Research: Breast Cancer May Disappear Without Treatment

Editor’s Note: Dr. Fuhrman responds to a recent study in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggesting breast cancer screening, i.e. mammography, has lead to an over-diagnosis of cancer. The research, which took 4 years to get published, claims 22% of cancer cases do not need treatment and will resolve on their own.

It’s easy to understand why this study was so hard to get published and the stranglehold the drug companies and the medical profession has on the status quo in disease-care. It should not even be called health care!

It has been known for years that a large percentage of the so-called diagnoses of cancer are not really cancer. The movement of cells toward more and more abnormalities that eventually get diagnosed with cancer is not a black and white line that they cross. Some cells are clearly normal, other cells may be clearly cancerous, but many fall into a grey area, where the state of cancer (uncontrolled cell replication) is not 100 percent clear.

In this range, many of these so-called cancers are the most likely to reverse, or not really manifest cancerous properties after diagnoses. Additionally, these earlier and less definitive or early cancers are more likely to respond to nutritional interventions. In other words, the most likely scenario where a cancer disappears from nutritional interventions is in those cancers that are comprised of cells that are not as cancerous, if we could measure cancerous properties on a continuum.

Lastly, one of the reasons why mammograms have such a small, almost worthless impact on reducing deaths from breast cancer in so many medical studies is because, many of the so-called cancers that are then treated with chemotherapy or radiation are conditions that would never have progressed to a metastatic or life threatening condition, so the risks from the treatment were more significant than from the native disease.

This is especially concerning because belief in the success of chemotherapy for estrogen positive post-menopausal breast cancer is so ubiquitous, but the true benefits are miniscule. The point is that this is a confusing and complicated issue that we are only in the infancy of understanding and our present screening and treatment of most cancers is barbaric, ineffective and leaves much to be desired.

Superior nutrition and a healthful lifestyle is still the best way to win the war on cancer in the modern world, but these protective nutritional changes must taken throughout society, including children when the dividing cells are most susceptible to damage.

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Healthcare Workers Don't Get Flu Shots...

People think flu shots are heaven sent. They’re not. Many of our flu shots are outmatched and flu strains are gaining new resistances. Maybe that’s why 60% of American healthcare workers do not receive the flu vaccine; The Washington Post investigates.

But remember, a healthy diet, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and good hygiene, specifically hand washing, are great defenses against flu cells!

Kids of Centenarians Live Longer, Healthier Too...

Bad news for me! My family knocks off early. New research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society claims children of centenarians have greater longevity and 78% lower risk of heart attack, 83% lower risk of stroke and 86% lower risk of diabetes; Reuters reports.

Well, for those of us with short-lived elders, this is NOT a death sentence. Eating a healthy diet will boost your longevity, so will staying busy and independent and health guru and near-centenarian, Jack Lalanne, insists enjoying all the wonderful things we have helps too.

Health-Points: Tuesday 11.25.08

  • Having no stress would be great! And there’s an added perk for cancer patients. New research in Cancer claims reducing stress, by exercising and eating healthfully, can help prevent relapses and fight cancer; via NewScientist.
  • China’s food safety has drawn intense scrutiny, prompting the FDA to open an office in Beijing. According to a spokesperson it will enhance the regulatory cooperation between the United States and China; CNN reports.

Type-1 Diabetes: Control Blood Sugar, Save Eyes and Kidneys

According to Dr. Fuhrman, eating a vegetable-based diet can help type-1 diabetics reduce their insulin requirements and keep glucose levels under excellent control. Good thing! Because a new study in Diabetes Care reveals strict blood sugar control staves off diabetes-related eye and kidney disease; via Reuters.


Autumn Ups Asthma Risk...

A new study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine claims babies born in the fall have a 30% greater risk of developing asthma than babies born at some other time. Researchers blame winter viruses, like respiratory syncytial virus; HealthDay News reports.

And a previous report suggests over-stressed moms can increase their baby’s likelihood of developing asthma or allergies later in life. So can public swimming pools. But according to Dr. Fuhrman breastfeeding reduces the risk of asthma in children. It works in mice too!

Greener Kids are Slimmer Kids

A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine reveals city kids living in greener neighborhoods were thinner. Researchers found a relationship between “greenness” and slower increase in body mass index over time; HealthDay News reports.

Putting kids to bed helps too. Oh, and keep them away from cockroaches!

Super Bug in Supermarket Meat...

Bad news for meat mongers! Clostridium difficile, a bacteria normally linked with severe hospital infections, was found in 40% of meat products tested from 3 national supermarket chains and ground beef, pork, turkey and sausage contain a “super” strain of the bacteria; via MSNBC.

Gross! And previous reports have linked deli meat with listeria, that killed 12 people, and meat and poultry have been blamed for a lot of foodborne infections. Okay, now I’m going to puke.

U.S. Cholesterol: LDL Down, Triglycerides Up

At the American Heart Association's annual meeting researchers revealed LDL cholesterol levels in U.S. adults have dropped since 1980, but triglyceride levels are 5 times higher. Scientists cite increased awareness of the dangers of high-fat diets and statins for the drop in LDL and the surge in obesity for the jump in triglycerides; Reuters reports.

Okay, it’s good to hear people are getting wise to high-fat diets. Diets rich in saturated fat are linked to heart disease, but statins are no saving grace. They have serious side effects and only offer a band aid solution. However, plant-based diets lower cholesterol, improve triglycerides, reverse cardiovascular disease and promote healthy bodyweight.

Chocolate Craving, Walk it Off...

Chocolate is my weakness. Sometimes I need it! But next time a craving hits, I’ll try walking it off. A new study in Appetite claims a brisk 15-minute walk can halt chocolate cravings. And short spurts of exercise, like walking, might help improve mood and alertness too; Reuters reports.

For a healthier chocolate alternative, give my chocolate pudding a try!

Depressed Diabetics Struggle to Control Symptoms

A study of depressed type-2 diabetics revealed they had a higher than average hemoglobin A1C level, an indicator of long-term blood sugar control. Published in General Hospital Psychiatry researchers suggest the pangs of depression may impede them from making necessary lifestyle changes to control their diabetes; via Reuters.

Cancer and Depression: Too Little Sleep, Too Much Television

About 40 million Americans don’t get enough sleep. Not cool, especially when you consider a recent report linking insufficient sleep with greater risk of cancer. Even when adjusted for age and exercise of level of participants, sleep played an important role in cancer; Reuters explains.

Skipping sleep is a nasty habit too, I’m guilty of it, but I don’t watch very much television. Good thing, because a new study in Social Indicators Research claims people that watch a lot of TV are unhappy. Unlike people who don’t and are involved in activities, they’re happier; via LiveScience.

Obesity is also a major risk-factor for both cancer and depression.

Cockroaches Cause Asthma and Allergies, Eek!

And not just roaches. Mice too! New research in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology claims antibodies developed to cockroach and mouse proteins increase the risk of wheeze, hay fever and eczema in young children; from Eurekalert.

That’s creepy. Even ickier than likening trans-fat to rat poop. More reason to be mindful of your child’s living space. Dr. Fuhrman insists it’s the parent’s responsibility to ensure a safe and toxin-free environment. Eating organic food helps too!

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Low Vitamin D Linked to Hypertension, Sudden Cardiac Death

The Healthiest City in America...

That’s Burlington, Vermont and it’s the healthiest city in the United States. The CDC reports Burlington, with 95%, has the largest percentage of people in good or great health. The population is younger, more affluent and very active in outdoors. They eat better too, enjoying plenty of vegan restaurants and co-ops; from the Associated Press.

Seems to agree with other reports, previously researchers from Harvard University's School of Public Health in Boston determined people living in neighborhoods with good walking environments and easy access to healthy foods were leaner than those living in less desirable communities. I guess Las Vegas is bad then. Because it was named the fattest city, twice!

Saturated Fat Linked to Small Intestine Cancer...

A new study in Cancer Research claims eating foods high in saturated fat, like red meat, may heighten the risk of cancer in the small intestine. HealthDay News Reports:

Previous research had identified a link between red and processed meats and cancer of the large intestine, but this is the first prospective study to examine the association between meat and fat intake and cancer of the small intestine.

During the study, 60 adenocarcinomas and 80 carcinoid tumors of the small intestine were diagnosed among the participants, and an elevated risk for these cancers was associated with saturated fat intake.

Saturated fat is a health-destroyer. Previous reports have associated saturated fat with both prostate and ovarian cancer, not to mention heart disease and hypertension.

Kids and Soda, Can't Stop It

Districts have tried to stop kids from drinking soda by eliminating it from schools, but a new study in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior reveals nixing sugar-sweetened beverages and diet soda, does little to stop kids from drinking them; via A Better Life.

Clearly, kids are finding a way to get their soda fix. And a recent report found not only are children’s diets getting worse, but consumption of sugary drinks is up 15%. That’s why San Francisco’s governor wanted a surcharge on drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup.

The Colbert Report on Taking Statins for No Reason

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine claims taking statins preventively can dramatically reduce the risk of heart attack in men and women with no history of heart disease, the research was funded by Crestor; PBS reports.

Then on his show, comedian Stephen Colbert ripped the study calling it, “A great breakthrough in the battle to find things to prescribe to people who don’t need them.” Although, he admits to crushing statins on his bacon chili cheese corndogs. Eek!

All joking aside, this seems pretty shameless to me. Taking pills just because! Listen, statins aren’t wonder drugs. They carry heavy side effects, like hepatitis and jaundice. Besides, the best preventative medicine for heart disease is a vegetable-based diet.

Waist-to-Hip Ratio Better than Body Mass Index

New research in the New England Journal of Medicine claims waist-to-hip ratio is better at predicting obesity-related death than body mass index (BMI). Reuters explains:

When they calculated the waist-to-hip ratio by dividing a person's waist size, measured at the navel, by the biggest part of their hips, the team led by Dr. Tobias Pischon of the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke found that the risk of death increased by 34 percent for men and 24 percent for women every time that ratio increased by 0.1.

This backs up previous reports highlighting BMI’s inaccuracy in evaluating obesity in older folks and people with a lot of muscle, like me! My BMI says I’m a dead man.

Fat Pregnancy, Tubby Teenagers...

Let’s see. A mother’s diet can affect the sex of her baby. Exposure to BPA during pregnancy can up the kid’s chance of becoming obese. And now, a new study in Obstetrics & Gynecology claims women who gain too much weight while pregnant may have fat teenagers; Reuters reports.


Young Kids, Old Arteries

It’s a tough time to be a kid! Seriously, more and more kids have food allergies. Children are sicker and fatter and taking lots of pills for hypertension and high cholesterol. And now, the American Heart Association claims obese kids have middle-aged arteries; the Associated Press reports.

What’s next? No Santa Claus! Maybe all the heavy metal music, which I love, is what's harming our whippersnappers’ hearts; via HealthandMen.

Nanotechnology Not Tested Enough, Experts Worried...

The UK’s Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution urges more assessment of nanomaterial’s impact on the environment and health. Nanotechnology-based products are flooding the market, but without sufficient safety testing; NewScientist reports.

Actually, previous reports have warned against using nanotechnology in things like food packaging, due to health concerns. Others claim carbon nanotubes act like asbestos if inhaled. Even Dr. Fuhrman wants more testing on nanotechnology.

Corn in the Hamburgers...

A recent chemical analysis of fast food from 6 major U.S. cities revealed corn molecules turned up in almost everything; from hamburgers to chicken sandwiches. Via National Geographic News:

Out of the hundreds of meals that we bought, there were only 12 servings of anything that did not go straight back to a corn source," said study lead author Hope Jahren, a geobiologist at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu.

Corn's dominance in the nation's fast food is well known, "but the [chemical analysis] really bring it home in a way that hasn't been brought home before," said Craig Cox, Midwest vice president for the nonprofit Environmental Working Group.

More reason to avoid fast food! Now, corn is cool, but don’t base your diet on it. Humans should eat a biologically diverse diet, lots of DIFFERENT fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans.

Research: Eat Peanuts Early, Avoid Allergies Later

Last year a report claimed peanut allergies were up in children and then, just last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that 3 million children have food allergies

Now, amidst nut-phobia, new research in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology claims eating peanuts in infancy is associated with a lower instance of peanut allergy; Reuters reports.

I asked Dr. Fuhrman. He said the mother has to be eating peanuts, while nursing, at the same time the food is first introduced to maximally prevent allergies. The mother’s antibodies are key!

Mexican Diet Program, Muy Mal...

A new study in the Journal of Nutrition reveals Mexico’s attempt to encourage citizens to lose weight by paying them to attend annual medical check-ups and nutrition classes is actually causing them to pack on the pounds; via Reuters.


Heart Health: Get to Bed!

Okay, you might be able to “get by” on a little sleep. But new research in the Archives of Internal Medicine has determined getting less than 7.5 hours of sleep each night, increases risk of heart attack and stroke; Reuters reports.

Kids Sicker and Fatter...

Not good. New research in Pediatrics claims more and more kids are taking medications for chronic conditions, like hypertension, diabetes, depression and high cholesterol. No surprise, but childhood obesity is being blamed; via Booster Shots.

Actually, we’ve seen this before. In fact, some people want to prescribe statins to kids. Sure, heart disease starts in youth, but instead of stuffing pills down their throats. Why not teach kids the importance of healthy eating and NOT the easy way out!

Vitamins Don't Prevent Heart Disease

Yeah, you’ve got to eat healthy to prevent heart disease! A new study in Journal of the American Medical Association reveals taking vitamins C and E do nothing to prevent heart disease in men; the Associated Press reports.

Bad times for pills and heart disease, beta-blockers can CAUSE heart attacks and Vytorin is going swiftly down the toilet. Meanwhile, a nutrient-dense diet still reverses heart disease and lowers cholesterol, naturally!

Gene Mutation Linked to Seasonal Depression

I’ve had my bouts with depression. So I can totally relate to people that get seasonal affective disorder, getting depressed in the fall when sunlight is fleeting, it really sucks!

Even Dr. Fuhrman acknowledges how tough it can be, that’s why he prescribes light therapy. Using therapeutic lights to get your sunshine and boost your vitamin D.

And now, no pun intended, a new study in the Journal of Affective Disorders sheds light on the disorder. A gene mutation in the eye could be to blame; HealthDay News reports.

Girls are Yucky!

Ha! Sorry ladies. You’re ickier than guys. According to a new report women have MORE germs on their hands than men; the Associated Press explains.

And they say I’m a filthy pig! Other germy surfaces include yoga mats and shopping carts. Good a healthy diet offers great defense against creepy-crawlies.

Diabetes: Fish Prevents Kidney Trouble

A new study in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases claims diabetics eating fish twice a week have less risk of kidney disease because they excrete less protein in their urine, a common indicator of kidney trouble; Reuters reports.

Here’s what Dr. Fuhrman said about it:

Anytime you add fish, fish oil, DHA supplements, flax or walnuts to a diet you will see dramatic health benefits for a variety of illnesses. This is consistent with other studies, so in that context it is reasonable to advise people to include sources of omega-3 and even DHA in their diet. This can be met with plant sources of omega-3 and a vegan DHA supplement such as DHA Purity or this need can be met with fish or fish oil.

Other foods, like green vegetables, beans, raw nuts and seeds, actually help prevent and reserve diabetes. Now, DHA deficiency has been linked to depression, dyslexia, aggressiveness, alcoholism and even reduced intelligence.

But, before you go fish crazy, be mindful of seafood’s pollution issues.

Live Long and Happy...

Want a long, healthy life? In a study in the Journal of Gerontology, older folks recommend staying positive and stress-free and not drinking or smoking; HealthDay News reports.

Great advice! And a recent survey of centenarians showed staying active, maintaining a sense of independence and having lots of friends and family helps too. Very cool!

Dairy Council Says Dairy Burns Fat...

Apparently, the news that milk does NOT work for weight-loss really peeved the National Dairy Council. Because they’ve just unleashed a new study, that they funded, claiming dairy foods boost fat-burning.

The “research” appears in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism. Reuters reports:

The study didn't find that eating the recommended three servings of dairy food each day made any difference in helping people keep off the weight that they had lost, but it did show that they were able to consume more calories without gaining weight compared with people who consumed less than one dairy serving daily.

Wow! Eat MORE dairy and you’ll be okay. Clever ploy National Dairy Council, if that is your REAL name! That’d be like Atkins publishing a study saying their dangerous diet is healthy. Oh wait, that happened.

So I guess we’re supposed to ignore the fact that dairy promotes Crohn’s disease and cancer, burdens the environment and harbors deadly bacteria!

Soybeans, Heart Health

Edamame beans rock! You should LOVE them too. Previous reports have linked edamame or soybeans with artery health and reduced risk of heart disease. But some question soy's MIGHT versus against cholesterol; The New York Times investigates.


Kids Eat like their Parents

A new study in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine claims children mimic their parents’ diet. Leading researchers to suggest using the supermarket to teach kids to choose fruits and vegetables OVER snack and desserts; Reuters reports.

Makes sense, growing up my mom always ate a TON of vegetables. And as I got older, I quickly realized I was the only one of my friends who knew what broccoli rabe was. That’s why Dr. Fuhrman believes healthy eating is for the WHOLE family, not just the kids!

Deadly Bacteria Loves Meat and Dairy

Research by the University of Adelaide claims a bacterial toxin, named Subtilase cytotoxin, targets human cells that express the sugar Neu5Gc, found in animal foods.

The study appears in October 30th edition of Nature, Newswise reports:

Remarkably, humans cannot make Neu5Gc, and so we should all be resistant to the toxin,” Professor James Paton says. “However, consuming foods that have high levels of Neu5Gc, such as red meat and dairy products, leads to uptake of the sugar by human cells and this makes them susceptible to attack by the toxin.

Of course the veggie-haters will say, “What about the spinach-E. coli scare.” Sorry, the spinach didn’t make the bacteria. It was pooped on by pork products.

And let’s not forget, milk and beef are CONSTANTLY being linked with harmful bacteria.

Coffee Shrinks Breasts...

A pandemic is upon us, much worse than famine, drought and locusts, combined. The world’s boobies are SHRINKING! The cause, ordinary coffee.

A new study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, examined 300 coffee drinkers, obviously women, asking them how much coffee they drink per day and then measuring their bust size.

The data showed women who drank MORE than 3 cups of coffee a day had an average breast size 17% smaller than women who consumed LESS than 3 cups per day.

In general, women with BIGGER breasts are at higher risk.

"However, anyone who thinks they can tell which women are coffee drinkers just from their bra measurements will be disappointed,” Helena Jernstrom, from Lund University in Sweden, who led the study, told The Telegraph.

Scientists believe coffee’s impact on estrogen causes the shrinkage. And, it might affect testosterone too. Eek!

Listen, coffee isn’t healthy. Among other things, it raises blood sugar and contributes to arteriosclerosis. So ditch the coffee and SAVE the boobies!

Obesity: Put the Kids to Bed!

Because a 32-year study has concluded children consistently getting a good night's sleep were LESS likely to become obese as adults.

The research appears in the October 31st issue of Pediatrics. Reuters reports:

Even with a range of other factors considered -- like childhood weight and TV habits, and adulthood exercise levels -- there remained a link between sleep deprivation during childhood and obesity risk later in life.

All of this supports the idea that early sleep habits have a direct effect on weight in the long term, according to Dr. Robert John Hancox, the study's senior author.

This supports a previous study revealing sleep helps LOWER body mass index (BMI) in children.

Clearly, sleep is important. Even an extra hour once a year can save your life!

More Beta-Blockers, More Heart Attacks

A recent study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows beta-blockers, used to lower blood pressure, actually INCREASE heart attack-risk.

Dr. Fuhrman's thoughts:

Patients should be given the clear facts that medications do not have a significant impact on reducing heart attacks, the leading cause of death in people with high blood pressure. In fact, because of their negative effect on lipids and glucose levels, drug treatments such as beta-blockers and diuretics may even increase the risk of heart attacks in some individuals.

Instead, Dr. Fuhrman recommends exercise and dietary intervention, like avoiding salt and eating more fruits and vegetables, to treat hypertension.

Pomegranates are particularly AMAZING for blood pressure!

U.S. Diabetes Doubles, More Expensive Too!

According to the CDC the rate of new diabetes cases in the United States nearly DOUBLED over the last 10 years. West Virginia has the highest rate, 13 in 1,000 adults, while Minnesota boasted the lowest rate with 5 in 1,000 adults having diabetes; the Associated Press reports.

And, to make matters worse, new studies in Archives of Internal Medicine show U.S. diabetics have doubled their spending on diabetes-related drugs. Posting a total bill of $12.5 BILLION! Experts suggest finding ways to drive down the cost; via the Associated Press.

Now, a more frugal option would be HALTING the spread of diabetes! A vegetable-based nutrient-dense diet can prevent and reserves the effects of diabetes. So does exercise, like Tai Chi. And previous research shows eating more green veggies helps lower diabetes-risk too.

Healthy Hearts: Did You Set Your Clocks Back?

Hopefully you did! Because new research in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals 20 years of turning the clocks back has caused a DROP in the number of heart attacks on the Monday following the time switch, the extra hour of sleep could be why; via the Associated Press.

Sleep is good? Wow, who would have thought! A healthy diet and plenty of exercise are also smart ways to SUPERCHARGE your heart. And remember, things like diabetes, asthma and even erectile dysfunction have the opposite effect, they INCREASE heart disease-risk.

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