Sweet, Sweet Nutmeg...

Hey all. I’m still off for the holiday. So, while I’m away. Enjoy this non-denominational carol about nutmeg, sung by R&B star, turned forest ranger, John Legend on A Colbert Christmas.

“Nutmeg. Sweet, sweet nutmeg…My sweet brown nutmeg…You need my nutmeg…Just grab my seed and grate it.” It’ll be stuck in your head for hours!

And thanks for telling we what you ate yesterday, very cool. Oh, and my 5k was great!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The lovable goofballs at The Onion came up with that list of Thanksgiving Day turkey alternatives. As for me, no turkey for me! I’ll be eating fish and a whole bunch of vegetables. After I run a 5k!

So, what will you be eating today?

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The Baobab Fruit is Coming!

That’s baobab fruit, from the giant baobab tree, and apparently it’s amazing! In fact, its dried pulp, which is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and twice as much calcium as milk, is poised to become 2009’s newest super fruit; FoodNavigator explains.

Like the mysterious black garlic, I’ve never tried it. Have you?

Healthcare Workers Don't Get Flu Shots...

People think flu shots are heaven sent. They’re not. Many of our flu shots are outmatched and flu strains are gaining new resistances. Maybe that’s why 60% of American healthcare workers do not receive the flu vaccine; The Washington Post investigates.

But remember, a healthy diet, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and good hygiene, specifically hand washing, are great defenses against flu cells!

Kids of Centenarians Live Longer, Healthier Too...

Bad news for me! My family knocks off early. New research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society claims children of centenarians have greater longevity and 78% lower risk of heart attack, 83% lower risk of stroke and 86% lower risk of diabetes; Reuters reports.

Well, for those of us with short-lived elders, this is NOT a death sentence. Eating a healthy diet will boost your longevity, so will staying busy and independent and health guru and near-centenarian, Jack Lalanne, insists enjoying all the wonderful things we have helps too.

Type-1 Diabetes: Control Blood Sugar, Save Eyes and Kidneys

According to Dr. Fuhrman, eating a vegetable-based diet can help type-1 diabetics reduce their insulin requirements and keep glucose levels under excellent control. Good thing! Because a new study in Diabetes Care reveals strict blood sugar control staves off diabetes-related eye and kidney disease; via Reuters.


Black Garlic

That’s black garlic. Ancient mystics claim it grants immortality. I don’t know about that. But BlackGarlic.com says it has twice as many antioxidants as raw garlic and contains a cancer-preventing compound called S-Allylcysteine.

It’s made using a special heated fermenting process. After 1 month the garlic turns black and the flavor changes. It becomes sweeter with a molasses-like richness that melts in your mouth and doesn’t stink up your breath. Very cool.

I’ve never had black garlic. But now I’m intrigued. Have you eaten it? Do tell, do tell!

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U.S. Cholesterol: LDL Down, Triglycerides Up

At the American Heart Association's annual meeting researchers revealed LDL cholesterol levels in U.S. adults have dropped since 1980, but triglyceride levels are 5 times higher. Scientists cite increased awareness of the dangers of high-fat diets and statins for the drop in LDL and the surge in obesity for the jump in triglycerides; Reuters reports.

Okay, it’s good to hear people are getting wise to high-fat diets. Diets rich in saturated fat are linked to heart disease, but statins are no saving grace. They have serious side effects and only offer a band aid solution. However, plant-based diets lower cholesterol, improve triglycerides, reverse cardiovascular disease and promote healthy bodyweight.

Chocolate Craving, Walk it Off...

Chocolate is my weakness. Sometimes I need it! But next time a craving hits, I’ll try walking it off. A new study in Appetite claims a brisk 15-minute walk can halt chocolate cravings. And short spurts of exercise, like walking, might help improve mood and alertness too; Reuters reports.

For a healthier chocolate alternative, give my chocolate pudding a try!

England Must Grow More Fruit...

Britain imports 90% of its fruit. That’s a problem. As world oil production peaks (i.e. transportation) and populations grow, England could be choked out of the market for fresh fruits and vegetables. Authorities insist only a domestic farming revolution can save England from possible food shortages; The Guardian reports.

Maybe lifting the ban on ugly fruits and vegetables will help!

The Healthiest City in America...

That’s Burlington, Vermont and it’s the healthiest city in the United States. The CDC reports Burlington, with 95%, has the largest percentage of people in good or great health. The population is younger, more affluent and very active in outdoors. They eat better too, enjoying plenty of vegan restaurants and co-ops; from the Associated Press.

Seems to agree with other reports, previously researchers from Harvard University's School of Public Health in Boston determined people living in neighborhoods with good walking environments and easy access to healthy foods were leaner than those living in less desirable communities. I guess Las Vegas is bad then. Because it was named the fattest city, twice!

Viva Ugly Veggies!

Sometimes when I go shopping. I look like hell. Sweaty gym clothes and five o'clock shadow. But despite appearances, there’s nothing wrong with me—I think—and that’s the same reason why European food advocates wanted selling restrictions on “ugly” fruits and vegetables removed

Previously, bizarre-looking produce, like forked carrots, crooked cucumbers and blemished bananas, were banned from markets, but now citing economic tough times and utter stupidity and wastefulness, the European Union has lifted restrictions on odd-looking produce; via DiscoBlog.

10 Healthiest Supermarkets

Did your grocery store make the cut? Health magazine lists America's top 10 supermarkets:

  1. Whole Foods
  1. Safeway
  1. Harris Teeter
  1. Trader Joe's
  1. Hannaford
  1. Albertsons
  1. Food Lion
  1. Publix Super Markets
  1. Pathmark
  1. SuperTarget

By me, Wegmans is the healthiest dog in the fight. It's where I buy all my bananas!

Overeating Eating and Substance Abuse, Similar...

I know, sounds weird. But a new study in Psychiatric News claims compulsive eating and substance abuse share the same neurological pathways and chemicals in the brain. Analyzing this relationship could yield better treatment options for both; via Booster Shots.

No doubt, we’ve all had moments where overeating, or eating something we shouldn’t, made us feel better. Dr. Fuhrman calls this emotional eating and it’s a serious impediment to health. Good news, cutting junk foods and eating healthier can eliminate the problem. Hooray!

Diabetes: Fish Prevents Kidney Trouble

A new study in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases claims diabetics eating fish twice a week have less risk of kidney disease because they excrete less protein in their urine, a common indicator of kidney trouble; Reuters reports.

Here’s what Dr. Fuhrman said about it:

Anytime you add fish, fish oil, DHA supplements, flax or walnuts to a diet you will see dramatic health benefits for a variety of illnesses. This is consistent with other studies, so in that context it is reasonable to advise people to include sources of omega-3 and even DHA in their diet. This can be met with plant sources of omega-3 and a vegan DHA supplement such as DHA Purity or this need can be met with fish or fish oil.

Other foods, like green vegetables, beans, raw nuts and seeds, actually help prevent and reserve diabetes. Now, DHA deficiency has been linked to depression, dyslexia, aggressiveness, alcoholism and even reduced intelligence.

But, before you go fish crazy, be mindful of seafood’s pollution issues.

Live Long and Happy...

Want a long, healthy life? In a study in the Journal of Gerontology, older folks recommend staying positive and stress-free and not drinking or smoking; HealthDay News reports.

Great advice! And a recent survey of centenarians showed staying active, maintaining a sense of independence and having lots of friends and family helps too. Very cool!

Soybeans, Heart Health

Edamame beans rock! You should LOVE them too. Previous reports have linked edamame or soybeans with artery health and reduced risk of heart disease. But some question soy's MIGHT versus against cholesterol; The New York Times investigates.


Kids Eat like their Parents

A new study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine claims children mimic their parents’ diet. Leading researchers to suggest using the supermarket to teach kids to choose fruits and vegetables OVER snack and desserts; Reuters reports.

Makes sense, growing up my mom always ate a TON of vegetables. And as I got older, I quickly realized I was the only one of my friends who knew what broccoli rabe was. That’s why Dr. Fuhrman believes healthy eating is for the WHOLE family, not just the kids!

Election Day, Health Race...

At first, doctors called McCain’s health robust and Obama’s excellent. And now, at the end of the presidential race, how are they doing? Well, John McCain’s taking it easy, not exercising and eating candy, while Barack Obama’s hitting the gym; The New York Times investigates.

Okay, no matter what happens today. It’s important to note, Americans want healthcare FIXED and each candidate offers different solutions; like guaranteed access plans versus national health insurance exchanges. So, make your choice and get out and vote!

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Obesity: Put the Kids to Bed!

Because a 32-year study has concluded children consistently getting a good night's sleep were LESS likely to become obese as adults.

The research appears in the October 31st issue of Pediatrics. Reuters reports:

Even with a range of other factors considered -- like childhood weight and TV habits, and adulthood exercise levels -- there remained a link between sleep deprivation during childhood and obesity risk later in life.

All of this supports the idea that early sleep habits have a direct effect on weight in the long term, according to Dr. Robert John Hancox, the study's senior author.

This supports a previous study revealing sleep helps LOWER body mass index (BMI) in children.

Clearly, sleep is important. Even an extra hour once a year can save your life!

More Beta-Blockers, More Heart Attacks

A recent study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows beta-blockers, used to lower blood pressure, actually INCREASE heart attack-risk.

Dr. Fuhrman's thoughts:

Patients should be given the clear facts that medications do not have a significant impact on reducing heart attacks, the leading cause of death in people with high blood pressure. In fact, because of their negative effect on lipids and glucose levels, drug treatments such as beta-blockers and diuretics may even increase the risk of heart attacks in some individuals.

Instead, Dr. Fuhrman recommends exercise and dietary intervention, like avoiding salt and eating more fruits and vegetables, to treat hypertension.

Pomegranates are particularly AMAZING for blood pressure!


I bet it’s healthier than a jack-o-lantern. It’s certainly not as scary. But it sure is creepy looking.

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U.S. Diabetes Doubles, More Expensive Too!

According to the CDC the rate of new diabetes cases in the United States nearly DOUBLED over the last 10 years. West Virginia has the highest rate, 13 in 1,000 adults, while Minnesota boasted the lowest rate with 5 in 1,000 adults having diabetes; the Associated Press reports.

And, to make matters worse, new studies in Archives of Internal Medicine show U.S. diabetics have doubled their spending on diabetes-related drugs. Posting a total bill of $12.5 BILLION! Experts suggest finding ways to drive down the cost; via the Associated Press.

Now, a more frugal option would be HALTING the spread of diabetes! A vegetable-based nutrient-dense diet can prevent and reserves the effects of diabetes. So does exercise, like Tai Chi. And previous research shows eating more green veggies helps lower diabetes-risk too.

Healthy Hearts: Did You Set Your Clocks Back?

Hopefully you did! Because new research in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals 20 years of turning the clocks back has caused a DROP in the number of heart attacks on the Monday following the time switch, the extra hour of sleep could be why; via the Associated Press.

Sleep is good? Wow, who would have thought! A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are also smart ways to SUPERCHARGE your heart. And remember, things like diabetes, asthma and even erectile dysfunction have the opposite effect, they INCREASE heart disease-risk.

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