Cancer More Lethal for Diabetics

A new study in Journal of the American Medical Association has determined people with diabetes who get cancer are more likely to die. Researchers examined studies involving 125,000 people from 10 countries. Revealing female diabetics had a 76% higher risk of death from uterine cancer, 61% higher risk for breast cancer and 32% higher risk for colorectal cancer; Reuters investigates.

Try preventing both diseases! Fruits and vegetables are potent cancer and diabetes fighters.

High Heart Rate Linked to Obesity, Diabetes

A new study in the American Journal of Hypertension claims high resting heart rates may be associated with obesity and diabetes. Scientists split participants into 4 groups: heart rates of under 60, 60 to 69, 70 to 79 and over 80. Individuals with resting heart rates over 80 were 1.34 times more likely to be obese, 1.2 times more likely to develop insulin resistance and 4.39 times more likely to become diabetic; Reuters reports.


Stop Diabetes, Get Kids Doing Yoga

India has the most diabetes worldwide, with 41 million cases in 2007 and an estimated of 70 million by 2025. Officials blame modern life and inactivity. That’s why India’s health minister wants to make Yoga mandatory for all school-going children; Reuters reports.

In addition to a healthy diet, Dr. Fuhrman insists exercise is an integral part of diabetes-prevention and previous reports agree. Now, Yoga is phenomena exercise! It’s awesome for your abs, helps reduce stress and can aid in breast cancer recovery. So, go get bendy!

Fight Obesity, Diabetes: More Parks and Safer Roads

By 2025, diabetes will likely surpass 380 million cases worldwide, exacerbated by obesity rates, which show no signs of slowing down. World health experts are calling for action:

It's the responsibility of governments to enable populations to create the conditions where (healthy) lifestyle is an easy choice rather than something that's very difficult to achieve," Gojka Roglic of the World Health Organization's diabetes program told Reuters.

If you don't have a park to walk in, if the traffic is too dangerous, then people won't be encouraged to walk or ride bicycles. Or if there is crime and someone will kill you for your bike, then you won't be encouraged to cycle."

Some governments have already answered the call. New York City’s calories-on-menus law, Japan measuring waistlines and a town in Italy paying people to lose weight.

Eggs Boost Diabetes Risk...

Eating eggs may increase type-2 diabetes risk. A new study in Diabetes Care claims men consuming 7 or more eggs per week are 58% more likely to develop type-2 diabetes and women are 77% more likely; from MedPage Today.

“The combination of being overweight and eggs, likely the cholesterol, do something to either impair pancreatic function or impair glucose tolerance,” explains Dr. Fuhrman. And initially this research found eating 7 or more eggs a week increased death-risk in men.