and fat owners. So, if you’re looking to stay healthy. You could always get a pet kiwi fruit instead!

Milk and Meat Up Prostate Cancer-Risk

A new study, by Oxford University, claims a meat and dairy diet might BOOST a man’s risk of prostate cancer. Scientists attribute the increase to HIGH levels of a particular hormone associated with milk and meat consumption.

The research appears in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The Telegraph reports:

The hormone, called Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), boosts the division of cells and is necessary for growth in children.

However, scientists are still unsure how great an effect a diet high in meat and dairy products can have on levels of the hormone in the blood.

"It could be about 10 to 15 per cent higher in people who have a high consumption of dairy products or meat," Dr Andrew Roddam, from Oxford University, who led the study, estimated.

Scientists cite this ISN’T the first time they’ve seen the correlation between IGF-1 and prostate cancer. A previous study showed saturated fat, found in foods like steaks, burgers, cheese, ice cream and mayonnaise, also INCREASES cancer-risk.

In addition, milk and other dairy products are KNOWN cancer-promoters. Conversely, high nutrient plant foods, like broccoli, have AMAZING anti-cancer properties—even against prostate cancer!

New York City Cranberry Bog

For the third year, Ocean Spray has setup shop in New York City, constructing a GIANT cranberry bog in Rockefeller Center. You might be asking why. To promote education and CELEBRATE the cranberry harvest!

Cranberries are pretty amazing. They’re PACKED with nutrients and antioxidants! I like them dried. Actually, another awesome dried berry are goji berries. They’re from Tibet. They taste a lot like dried cranberries, but have even MORE vitamins and nutrients!

Via Slashfood.

Economy Down, Cookbooks Up!

You don’t need me to remind you, but the economy is HURTING, and like we saw yesterday, more and more people are staying in and cooking at home, to save money. As a result, sales of COOKBOOKS have increased; the Associated Press reports.

Well, it’s GOOD that people are cooking for themselves, but let’s hope they’re picking the RIGHT cookbooks. I wouldn’t buy a hide-the-veggies cookbook or the Republican or Democrat cookbooks either—both equally stupid!

Instead, check out Followhealthlife’s recipe category or Dr. Fuhrman’s Secrets to Healthy Cooking DVD!

Green-News: Thursday 10.09.08

  • Now, more than ever, consumers are looking to SAVE money at the pump. Try INCREASING your fuel efficiency! Do more up-shifting, coast when possible, and break and accelerate smoothly; GreenSpace explains.
  • Some folks CAN’T live without their double espresso, triple caramel, extra cream and sugar coffee abomination, but according to a new report, Starbucks—with their “green” image—wastes millions of liters of water a day; The Guardian reports.

Bad Economy, Better Health?

Using powers of deduction, you’d assume if times are TOUGH, people’s health and well-being would suffer—especially with food producers PIMPING cheap unhealthy food—but the evidence is conflicted. Our health might actually BENEFIT from hard times!

In some countries, and even the United States during the Great Depression, when the economy improves, people spend A LOT time working—in order to make MORE money—than they do taking care of themselves and caring for children, which are both time-consuming activities.

Although, in the U.S. recession of the 1970s and 1980s, some researchers claim death rates declined sharply, while others contend there were MORE deaths; from heart disease, cirrhosis, suicide and homicide; via The New York Times Well blog.

Overall, it probably depends on personal habits. If health and childcare are important to you, you MAKE time! And sure, we’re all feeling the economic pinch, but you’ve got to stay positive. A satisfying emotional environment is a VITAL part of great health.

Calorie Counts on the Subway

In case you HAVEN’T heard, New York City’s calories-on-menus law is in full effect. Chain restaurants are now REQUIRED to post their calories. At first, many restaurants were resistant, but in the end, New Yorkers seem to like their new menus.

And now, New York has taken it one step further, by posting advertisements in city subways—reminding people about those infamous calories. The New York City Health Department launched the campaign under the slogan, “Read ’em before you eat ’em.

I think providing people with more information is ALWAYS a good idea, but focusing ONLY on calories is foolhardy. There’s A LOT more to food and nutrient-density, than JUST calories.

Research: Kids' Flu Shot Ineffective

Flu shots ALWAYS stir up controversy! Last year, New Jersey went INSANE by trying to force mandatory flu shots, insisting it is the best option of public health, but get this! New research claims flu shots have been largely INEFFECTIVE over the past few years.

The study appears in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine. HealthDay News reports:

Dr. Peter G. Szilagyi, from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and Strong Memorial Hospital, found that children who got the flu were less likely to have been vaccinated, compared with children who didn't get sick.

However, after they adjusted for flu risk factors -- such as a child's location, sex, insurance status, chronic health conditions or timing of the vaccine -- the effectiveness of the vaccine could no longer be shown. The effectiveness of the flu shot ranged from 7 percent to 52 percent for 6- to 59-month-old children who had been fully vaccinated, the researchers found.

The less-than-perfect match between the strain of flu in the vaccine during the two seasons studied and the flu that was actually circulating may have contributed substantially to the poor effectiveness of the vaccine, Szilagyi's team speculated.

We shouldn’t be too hasty to stick ourselves with things, especially kids! American children are already the MOST drugged up. Also, the flu shot is NOT the be-all, end-all of flu prevention.

According to Dr. Fuhrman, washing your hands, not touching your face in public places and eating a healthy diet, can help your body prevent and combat the flu virus.

Exercise 2 1/2 Hours a Week...

Obesity and general unhealthiness are CHOKING this country. Most of us eat crap and DON’T exercise. But now, researchers are urging that activity-level may be the MOST important indicator of good health; the Associated Press reports.

And with that, the U.S. Health and Human Services Department has published REVISED national exercise guidelines; up to 2 1/2 hours of activity a week, including things like walking briskly, water aerobics, ballroom dancing, jogging and jumping rope.

Now, if you’ve got two left feet like me and can’t dance. You might want to try training like a Navy Seal or a MIGHTY Spartan. Remember, exercise not only helps you look good and feel great—it helps you POOP too!


Green-News: Wednesday 10.08.08

Companies to Capitalize on the Hurting Economy

Kellogg’s, Campbell’s Soup and Kraft Foods are ALL set to unleash new advertising aimed at pushing consumers towards CHEAPER foods; stuff like condensed soup, breakfast cereal and powdered drinks.

Coincidentally, these foods also have VERY high profit-margins. Julie Jargon of The Wall Street Journal reports:

Lower-priced "value" products can also have wide margins because they're cheaper to make. "Food companies will be careful to shift consumers to products that are still high margin," says Robert Moskow, an analyst with Credit Suisse. "Powdered Kool-Aid beverages are one of the most profitable food products in history."

Also Monday, the milk industry will begin running ads touting milk as a bargain. Financial guru Suze Orman will don the familiar milk mustache in a print ad that reads: "Even at today's prices, a glass of milk only costs about a quarter. ..." The ad is a big departure from prior "Got Milk" campaigns that focused on the nutritional value of milk.

A clever to ploy to CASH IN when people are most vulnerable, but PIMPING unhealthy food isn’t exactly socially responsible, and, since when is milk healthy! Junk food, like Rice Krispies and Kool-Aid, are what’s KILLING this country.

For example, New York City has a diabetes epidemic because many citizens have LIMITED access to fruits and vegetables, but easy access to convenience foods! These new ad campaigns will only feed a national health DISASTER, not solve a financial crisis.

Via Veg Blog.

FDA Mulling Ban on Cold Medicine for Kids...

Cold medicine made BIG news last year. Pediatricians claimed over-the-counter cold remedies posed MAJOR health risks for young children. This prompted retailers nationwide to yank medicines aimed at kids under the age of two from stores.

In January, the FDA supported action AGAINST children’s cold medicine, but now, about a year later, officials are STILL pondering a ban and may extend it to remedies for children up to age six; CBS News reports.

In the report, pediatrician Dr. Alanna Levine refers to studies showing that cold medicines DON’T actually work and Early Show host, Harry Smith, mentions that poison control cases have dropped by HALF since cold medications were pulled.

Now, Dr. Fuhrman is NO fan of suppressing fever, cough and cold. This could lead to prolonged illness, like pneumonia. Dr. Fuhrman also points to research showing the futility of over-the-counter cold remedies. Efficacy of cough suppressants in children; via PubMed.

So, considering all this, a ban seems like a REALLY good idea!

Melamine in the Candy

This Halloween, in addition to spooks, ghouls and Frankensteins, eager trick-or-treaters will have to WATCH OUT for candy too. Trace amounts of the now infamous pesticide, melamine, have been found in Chinese-made KitKat, Snickers and M&M’s; Reuters reports.

The offending chocolates were discovered in South Korea. Officials quickly PULLED the products, but the Korea Food and Drug Administration insists that the low levels of melamine, 2.38 and 1.78 parts per million, pose NO human health risks.

Melamine contamination has ignited a FIRESTORM! Here in the United States the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned against buying Chinese-made baby formula and even Chinese candy sold in United States has turned up melamine.

So this Halloween, give out APPLES! Just watch out for razor blades.

Obesity: Even a Little Exercise Helps!

A new study, presented at the2008 American Physiological Society Intersociety Meeting, claims, just ONE session of exercise speeds up metabolism in obese people; after ONLY 90-minutes of activity study participants burned 700 excess calories; Reuters reports.

Exercise is POWERFUL medicine! Running helps people live longer, active video games allow people to overcome obesity genes and other activities, like weight-lifting, improve heart health, cut diabetes-risk and reduce depression.

That’s why I exercise like a lunatic!

Green-News: Tuesday 10.7.08

  • Texas resident, Clyde Curry, made those walls and sculptures out of “papercrete.” Super strong, fire retardant, lightweight bricks made out of PAPER; via TreeHugger.

Sick Days Lead to Dead Days

A new study, in the British Medical Journal, claims workers with A LOT of medical absences—even for “common” sicknesses like the flu—have an INCREASED risk of mortality. People taking sick days are 66% MORE likely to die. Reuters reports:

It is not just down to serious medical conditions but it seems this relationship is seen across a wide range of common health problems," said Jenny Head, a statistician at University College London who led the study.

"This appears to be a good early marker for people going on to develop more long-term serious illnesses.

Now, diet is a HUGE factor as whether or not you actually need those sick days. A vegetable-based, nutrient-rich diet makes you stronger and PROTECTS you against petty viruses like the flu. It worked me. I’ve KICKED the flu pretty easily!

On Manager's Special 10.6.08


Those apples $1.69.


My favorite bananas $0.89.


Gnarly onions $2.93.

That’s a NICE haul for only $5.51!

Future Farming Goes Up!

Robots harvesting crops based on smell. Plants kept safe from disease and insects. Vertical sewage tanks converting waste to power and below ALL this would be a supermarket! That’s what FARMING might look like in the future; from

Actually, new age farming has changed A LOT over the years. In the past, they thought farming would exist on GIANT aquatic platforms and in bio-dome looking contraptions; via Paleo-Future.

Certainly puts my backyard compost-grown tomato to shame!

Green-News: Monday 10.6.08

Shriveling Tomato


No doubt, the end is near. With fall weather in full swing, my tomato is running OUT of time. Just look at it. Gone is the lush vibrancy. Now it’s slowly dying.

With MANY green tomatoes hanging on for dear life, I hope it can stick around just a LITTLE bit longer.

Overeating Makes You Crazy!

A new study in Cell claims too many calories, i.e. OVEREATING, inflames the hypothalamus and sends the brain HAYWIRE! Eating too much causes the brain to dispatch immune cells to destroy an invader that’s NOT really there; Reuters reports.

More reason not to over-consume. Ironically, many Americans overeat for another brain-related condition, food addiction! Food addiction means eating for emotional comfort and NOT out of hunger. Hunger is the body’s natural demand for nutrients.

So, next time a MANIAC accosts you on the subway, just smile, hand over your wallet and assume they’ve eaten too much.

Honey Smacks Same as a Doughnut!

Consumer Reports claims that Kellogg's Honey Smacks cereal contains as much SUGAR as a Dunkin’ Donuts glazed doughnut. Health officials are urging caution:

"Be sure to read the product labels, and choose cereals that are high in fiber and low in sugar and sodium," Gayle Williams, deputy editor of Consumer Reports Health, told Reuters in a statement.

Good advice, but most cereals are crap! They're PROCESSED foods; filled with trans-fats, artificial ingredients and high levels of acrylamides. Not to mention, refined foods are LOW in nutrients.

Oddly enough, a year ago Kellogg’s started phasing out advertisements aimed at children. I wonder why!

Pepsi Says High Fructose Corn Syrup is Safe

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is nutrient-less junk; previously linked to both obesity and diabetes. And yet, the CRAZY The Corn Refiners Association claims HFCS is the same as sugar and safe in moderation. Yeah, because fat America understands moderation!

And since when is sugar okay! Dr. Fuhrman associates ALL sweeteners—like refined sugar, honey, lactose, fruit juice concentrate, high fructose corn syrup and molasses—with disease. They have no significant nutrient-density!

To make matters worse, despite being a processed food, the FDA recently ruled that high fructose corn syrup is natural. And now, a study with industry ties to Pepsico, suggests NO link between HFCS and obesity, calling all contrary evidence speculation; CBS News reports.

I’m sorry, but research with BLATANT industry ties, promoting a dangerous, but low-cost ingredient has NO credence in my book!

Continue Reading...

Eating to Live on the Outside: Sunflower Cafe

This week Eating to Live on the Outside heads south. Well, not literally. Via the internet! We’re checking out Café Sunflower in Atlanta, Georgia. And it’s a lot like last week’s restaurant, Paradox Café. So I’m pretty sure we’ll find something GOOD to eat.

Let’s start with the salads. The Mixed Greens is COOL! It’s made with broccoli, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette. I’d order the dressing on the side. The Harvest Salad also looks good. They make it with organic mixed greens, granny smith apples, crumbled gorgonzola cheese, candied walnuts, shredded carrots, dried cranberries, homemade croutons and thyme shallot vinaigrette. Dressing on the side and the cheese and croutons are OUT!

The next two salads are cool too. Combined the Spicy Thai Salad and the House Salad are made with organic mixed greens, smoked tofu, shitake mushrooms, tomatoes, peanuts, spicy red Thai curry vinaigrette, garden loaf with mushroom gravy, walnuts and peanut-curry dressing. These two are a LITTLE iffy. I’m not digging the smoked tofu or the garden loaf. So I’d skip those.

Alright, the salads are a nutritarian’s BEST bet, but there are some other options worth checking out. For example, I could go with the Stir-Fry Tofu in Ginger Sauce. I know, I know! It’s fried, but I NEVER eat fried foods. So, if I wasn’t in the mood for a salad, I could deal with it. The ginger sauce could be a little salty, so that is worrisome too.

The Lemongrass Coconut Curry is better. It’s prepared with celery, sugar snap peas, sweet onion, crispy tofu, lime, peppers, potatoes, red curry and served with jasmine rice and mango chutney. That’s A LOT of good stuff! I’d probably ditch the tofu because it’s crispy, odds are its fried and with all those great veggies, there’s NO reason to eat something fried in this case.

The Summer Quinoa is a nice option. It’s made with ratatouille, almond crusted tofu, quinoa and vegan cucumber cream. I’m cool with the tofu. The quinoa and the ratatouille are GREAT, but I’d ask the wait staff about the cucumber cream—sounds of mysterious to me.

Now, if none of these sounded appetizing to you. You could always pair these two sides together. The Hummus, which is served with sliced pita and fresh vegetables. And the steamed Edamame; i.e. steamed soy beans. The pita is a tiny worry, but just FOCUS on the veggies and beans. That’s what I’d do!

Café Sunflower looks pretty good to me. There SOME dicey things to avoid or limit, like fried foods and cheese, but overall, a nutritairan could make it work. Remember, in the land of fast food, it could ALWAYS be worse! But let me know what you think. Check out Café Sunflower’s menu and tell me how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Make a comment or send an email too Until then, eat mightily! Peace.

Green-News: Friday 10.3.08

  • More news from the left coast! This time the governator has proposed measures that would REWARD communities that reduce urban sprawl by building homes close together, which helps curb global warming; The Los Angeles Times explains.

Vegetable Oil Linked to Breast Cancer

New research in the International Journal of Cancer claims omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, found in vegetable oil, may increase breast cancer-risk in postmenopausal women, but heterocyclic amines in cooked meat and fish DON’T up cancer-risk; Reuters reports.

I asked Dr. Fuhrman for his thoughts on the study. Here’s what he had to say:

Of course processed foods, including refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar increase a women's risk of breast cancer. And, the findings in this study are also logical, that the use of vegetable oils, which are also low-nutrient processed foods, would increase risk of breast cancer as well.

As humans we are designed to eat and thrive on natural foods in their natural state. Eating an avocado is nothing like consuming avocado oil and eating corn oil cannot be compared to eating corn. Oil is high calorie, low nutrient food; the definition of junk food. When we eat plant fats in their natural state, such as in seeds and nuts, the scientific studies are clear, they have the opposite effect (of oil), lowering risk of all-cause mortality and extending lifespan.

Even olive oil is junk food! Olive oil MIGHT be an improvement over saturated animal fats, but Dr. Fuhrman insists, processed oils are a MAJOR contributor to our overweight modern world.

As for heterocyclic amines, they’re NOT healthy either. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine points to studies linking both grilled meat and grilled chicken with cancer-risk. Water-based cooking, like steaming, is MUCH safer.

Warning Labels for High-Caffeine Drinks...

Energy drinks are EXTREMELY popular. I DON’T drink them. For good reason! A recent study linked Red Bull with an increased risk of stroke. Other reports have suggested high-caffeine drinks are particularly dangerous for young children and teenagers.

Civic groups have also spoken out AGAINST energy drinks. The San Diego County Youth Council claims consumers CAN’T tell the difference between energy drinks with alcohol and those without—specifically children; via EMaxHealth.

Even attorney generals are worried. Last year, attorney generals from 28 states THRASHED beverage makers for wooing young people with "outlandish" and "outrageous" health-related claims. And now, experts at Johns Hopkins urge WARNING labels for high-caffeine drinks; Reuters reports.

“Caffeine is one of the most addictive substances in a standard diet,” explains Dr. Fuhrman; citing health-risks like heart disease and breast cancer. For optimal health, Dr. Fuhrman recommends avoiding caffeine and other toxic substances—as well as alcohol.

Making Friends with Veggies

Cartoons are powerful. Kids LOVE cartoons! When I was little Transformers was popular and when the movie came out last summer, I saw it in the theater 3 times and bought the DVD the morning it came out. Good impressions last a LONG time!

Using cartoons to promote fruits and veggies is an EXCELLENT idea. Nickelodeon has a new show called “Making Fiends” and in this episode, Charlotte is tired of eating cafeteria food! Too much beef jerky, clams, and grape punch.

So she teaches a chorus of fruits and vegetables to SING a song! Yeah, it’s pretty cute. “Making fiends, making fiends…”

Via Serious Eats.

South Korea to Give Kids Gym Memberships

No doubt, obesity is WHACKING the world. The United States is fat, China is fat and getting fatter, even poor countries, like Nigeria and Uganda, are obese and the British have even started printing bodyweight on children’s report cards to help control fatness.

Even global warming has been linked to obesity! Clearly, we got a problem. Now, South Korea has its own solution for combating weight-gain in kids. They’re providing FREE vouchers to health clubs for obese children; Reuters reports.

I think, like healthy eating, good fitness and exercise habits start with the parents. Bev Sklar of That’sFit watched her young daughter become very intrigued by Yoga when she saw mommy doing it. Hey, my passion for exercise was ignited by my mother—who still gets up at 4AM to run!

Green-News: Thursday 10.2.08

  • To help combat climate change, the Food Climate Research Network suggests rationing low-nutrient foods; like meat, dairy products, alcohol and sweets. The Guardian reports.

Foodborne Infections: Meat and Poultry to Blame

It’s been a rotten year for meat, most notably the record-setting Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing recall and now MORE bad news! A new study has determined 97% of human disease originates in farmed-raised meat and poultry.

The research appears in the Public Library of Science. Via the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine:

Ninety-seven percent of human disease from the pathogenic bacterium C. jejuni originates in animals farmed for meat and poultry, according to a study by researchers at Lancaster University, Lancaster, U.K. Researchers analyzed DNA from 1,231 cases of C. jejuni infections in Lancashire, England. Only 3 percent of cases were traced back to environmental contamination or wild animal sources, while 97 percent of cases were traced back to farm-raised chickens, cattle, and sheep. These results implicate livestock as the primary transmission route for the leading cause of gastroenteritis in the developed world, which is thought to infect 2 to 3 million people per year in the U.S. alone.

Not surprising! Animal husbandry can be gruesome, this video from makes it painfully obvious—please watch with caution, it’s very grim.

Makes me wonder how this trickles down the food chain. Eating sick meat can’t be healthy, regular meat is already bad enough!

Mexico Wants to Lose 2 Million Pounds

Mexico is on the fast track to become one of the world’s FATTEST countries—joining the United States—prompting Mexican officials to initiate a national campaign to encourage Mexicans to lose 2 million pounds; the Associated Press reports.

Other countries have also instituted programs to help control obesity. Japan started measuring the waistlines of people between the ages of 40 and 74 and the mayor of Varallo, Italy is PAYING citizens to lose weight.

And this past January, Oklahoma City called for residents to drop 1 million pounds. Now this is odd. I’m sure Mexico has a MUCH larger population than Oklahoma City and they only pledged to lose 2 million. Either someone is overestimating or underestimating.

China Says Breastfeed

Melamine, a chemical pesticide and fire retardant, has caused MASSIVE panic in the China by turning up in infant formula—and even chocolates sold here in the United States! In response, China is urging its citizen to return to breastfeeding; Reuters reports.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned consumers AGAINST purchasing Chinese-made formula. China has reacted by detaining 22 people suspected of introducing melamine into the food supply; more from Reuters.

In 2007 FDA officials determined eating chicken, fish, pork or eggs from animals inadvertently fed melamine was UNLIKELY to pose a health-risk to humans. Nice job FDA! The tainted Chinese baby formula has killed 4 infants; via The Earth Times.

Plum Power!


I love Bluebryd plums! I bought a bunch the other day. Same day I snagged the marked-down asparagus, tomatoes, onions and potatoes. Now, That’sFit has compiled some GREAT nutrition info about plums. Take a look:

  • Pick a plum for your daily vitamins C, A, and B2.
  • Plums pack potassium.
  • You need fiber, and plums have fiber.
  • Antioxidants? Plums have them.
  • Carrots might work but plums are better for the eyes.

Plums are great and Dr. Fuhrman insists you can eat as many plums, spinach, broccoli, beets, beans, and other fruits and vegetables you want! Also, check out The Fruit Guys. They’ll deliver plums and other fruits to your work.

Green-News: Wednesday 10.1.08

  • Hospitals produce a lot low-level NUCLEAR waste. Things like tubes, capsules and pellets. Nuclear waste is hard to get rid of and officials are worried it could fall into the wrong hands, like terrorists; the Associated Press reports.
  • Both McCain and Obama plan to get us OFF oil. They make it sound so simple, but experts urge they’re UNDERESTIMATING cost—it could be as high $1 trillion dollars; more from The Chicago Tribune.
  • Reusable shopping bags are EVERYWHERE! I’ve seen a lot of different people using them—from housewives to businessmen—but apparently a lot people have them, but don’t use them; The Wall Street Journal explains.
  • Did you know today, October 1st, is World Vegetarian Day? I didn’t it. It was created in 1977 by the North American Vegetarian Society, in order to “promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing possibilities of vegetarianism.” Via Ecorazzi.