Avandia Linked to Congestive Heart Failure and Death

In 2007 researchers believed the diabetes drug Avandia might triple heart risks. And now they know for sure! A new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine reveals elderly diabetics taking rosiglitazone, the other name for Avandia, were more likely to suffer congestive heart failure and more likely to die; The New York Times reports.

Kids of Centenarians Live Longer, Healthier Too...

Bad news for me! My family knocks off early. New research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society claims children of centenarians have greater longevity and 78% lower risk of heart attack, 83% lower risk of stroke and 86% lower risk of diabetes; Reuters reports.

Well, for those of us with short-lived elders, this is NOT a death sentence. Eating a healthy diet will boost your longevity, so will staying busy and independent and health guru and near-centenarian, Jack Lalanne, insists enjoying all the wonderful things we have helps too.

Health-Points: Tuesday 11.25.08

  • Having no stress would be great! And there’s an added perk for cancer patients. New research in Cancer claims reducing stress, by exercising and eating healthfully, can help prevent relapses and fight cancer; via NewScientist.
  • China’s food safety has drawn intense scrutiny, prompting the FDA to open an office in Beijing. According to a spokesperson it will enhance the regulatory cooperation between the United States and China; CNN reports.

Type-1 Diabetes: Control Blood Sugar, Save Eyes and Kidneys

According to Dr. Fuhrman, eating a vegetable-based diet can help type-1 diabetics reduce their insulin requirements and keep glucose levels under excellent control. Good thing! Because a new study in Diabetes Care reveals strict blood sugar control staves off diabetes-related eye and kidney disease; via Reuters.


Depressed Diabetics Struggle to Control Symptoms

A study of depressed type-2 diabetics revealed they had a higher than average hemoglobin A1C level, an indicator of long-term blood sugar control. Published in General Hospital Psychiatry researchers suggest the pangs of depression may impede them from making necessary lifestyle changes to control their diabetes; via Reuters.

Low Vitamin D Linked to Hypertension, Sudden Cardiac Death

Kids Sicker and Fatter...

Not good. New research in Pediatrics claims more and more kids are taking medications for chronic conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, depression and high cholesterol. No surprise, but childhood obesity is being blamed; via Booster Shots.

Actually, we’ve seen this before. In fact, some people want to prescribe statins to kids. Sure, heart disease starts in youth, but instead of stuffing pills down their throats. Why not teach kids the importance of healthy eating and NOT the easy way out!

Diabetes: Fish Prevents Kidney Trouble

A new study in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases claims diabetics eating fish twice a week have less risk of kidney disease because they excrete less protein in their urine, a common indicator of kidney trouble; Reuters reports.

Here’s what Dr. Fuhrman said about it:

Anytime you add fish, fish oil, DHA supplements, flax or walnuts to a diet you will see dramatic health benefits for a variety of illnesses. This is consistent with other studies, so in that context it is reasonable to advise people to include sources of omega-3 and even DHA in their diet. This can be met with plant sources of omega-3 and a vegan DHA supplement such as DHA Purity or this need can be met with fish or fish oil.

Other foods, like green vegetables, beans, raw nuts and seeds, actually help prevent and reserve diabetes. Now, DHA deficiency has been linked to depression, dyslexia, aggressiveness, alcoholism and even reduced intelligence.

But, before you go fish crazy, be mindful of seafood’s pollution issues.

U.S. Diabetes Doubles, More Expensive Too!

According to the CDC the rate of new diabetes cases in the United States nearly DOUBLED over the last 10 years. West Virginia has the highest rate, 13 in 1,000 adults, while Minnesota boasted the lowest rate with 5 in 1,000 adults having diabetes; the Associated Press reports.

And, to make matters worse, new studies in Archives of Internal Medicine show U.S. diabetics have doubled their spending on diabetes-related drugs. Posting a total bill of $12.5 BILLION! Experts suggest finding ways to drive down the cost; via the Associated Press.

Now, a more frugal option would be HALTING the spread of diabetes! A vegetable-based nutrient-dense diet can prevent and reserves the effects of diabetes. So does exercise, like Tai Chi. And previous research shows eating more green veggies helps lower diabetes-risk too.

Healthy Hearts: Did You Set Your Clocks Back?

Hopefully you did! Because new research in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals 20 years of turning the clocks back has caused a DROP in the number of heart attacks on the Monday following the time switch, the extra hour of sleep could be why; via the Associated Press.

Sleep is good? Wow, who would have thought! A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are also smart ways to SUPERCHARGE your heart. And remember, things like diabetes, asthma and even erectile dysfunction have the opposite effect, they INCREASE heart disease-risk.

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