Heart Failure: Eggs Bad, Whole-Grains Better

Recent studies have shown egg consumption is linked to diabetes risk and risk of death. And now, new research in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association reveals each serving of dairy or eggs increases heart failure risk by 8% to 23%. Conversely, each serving of whole grains dropped heart risk by 7% in middle-aged men and women. Both results account for other factors that might impact heart failure risk, such as calorie intake, lifestyle, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension; Reuters reports.

Now, don’t go grain crazy! Grains are okay, but Dr. Fuhrman recommends eating more fruits and vegetables instead. Grains aren’t as nutrient-dense. And fruits and veggies are the ultimate heart-protectors, capable of preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease.

The Chinese, whose classic diet involved a lot of fruits and vegetables, have departed from their traditional ways and subsequently suffer from more heart disease and obesity as they consume more eggs, meat and fat, and less plant foods.

Processed Meats, Cheese Linked to Lung Cancer

A new study in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine claims phosphates, a common food additive, may help speed the growth of lung cancer tumors. Testing in mice determined phosphates, often found in soda and processed cheese and meat may also cause tumors. Researchers say phosphates are critical to human nutrition, but eating too much can be dangerous. In the 1990s adults consumed about 470 mg of phosphorous per day, but now they can reach 1,000 mg a day; Reuters investigates.

Another reason to avoid processed foods is they often contain harmful trans fat and cancer-causing compounds called acrylamides. Eek! 

Aerobic Exercise Suppresses Appetite

When it comes to curbing hunger, aerobic exercise, like running on a treadmill, is more effective than non-aerobic activities, such as weightlifting. So says a new study in American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. Participants doing aerobic exercise had decreased ghrelin levels and increased peptide YY levels, meaning appetite was suppressed. The non-aerobic group also had lower ghrelin, but no significant change in peptide YY levels; HealthDay News reports.

Actually, sleep has a lot to do with ghrelin too. Previous research reveals not getting enough sleep boosts ghrelin levels and increases hunger and appetite, which can contribute to weight gain and obesity. Just another reason why getting sufficient sleep is a good idea!

Take Junk Food Out of Schools, Kids Eat Healthier...

An upcoming study in the Journal of Nutrition claims removing sugary snacks, i.e. vending machines, from schools makes kids more likely to eat fruits and vegetables. And this effect held up even when kids returned home. Most likely because kids are already full, having not eaten empty calories. Currently, 72% school districts limit the fat in cafeteria food and number of vending machines; The Orange County Register reports.

According to the CDC, many schools are already selling less junk. And other officials are working hard to get soda machines out of schools. College is a little different, but my school was loaded with vending machines, snack foods and fast food, and kids ate it up!

Via That’s Fit.

Raw Milk, Full of Germs...

Imagine this. Milking a cow and then gulping down a big ladle full of the stuff. Gross! Yet, some people do it. But health officials warn that raw milk, as it’s called, is a prime spreader of food-borne illnesses and that’s why the FDA has cracked down on the sale of raw milk. In fact, 26 states already prohibit the sale of raw milk for human consumption.

And now, a new study in Food Safety reveals raw milk, or unpasteurized milk, can be contaminated with germs that make people sick. Also, researchers scoff at the notion that raw milk has health benefits and cite evidence that illness from raw milk may actually be on the rise. Cows are hosts to nasty things like E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria; Reuters reports.

Milk grosses me out. As a kid, if I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, 20 minutes later I’d puke it up. Dr. Fuhrman is no fan of milk either. He says milk is for rapidly growing cows and not slow-growing humans and dairy can increase risk of Parkinson’s, heart disease and ovarian cancer.

Also, previous research has linked dairy to both prostate cancer and diabetes. So eat your veggies instead, they’re loaded with calcium. Not to mention, milk is mutant. Yucky!

Abdominal Fat Linked to Stroke Risk

New research in Stroke claims large waist circumference may boost stroke risk, even transient ischemic attack (TIA) or mini-stroke. Scientists studied overweight individuals and determined, after accounting for confounding factors like diabetes, high blood pressure, inactivity and smoking, people with fat around the middle still had an increased risk of stroke; Reuters investigates.

Actually, just the other day, another studied showed even a tiny bit of belly fat ups heart risk and previous reports have determined large waist circumference increases death risk and cancer risk, a staunch warning for girls with muffin tops and fat guys in tight gym clothes. Eek!

People might tell you that chub around your waist is cute, but as Dr. Fuhrman points out, it’s a good indicator that you’ve still got weight to lose, doubly relevant for all those upcoming New Year’s resolutions.

Green-News: Tuesday 12.30.08

  • Plastic bottles and bisphenol-A (BPA) are in the news a lot lately. And recently, despite consumer outrage, the FDA said BPA is safe as it’s currently used, like in food packaging, but now the agency has agreed to reexamine the research on BPA’s health risks; The New York Times reports.
  • Last week, a small town in Tennessee was flooded by a billion gallons of water and coal ash, when a retention pond for a local coal-burning plant burst! Homes were destroyed, but the long term effects could be worse. Officials fear toxins from the slurry could ruin drinking water; via the Associated Press.

On Manager's Special 12.29.08


Great looking apples only $1.00!



Awesome broccoli, just $1.00.



Bananas ready for the blender $1.00.

All that for $3.00. Sweet.

I'll give some apples to my mom and the broccoli and bananas will be gone in days!

Lead in the Lights...

Here’s good reason not to leave those holiday lights up until spring. A new study in the December issue of the Journal of Environmental Health reveals many types of Christmas lights contain dangerous levels of lead. The plastic coating on the cord sheds lead dust, especially when exposed to sunlight. Although scientists believe the risk is negligible, they are quick to point out, that no amount of lead is safe for children; Discovery News investigates.

And last year, a New Jersey-based research center tested 4 varieties of holiday lights and determined brands like Wal-Mart, GE, Sylvania and Philips, all had lead levels above the 15 microgram limit set by Consumer Product Safety Commission. However, some Philips test samples came back as low as 3.2 micrograms, but Wal-Mart brand lights clocked in as high as 132.7 micrograms of lead. Eek!

Lead lurks in a lot of places. Recently, it was discovered that 1 in 3 toys contain lead. And other things, like fishing tackle, sports turf and garden hoses, also pose a lead risk. To make matter worse, lead exposure has been linked anti-social behavior and criminal acts.

So, for next year, I found these 90% energy-efficient LED lights, the manufacturer claims they’re lead-free, with the exception of the cord; via the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition.

Fast Food Nearby Schools Makes Kids Fat

A new study in the American Journal of Public Health involving 500,000 middle school and high school students in California suggests kids going to school within walking distance of fast food joints are more likely to drink soda and be obese and less likely to eat fruits and vegetables than students attending school not near fast food restaurants. Researchers claim fast food places are intentionally clustered around schools because they are popular hangouts for kids; Reuters reports.

Hopefully, if you teach kids how to eat wisely they won’t be tempted by fast food crap. But, one Los Angeles, California city official is taking the law into her own hands. She doesn’t want anymore fast food restaurants opening up in South-Central Los Angeles. Take that!

The FDA's Mad about Coke Plus!

The soda, Coke Plus, is sold as a good source of vitamins and minerals. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is not impressed. "The FDA does not consider it appropriate to fortify snack foods such as carbonated beverages," the agency said in a letter to Coca-Cola on Tuesday. But Coke doesn’t think they’ve done anything wrong—what a shocker—claiming this does not involve any health or safety issues. Regardless, they have 15 days to outline a corrective course of action; via Reuters.

Listen, adding vitamins to soda is like putting a pig in a dress, its a still sugar-laden junk food, i.e. a pig. So bad, that the some experts wanted to slap a Surgeon General’s warning on it. Yes, for real.

Veggie Merry Christmas...

Here’s an over-enthused crop of fruits and vegetables wishing you a Merry Christmas. Actually, it’s a little creepy. Pretty sure I could have used this for Halloween too. Eek!

Hopefully you had a good holiday and enjoyed the past few days of festive veggie posts. And in case you missed them, here they are:

See you tomorrow for business as usual. Peace.

Nutrient-Dense Christmas Goose

Dining on a Christmas goose is not exactly part of a vegetable-based diet. But don’t fret. You can have your veggies and your goose. This chef just needs some squash, carrots, toothpicks and a sharp knife. And presto, twin veggie geese!

I’m tempted to try this myself. But given my artistic abilities it’d probably turn out to be a lame duck. Stop by tomorrow for one last holiday post. Quack, quack.

Don't Lick Metal Poles!

If you ate a lot of veggies for Christmas and aren’t sure if you got enough iron. Remember, licking ice cold metal poles is NOT a good way to get your minerals. Instead, you’ll find all the iron you need in green vegetables, like kale, Romaine lettuce and broccoli.

Now, hopefully you’re enjoying the holiday afterglow. And don’t worry. The blog will be back to full strength Monday. But keep checking all this weekend for more holiday-inspired posts. I triple-dog dare you!

Christmas Pickle

Nope, it’s not like Mr. Hanky. But just as funny. So, in between opening presents, going to the movies or whatever you do on Christmas Day, take a minute and enjoy a Christmas carol with pickles, and a surprise ending!

Hopefully those little guys are salt-free. Happy holidays everyone! And remember to eat wisely today.

Via SeriousEats.

Second-Hand Smoke Makes Getting Pregnant Harder...

New findings in Tobacco Control suggest women exposed to second-hand smoke may have trouble getting pregnant. Researchers examined more than 4,800 women and found those growing up around a parent who smoked had more difficulty becoming pregnant. Also, women exposed to second-hand smoke were 39% more likely to suffer a stillbirth or miscarriage. Toxins in cigarette smoke may interfere with hormones needed for conception; Reuters reports.

Not to mention, previous research has shown parents who smoke can cause vascular damage in their kids. But quitting is hard, even our new president is still trying to kick the habit!

Shoo-Shoo Resistant Flu!

Batten down the hatches. Reports claim a drug-resistant strain of flu is out there, lurking and stalking, and going to get you! Tests concluded 49 out 50 samples were resistant to Tamiflu, the most popular drug used to treat the flu. But lucky for us, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believe the situation poses little danger; Reuters investigates.

Not exactly a shocker. In the spring both the World Health Organization and the CDC began collecting flu samples and determined 25% of flu viruses in Europe and 11% of flu viruses in the United States are resistant to antiviral drugs. That’s why Dr. Fuhrman recommends staying healthy, eating healthy and empowering your body to fight off flu cells.

In related news, 25% of people have already said no thank to you flu shots.

Stay Fit in 30-Minutes

A lot of people say they don’t have time to exercise. Even doctors can’t find the time!

So, if you’re hard-pressed to get a work out in. Angela Stovall, a master trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Chino, California, put together this 30-minute work out:

Five minutes cardio warm-up: five minutes walking lunges, then alternate between 10 walking lunges and 10 abdominal crunches for three sets.

Hop on the treadmill for five minutes at 3.5 mph: simultaneously doing three-to-five pound bicep curls and shoulder presses. Watch your form.

Then to the mat for 10-20 push-ups: alternate with 10-20 tricep bench dips, three sets of each.

Run stairs or jump on a cardio stair stepper for 5 minutes: then finish with 25 no-weight standing squats and 50 side bends.

This is cute. But 30 minutes doesn’t work for me. Between Yoga classes, lifting weights and running on and off the treadmill, I exercise WAY more than 30 measly minutes.

Oh, and try training like a Spartan or a U.S. Navy Seal. Eye of the tiger baby!

Via That’sFit.

Veggie Last Minute Gifts

If you’re in a panic for that ULTRA last minute gift, maybe Santa will bring you these:

  • Organic Egyptian Cotton Veggies and Crate: $24.00
  • Plan Toy Assorted Fruits and Vegetables: $17.98
  • Yellow Label Kids Knit Fruit Rattles: $42.99

Quite honestly, this stuff could keep me busy for hours!

Via Serious Eats.

Green-News: Wednesday 12.24.08

  • And higher temperatures could mean more males. Warmer incubations are pivotal to the hatching of male crocodiles and fish. Scientists believe a change of just 7 degrees will yield 3 males for every 1 female, this ratio is unfavorable for maintaining populations; LiveScience explains.
  • Methane gas is coming at us from all angles. Power plants and livestock spew greenhouse gases into the sky, but hotter temperatures are bringing it up from the ocean too. Methane from melting underwater permafrost is bubbling out of the East Siberian Sea; via National Geographic News.
  • Estimates reveal 100 million Americans breathe sooty air in 46 metro areas of the United States. And recently, the EPA added 15 more cities to list, in surprising locations, like Alaska. Diesel-burning trucks, power plants and wood-burning stoves are to blame; from the Associated Press.

Canada Says Don't Give Kids Cold Medicine

Citing overdoses, misuse and limited evidence that cold medicines even work in children, Canadian health officials have urged parents not to give over-the-counter cold remedies to kids under the age of 6, expanding their original recommendation of 2 years of age; Reuters reports.

Last year, U.S. retailers scrambled to pull cold remedies out of stores after the government warned of their potential health risks to infants and the Food and Drug Administration contemplated an outright ban on children’s cold medicine, but later rejected the proposal.

Dr. Fuhrman doubts cold remedies, pointing to a study in Journal of Pediatrics showing that in a head-to-head comparison, placebo and cough medicine had the same effect. All kids improved after 3 days, with no difference in symptoms between the placebo group and medicine group.

It’s a cold, ordinary sniffles. Do we really need medicine for that!

Belly Fat Linked to Heart Failure

A new study in Circulation has determined even a tiny bit of belly fat increases heart risk. Researchers examined 21,094 male doctors. And their findings revealed that in men, 5 feet 10 inches tall, for every 7 pounds of extra body weight, the risk of heart failure increased by 11%. Conversely, the leanest, and most active group, had the lowest risk; Reuters investigates.

Very ironic that they used doctors for the experiment, because a recent report revealed 79% of doctors don’t get the recommended amount of exercise. Might help explain the results!

Japan Only Produces 40% of the Food it Consumes...

Japan’s got a problem. They import 60% of their food. Leaving local farmers in the dust, but that’s just part of the problem. The food they’re importing is bad. The Japanese used to eat a lot of fish and vegetables, but now they’re consuming more meat, fat and oil, giving way to an unhealthy population.

So, Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is imploring citizens to reexamine their lifestyle and make smarter choices. Saying if people demand more vegetables and return to their dietary roots, this will help enliven the struggling agricultural community and improve health, i.e. restoring balance.

And it must be a good idea. Because all the little people in the video are bopping to the music!

Via EarthFirst.

Get Enough Sleep or Get Heart Problems!

You need shuteye. Dr. Fuhrman calls adequate sleep a necessary component of good health. And new research in the American Journal of Epidemiology agrees. Experts have determined sleep-duration is linked to heart health and sleeping 7 hours a night appears to be the magic number. Study participants getting 5 or less hours of sleep or 9 or more hours of sleep were more likely to die from cardiovascular disease; Reuters reports.

Lucky for me I get 7 a night. But, if I do get less, it’s because I’m up late blogging!

Green-News: Tuesday 12.23.08

  • On New Year’s they drop the ball. But some people shoot off fireworks too. And sure, they look cool, but they hurt the environment and your health. A new study shows that fireworks aggravate respiratory conditions, like asthma, because they release harmful aerosols; NewScientist reports.
  • Ethiopia is giving away 4 million low-energy light bulbs. For free! All citizens have to do is trade in their old-style incandescent bulbs. The new lights will last longer and help lower people’s energy bills. But, the low-energy bulbs won’t last forever and are 6 times more expensive; from the BBC.
  • So, amidst all the swirling weather news, President-elect Barack Obama has appointed two climate change experts, a physicist and a marine biologist. One will serve as Obama’s science advisor and the other will oversee ocean and atmospheric studies; from The New York Times.

On Manager's Special 12.22.08


Broccoli for $1.00!



More broccoli, still only $1.00.



Super ripe bananas, just $0.48.

Grand total $2.48. That's a freaking steal!

I love broccoli and the bananas are perfect for smoothies.

Jeremy Piven Sick from Sushi, Mercury...

Hollywood big shot Jeremy Piven has bailed on his Broadway show due to a high mercury count and the cause, eating too much sushi. Piven is a sushi fiend, eating raw fish twice a day. Piven told reporters he has 6 times the healthy amount of mercury in his system and complained of dizziness, fatigue and difficulty lifting his limbs. His doctors advised him to rest; Reuters reports.

Mercury freaks me out! And according to Dr. Fuhrman, mercury from fish, particularly fish with high levels, like swordfish, mackerel, tilefish, shark and tuna, can be hazardous, specifically in pregnant women. He advises expectant mothers avoid fish and for everyone else, don’t eat fish more than twice a week and choose low-mercury seafood, like sole, trout, flounder and tilapia.

Now, I love sushi, but I hardly eat raw fish anymore. Instead, I eat veggie sushi. It tastes great and it’s easy to make!

Fear of Nuts, Hysteria!

Breastfeeding is strong medicine! Breast milk provides babies with necessary antibodies that help ward off allergies and boost immune systems and Dr. Fuhrman blames the decrease in breastfeeding for the rise in allergies among young children.

And now, a new study in the British Medical Journal claims the fear of nut allergies is becoming overblown. Researchers suggest the food industry’s restrictions and warnings about nuts, however well intentioned, are fueling the hysteria.

Especially since a previous study in Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shows despite 69% of Israeli children eating nuts and only 10% of British children consuming nuts, kids in the U.K. were 10 times more likely to have peanut allergies; FoodNavigator reports.

Clearly, there is another factor at play here and not just nuts themselves.

New York Governor's Obesity Tax

America’s got a big obesity problem, costing us more than $100 billion a year. And, despite reports that obesity is leveling off, New York Governor David Paterson has proposed a tax on sugary beverages, like soda. In a letter, Paterson says the tax would apply to non-diet drinks and fruit juices that contain less than 70% percent juice. He compares the obesity tax to the taxes imposed on cigarettes, claiming the health and financial benefits are undeniable; via CNN.


Green-News: Monday 12.22.08

  • Sails power boats by wind, but Japan has launched the first solar-powered cargo ship. It can carry 6,400 cars and is outfitted with 328 solar panels, costing $1.68 million dollars. This power system with generate 40 kilowatts and covers 0.2% of the boats energy needs; the AFP reports.
  • Speaking of chilly temps, the United States wants to protect 7 species of penguins. The list includes 6 varieties classified as threatened and the African penguin that is an endangered species. But the penguins also live beyond the U.S., so protection could be limited; from MSNBC.

Poinsettias Aren't Toxic to Eat

A new study in British Medical Journal reveals the age-old claim that eating poinsettias will kill you, isn’t true. Researchers determined even in large dosages poinsettias appear to be safe, but they still don’t recommend eating them; via HealthDay News.

Oh yeah, next they’re going to tell me Santa Claus isn’t real either! Now, if you simply must eat a holiday plant, consider a brussel tree instead.

Research: Healthy Breakfast, Healthier Diet

A new study in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests eating a healthy, low-calorie breakfast, like fruits, vegetables and whole grains, leads to a better overall diet than gorging on a high-calorie, unhealthy breakfast, like steak and eggs or doughnuts and pastries. Participants eating a healthy breakfast weighed less than people eating a calorie-heavy breakfast or no breakfast at all; Reuters reports.

Now, for a great breakfast try some Blueberry Nut Oatmeal, Healthy Pancakes or my chocolate pudding. I eat it everyday!


School Lunch Poor, But Could Teach...

In the fall, a report by the California Food Policy Advocates gave U.S. school food a failing grade, citing poor nutritional quality, i.e. kids aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables. And now, a new release from the Institute of Medicine, in Washington D.C., reveals school food provides more than half of a student's nutrient intake during the school day, making school meal programs the perfect vehicle for teaching children the importance of good nutrition; Reuters investigates.

But not all U.S. schools are devoid of good health and nutrition. Recently, schools like Anthony Elementary, Leavenworth, Kansas and South Elementary, Pinson, Tennessee, were praised for their efforts to get kids healthy, by opening onsite wellness centers and eating lunch in the classroom, to promote a family-like atmosphere.

Even Prince Charles wants kids to reconnect with healthy food.

Plastic: More Study Needed on Phthalates

Experts want the Environmental Protection Agency to conduct a risk-assessment on the potential dangers of phthalates, chemicals used to make plastics soft and flexible, for things like toys, food packaging and medical devices. Currently, animal studies indicate phthalates may decrease testosterone levels in males and heighten risk of liver cancer. And many phthalates have already been banned in Europe for nearly a decade; via Reuters.

Bisphenol-A or BPA is another harmful chemical found in plastic drawing heavy scrutiny.

Eating to Live on the Outside: Cru

It snowed in New Jersey this week. Making me desperate for nice weather! That’s why Eating to Live on the Outside is taking a mental trip to Cru, in sunny Los Angeles, California.

And Cru serves up a lot of good stuff. So, after going through the menu, here’s a list of stuff I’d consider stuffing my face with. Take a look:

Mezze Platter

  • Cucumber tzatziki, beet, apple salad, fig pate, cashew cheese, flax crackers and garlicky kale; provided the tzatziki is dairy-free, it’s very cool!

Deep Green Salad

  • Marinated kale, avocado, tomatoes, sprouts, sunflower seeds and chili lime dressing; sounds great, but I’d order the dressing on the side.

House Salad

  • Field greens, avocado, tomato, cucumber, cilantro, sunflower seeds and chili lime dressing; same deal, dressing on the side.

Strawberry Cucumber Mint Salad

  • Field greens, strawberry, cucumber, mint and lemon poppy seed dressing; again with the dressing.

Yellow Thai Curry

  • Creamy coconut curry and julienned veggies; just as long as there is no dairy.

Pesto Wrap

  • Cashew cheese, pesto, cabbage, field greens, onions, cucumber, sprouts and Caesar dressing wrapped in a collard leaf with sweet potato chips; the pesto might have oil, but I can deal with it and I’d ditch the chips and order dressing on the side.

Greek Wrap

  • Avocado, cucumber, tzatziki, alfalfa, field greens, olives, mint and red onions wrapped in a collard leaf with sweet potato chips; I’d pass on the chips and olives.

Channa Masala

  • Indian chickpea stew over quinoa; hard to beat that combination.

Pumpkinseed Walnut Chorizo Wrap

  • Sautéed bell peppers, pumpkinseed, zucchini, onions and chorizo, wrapped with field greens, tomatoes, avocado and cilantro in a collard leaf; certainly a lot of cool stuff, veggie chorizo sounds interesting, I might order this.

Sweet Potato Curry

  • Chickpeas, spinach, sweet potato, curry and tomatoes served with quinoa; sounds good, but it could be salty, I’d ask first.

Pan-Seared Kabocha Squash

  • Beets, walnuts, kabocha squash and basil over quinoa; I love beets!

Okay, Cru’s got some good mojo! But gun to my head, I’d order either the Deep Green Salad or the Pesto Wrap and I’d swap in a side of quinoa or daily greens instead of the chips.

Alright, I think Cru is Fuhrman-friendly, but what about you? Check out Cru’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Until then, eat powerfully! Peace.

Green-News: Friday 12.19.08

  • Wind turbines could harm crops. Stronger turbulence might make land surfaces warmer and dryer. But there are a bunch of proposed solutions, like determining the optimum space between turbines and integrating wind power with the natural kinetic energy cycle; ENN investigates.

Low-Carb Diets Make You Dopey

Despite the fads, “carbs” are not the enemy of health. Unrefined carbohydrates, like those in beans and fruit, are essential. According to Dr. Fuhrman, our brains are designed to run on carbohydrates. That’ll explain why new research in Appetite reveals eliminating carbohydrates, which are broken down into brain-fueling glucose, makes people more forgetful. Low-carb dieters actually preformed worse on memory-based tasks than participants on a reduced-calorie balanced diet; WebMD reports.

Michael Phelps Still Eats like a Slob...

Michael Phelps might be an Olympic stud, but the dude’s got a horrible diet, consuming 12,000 calories a day, gorging on fried eggs, mayonnaise and pancakes. But he told CBS it isn’t true, he only eats 10,000 calories a day, stuff like peanut butter cups and quesadillas. Eek!

Who knew Olympic champions eat like crap. Recently, Michael Phelps stopped by The Colbert Report and said he’s out of shape and gained a few pounds. But in January he’ll start training for the 2012 London Olympics. So he’s got 4 years to burn off all the mayo!

Via That’sFit.

Kids, Don't Eat Magnets

Be careful buying toys this year. First, a report came out claiming 1 in 3 toys contain toxins. And now, research in Pediatric Radiology warns parents to watch out for toys with magnets, because ingested magnets can stick to each other in kids’ bowels, leading to infection. The study calls for more warning labels and better publication education on the potential dangers; via HealthDay News.

Clearly, eating a magnet is not a good way to retrieve that nickel your kid swallowed.

Cancer More Lethal for Diabetics

A new study in Journal of the American Medical Association has determined people with diabetes who get cancer are more likely to die. Researchers examined studies involving 125,000 people from 10 countries. Revealing female diabetics had a 76% higher risk of death from uterine cancer, 61% higher risk for breast cancer and 32% higher risk for colorectal cancer; Reuters investigates.

Try preventing both diseases! Fruits and vegetables are potent cancer and diabetes fighters.

Green-News: Thursday 12.18.08

  • This year the Vatican will recycle its Christmas tree. At 33 meters, it’s the tallest tree ever displayed in St. Peter's Square in Rome. And instead of just chucking it into the wood chipper, the Vatican will use the wood from 120-year-old tree to make toys for poor children; Reuters reports.
  • The U.S. is now growing a lot of maize for biofuels. But experts insist the lack of crop-diversity is messing with bug populations. Meaning there are less insects to eat pests that harm crops. Maize fields attract fewer ladybugs to eat the aphids that damage soybeans; NewScientist explains.
  • We all assume temperatures are constantly on the rise, but according to a new report, 2008 was actually the 10th warmest year since 1850. But, without humans mucking up the climate we would have been 50% less likely to see a year as warm as 2008; The New York Times investigates.
  • Despite their bad reputation, Cuba is a leader in the “eat local” movement. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Cuba planted thousands of local gardens to make up for the lack of imported food, setting up urban gardens next to parking lots and even on city rooftops; via ENN.

Fruits and Vegetables Stomp Breast Cancer Risk!

A new study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology reveals breast cancer survivors who consume fruits and vegetables beyond current recommendations, more than 5 servings per day, had less risk of reoccurring tumors. Researchers claim estrogen causes many common types of breast cancer and eating lots fruits and veggies helps lower levels of harmful estrogen; Reuters reports.

Not exactly a new revelation, but still cool! Fruits and vegetables, such as kale, arugula, watercress, bok choy, broccoli and cabbage, have powerful anti-cancer effects, like halting the growth of breast cancer cells and inhibiting the progression of lung cancer. And, previous research has determined eating fruits and vegetables helps reduce men’s risk of colon cancer.

Also, earlier this month, a study showed fruits and vegetables help strengthen bones too.

Acetaminophen Linked to Asthma in Children

Infants given acetaminophen, a.k.a. Tylenol, have a higher risk of developing asthma later in life than kids not exposed to the drug. The study, published in The Lancet, claims infants given acetaminophen for fever during their first year of life, were 50% more likely to develop asthma-related symptoms at 6 or 7 years of age. Researchers also discovered an increased risk of rhinoconjunctivitis and eczema associated with acetaminophen; via Family Practice News.

Lack of Vitamin D Stunts Growth, Causes Weight-Gain

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is important. Not getting enough can cause depression and rickets. And now, a study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism has determined lack of vitamin D inhibits growth and leads to weight-gain in young girls. The shocking part is, scientists studied children living in sunny areas of California, which probably suggests kids aren't getting out enough; EurekAlert reports.

Via That’sFit.

Car Wrecks Hurt Heavier Kids More...

A new study in Injury Prevention shows overweight or obese children have an increased risk of sustaining injuries to their arms and legs during a car crash. The researchers examined 3,232 children, ages 9 to 15, injured in car accidents. Still,  experts are hesitant to say being obese means you’re more likely to be injured, but the higher risk persisted even when other factors were considered, like sitting in the front seat or not wearing a seatbelt; from The New York Times.

No doubt, this is a freak risk, but other, more conventional dangers of obesity include headaches, cancer, psychiatric disorders and heart disease. Moral of the story, keep yourself and your kids fit and healthy. Oh, and drive safely!

Green-News: Wednesday 12.17.08

Vitamins and Selenium Don't Prevent Prostate Cancer

Cancer is a disease. And according to Dr. Fuhrman, eating lots of high-nutrient foods protect against prostate cancer, namely fruits and vegetables, like watermelon, tomatoes, pomegranates, green vegetables, berries and figs. And avoiding harmful foods, like meat and dairy, help reduce men’s risk of prostate cancer. A healthy diet is key! Not just taking supplements and eating crappy food.

That’s why a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium don’t prevent prostate cancer. Researchers found that 35,533 cancer-free men, in their 50’s, who took selenium and vitamin supplements, several years later had the same risk of developing prostate cancer as men who received the placebo, Health Magazine investigates.

And similar research has shown simply taking vitamins C and E don’t ward off heart disease either.

Veggie Ink...

Now, I love fruits and veggies and I’ve got a bunch of tattoos myself. But I'd never go that far! However, if you think its a good idea, Eating Cleveland has more. Here’re my favorites:

All my tattoos are black, so maybe I could get an eggplant or a plum, but probably not. Oh, and girls. If you have tattoos, chances are I want to date you. Wink, wink.

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Panic Linked to Heart Disease

A new study in European Heart Journal has determined adults, younger than 50 years of age, diagnosed with panic attacks were 38% more likely to have a heart attack and 44% more likely to develop heart disease. But researchers also determined adults with panic attacks, of all ages, had a 24% lower risk of death from heart disease than the general population. This could be because people with panic disorders go to the doctor more frequently; Reuters reports.

FDA vs. EPA: Eating Fish During Pregnancy

Fish is polluted. Seafood like shark and tuna are loaded with mercury. And Dr. Fuhrman recommends expectant mothers avoid fish. But the Food and Drug Administration thinks the benefits outweigh the risk. However, the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t agree, calling this claim flawed and overly simplified. And some environmentalists say the FDA has become nothing more than a patsy for polluters; from the Associated Press.


Green-News: Tuesday 12.16.08

On Manager's Special 12.15.08


Slightly funky asparagus $2.84. I couldn't pass it up!



Great looking broccoli $0.84.



More awesome broccoli, still only $0.84.

Grand total, just $4.52.

I had to trim around some of the asparaugs, but most of it was great. And all the broccoli rocks!

Red Meat Boosts Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

An upcoming study in the January 22, 2008 issue of Circulation claims eating 2 servings of red meat per day increases risk of metabolic syndrome, a precursor to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, by 26%, but eating foods, like fruits and vegetables, lowers risk; CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta investigates.

You should add nuts to that list too! A recent study showed people consuming a Mediterranean diet with a daily serving of nuts, decreased their risk of metabolic syndrome by 13.7%. And other reports link red meat with cancer of the small intestine and heightened susceptibility to bacterial toxins.

High Heart Rate Linked to Obesity, Diabetes

A new study in the American Journal of Hypertension claims high resting heart rates may be associated with obesity and diabetes. Scientists split participants into 4 groups: heart rates of under 60, 60 to 69, 70 to 79 and over 80. Individuals with resting heart rates over 80 were 1.34 times more likely to be obese, 1.2 times more likely to develop insulin resistance and 4.39 times more likely to become diabetic; Reuters reports.


Kitten Demands Broccoli!

Alright, I’ve tried to amp up the quality of the blog. Lots of research, lots of news, lots information! But occasionally, something comes along that is just too freaking cute to ignore.

This noisy little kitten wants his broccoli, damn it! Num, num.

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Green-News: Monday 12.15.08

  • Mexico pledges to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050, making it one of the few developing countries to set such a goal. They’ll use solar power, wind power and other clean technologies to meet the mark. Officials hope other countries follow; via the Associated Press.

Oh, Brussel Tree...

No matter what holiday you celebrate. If you like vegetables, you’ll appreciate this holiday sentiment.

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25% of People Say No to Flu Shot

A survey of 4,000 adults revealed 53% of people would not get a flu shot this year and 25% of that said they did not need one. Unlike the CDC that recommends 85% of the population get vaccinated against the flu. Someone needs to use up the 146 million doses just sitting around; via Reuters.

The flu shot thing is mired in propaganda. According to Dr. Fuhrman, most people eating a nutrient-dense diet and practicing good hygiene can easily ward off flu cells. No need to set off a panic!

Genes Make Kids Eat Junk?

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine claims a gene-variant makes children more likely to eat junk foods. And in an experiment, kids with the gene consumed 100 calories more per meal. This can lead to over-consumption and weight-gain. However, since this trait does not affect metabolism, researchers insist the behavior can be worked on; HealthDay News reports.

We saw a similar situation yesterday, with research suggesting parents’ lifestyle can override children’s genetic risk of obesity. Not mention, parents’ exercise habits can rub off on their kids too!

Fertility Drugs Boost Cancer-Risk

Drugs used to induce ovulation increased the risk of uterine cancer in a group of women treated with them 30 years ago. Published in American Journal of Epidemiology, 5 women out of the 567 reportedly given fertility drugs developed uterine cancer, roughly 3 times the incidence in the group not given drugs. Research also revealed a small, but significant, increase in breast cancer, malignant melanoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma; NewScientist reports.

Eating to Live on the Outside: Lush

After another busy week of blogging, it’s finally Friday. Time to eat! And today, Eating to Live on the Outside we’re heading to Lush in Atlanta, Georgia. Not literally.

Looking at the menu, I dig it! It’s not perfect, but there are enough Fuhrman-friendly options to experiment. So, here’s what I might order:

Quinoa Tabouleh Salad

  • Quinoa, fresh mint, parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes and black olive oil; okay, quinoa rocks, but the olive oil might annoy you. I’m cool.

Roasted Red Beet Carpaccio

  • Red beets, baby arugula, red onion, fried capers and champagne vinaigrette; I’d nix the capers.

Steamed Butternut Squash Shuimai

  • Butternut squash, garlic herb butter, toasted pumpkin seeds and balsamic reduction; I like the squash, but I’d pass on the butter.

Wehani Wild Rice Salad

  • Wild rice, walnuts, dried cranberries, apples, celery, carrots and organic apple cider vinaigrette; the wild rice is a little iffy, but I’m okay with it.

Pan-Roasted Exotic Mushrooms

  • Mushrooms, asparagus, sweet corn, roasted garlic risotto, fried leeks and truffle oil; if the risotto is dairy-free I can handle it, but the fried leeks do give me pause.

Fire-Grilled Herb-Marinated Portabella Caps

  • Portabella mushrooms, roasted root vegetable farro, baby arugula, crispy salsify and thyme-infused garlic cream reduction; sounds free intriguing, hopefully they can ditch the cream.

Spicy Creole Vegetable Gumbo

  • Vegetables, basmati rice, golden crisped okra and warm corn bread; I’d skip the corn bread and the rice doesn’t bother me too much.

Szechwan Glazed Tofu

  • Tofu, red peppers, Vidalia onions and shitake mushrooms; pretty simple, sounds good.

Baby Argula, Endive, Melon and Stone Fruits

  • All that stuff and vanilla bean vinaigrette; quite an enticing combination.

Not a landside of food, but there’s plenty of good stuff! If had to pick, I’d go for Roasted Red Beet Carpaccio or the Steamed Butternut Squash Shuimai. I’m a sucker for roasted beets.

Okay, your turn! Check out Lush’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. It’s easy, just send an email or make a comment. Until then, eat mightily! Peace.

Green-News: Friday 12.12.08

  • Here’s more oceans news, according to a recent computer model, ozone depletion, i.e. holes in the ozone layer, is causing ocean acidification, resulting in weaker carbon sinks. The ocean is the earth’s largest carbon sink, soaking up 40% of the world’s greenhouse gas; from NatureNews.

Pollution is Shrinking Man, Parts...

Males of all species, from fish to mammals, are being feminized and not by reruns of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. According to a new report by the environmental charity CHEMTrust, a variety of common chemicals and pesticides are shrinking male genitals and causing abnormalities in the animal kingdom, like hermaphrodite polar bears and male fish developing eggs in their testes.

Scientists worry this could jump to humans too! Heavily polluted communities in Canada, Russia and Italy are already giving birth to twice as many girls than boys. And in the U.S. and Japan, research indicates 250,000 babies who would have been boys were born as girls instead. Female hormones from contraceptive pills reentering water supplies could be one reason why; The Independent reports.

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Obesity Risk: Family Lifestyle Equal to Genes

New research in the American Journal of Sociology claims to be the first study to illustrate that the link between parents and children’s bodyweight is social as well as genetic. Scientists determined parents’ weight did contribute to a child’s likelihood of becoming obese, but lifestyle choices, like physical activity and meals, also played an important role, specifically in teens; Reuters investigates.

Actually, I think Dr. Fuhrman beat these guys to the punch. “Setting an example supported by both parents is the most important and most effective way for your children to develop a healthy attitude toward food,” he explains. Not mention, a previous report shows when families reconnect at mealtime, children become more likely to eating healthy as adults and less likely to pick up bad habits.

Cancer Will Soon Cost Trillions

Yesterday, we found out cancer will overtake heart disease as the world’s number one killer by 2010, with 27 million cancer cases by 2030. And now, a new study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute reveals the total financial expense and human cost, i.e. the price of years of life lost, will reach $1.472 trillion in 2020, up from 2000’s $960.7 billion figure; via HealthDay News.


Green-News: Thursday 12.11.08

  • The European Union has a bright idea, phase out all low-efficiency light bulbs by 2012. This will include all incandescent and less-efficient halogen lamps with less than C-class efficiency, prompting a shift to compact fluorescents bulbs and higher-efficiency halogen; ENN reports.
  • Hewlett-Packard is also getting more energy efficient. Starting next year, they’ll roll out a line of “Enviro” batteries for laptops. Typical battery power declines after 150 chargers, but new lithium-ion batteries will retain an 80% charge, even after 3 years of use; CNet News investigates.
  • Putting prisoners to work is a good use of energy too! The Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York will allocate inmates to work in a $55 million solar module factory. The modules produced at this facility will be used in government installations; via CleanTechnica.
  • The United Nations has placed 21 new species on the endangered list. Cheetahs, manatees, 3 species of dolphins, Egyptian vultures and Mako sharks are among the animals in danger of extinction, officials blame over-fishing and inadequate conservation funding; the AFP reports.
  • Gwinnett County, near Atlanta, Georgia, will start fining residents $500 for failing to recycle. The county Commission Chairman said the move is in line with state policy to reduce solid waste by 25%. They’ll be targeting people who abuse waste removal; via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • If the U.S. stiffens on carbon regulations and greenhouse gas emissions, consumer products could face ecoflation. Basically, the cost of manufacturing and transporting goods will rise and earnings will drop, requiring companies to improve production or charge more; Reuters reports.

Buying Toys, 1 in 3 Toxic...

Santa better be careful this year! The Ecology Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan reveals 1 in 3 toys contain toxins like lead, arsenic and flame retardants. Researchers tested more than 1,500 popular toys and found one-third have medium or high levels of harmful chemicals; CNN reports.

And last year, Curious George dolls with high lead-levels were discovered, as well as bedroom slippers and bath toys. So, if you’re not shopping for toxic toys, some safe toy buying tips would be not buying toys with rigid points or parts that shoot off and avoid toys that break easily.

Chicken Trucks Spread Bacteria!

A new study in the Journal of Infection and Public Health reveals poultry carriers leave behind a trail of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, putting motorists and individuals living along roads where chicken is transported at risk. Strains of the Enterococcus bacteria, which is harmful to human health, were collected off of test cars after driving behind poultry trucks; The Baltimore Sun reports.

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Cancer to Top Heart Disease in 2010

According to the 2008 World Cancer Report, cancer will surpass heart disease as the leading killer in the world by 2010. Estimates forecast 27 million people will have cancer by 2030, resulting in 17 million deaths annually. In addition to smoking, experts blame the spread of the Western lifestyle, i.e. poor diets and lack of exercise, for cancer’s increase; via HealthDay News.

Obesity Linked to Headache Risk

Nothing can ruin your day like a bad headache. And now research in Cephalalgia claims obesity may increase the likelihood of having severe headaches and migraines. The study examined 7,601 adult men and women, 65% of which were overweight or obese, and after 3 months, 15% of men and 28% of women reported having more headaches; Reuters reports.

Other obesity links include cancer, heart disease, miscarriage and thyroid inflammation.

Green-News: Wednesday 12.10.08

  • A cruise ship has run aground on Antarctica's western peninsula. The passengers and crew were rescued but officials fear the vessel may be leaking unknown amounts of oil. This could cause long-lasting damage the pristine channel and local environment; via National Geographic News.

Eating Nuts Cuts Metabolic Syndrome

A new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine claims a Mediterranean diet plus daily servings of nuts helps older heart patients manage metabolic syndrome. Of the two groups assigned a Mediterranean diet, the individuals eating nuts lowered their prevalence of metabolic syndrome by 13.7%, but the people told to consume olive oil only reduced their risk by 6.7%; HealthDay News investigates.

According to Dr. Fuhrman nuts, and seeds, are a natural part of the human diet. And nuts protect against heart disease and help lower cholesterol. But the Mediterranean diet is outdated. Back in the 1950s people eating the Mediterranean diet consumed a lot of saturated fat, primarily olive oil, but they also did manual labor. But now, with the help fast food, many people in the Mediterranean are fat just like us!

Alien Potato

That spud weighs nearly 25 pounds! A 56-year old farmer in Lebanon unearthed the monster. Grown naturally, without any chemicals, the man hopes it'll get him in the Guinness Book of World Records; the AFP reports.

Actually, insane fruits and veggies pop up all the time, like 600-pound pumpkins, watermelons auctioned for over $6,000 and crazy people that think they’ve grown a strawberry inside a tomato

Prince Charles Says Educate Kids about Food

Speaking at an event for better school food, Prince Charles blamed junk food for kids’ bad behavior and disconnect with nature:

"Over the last 40 years it would appear we have created a whole generation, the parents of the children you teach, whose understanding of where food comes from and how it is produced is severely limited. And it is causing real harm.


"It is about rescuing today's generation of over-industrialized children, about instilling in them a life-long appreciation of food and the way it is produced and reconnecting them with nature," he to told The Daily Mail.

Actually, despite his absent-minded reputation, Prince Charles is staunch advocate for both healthier food and a greener environment.

Via CalorieLab.

Bad Luck of the Irish, Pork...

The Irish government has recalled all domestic pork products. Laboratory testing of pig meat revealed the presence of dioxins, with levels 80 to 200 times the safe limits, long-term exposure to dioxins can cause cancer and other health problems. Officials believe the Irish pork reached 20 to 25 countries and animal feed contaminated with fuel is being blamed; Reuters reports.


Green-News: Tuesday 12.8.08

  • Experts worry that converting food crops into fuel crops will inflate world food prices. So now biologists recommend converting saltwater plants into worry-free biomass. This would also open up large expanses of land not previously suitable for agriculture; Wired Science reports.
  • The term “clean coal” is all the rage. But an environmental group, backed by Al Gore, is launching a campaign against clean coal, claiming there is no such thing as clean coal and no coal-burning plant in the U.S. captures its global warming pollution; The Washington Post investigates.

On Manager's Special 12.8.08


Good looking apples $1.72.



Dark and mysterious beets and turnips $0.76.



And tomatoes only $2.00.

Final total, just $4.48.

Marked down produce is awesome. Go see for youself!

Your Doctor Doesn't Exercise

At my gym there’s an obese doctor. He’s a sweet old guy. But I can’t imagine taking health advice from him. And new research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine claims only 21% of doctors get the recommended amount of exercise. They blame lack of time, no motivation or lack of workout facilities. Even those with on-the-job gyms failed to exercise; from Health Magazine.

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Happiness, it's Spreading!

You may want to make nice-nice with the bubbly lady in your office now. Because according to a new study in the British Medical Journal happiness is contagious. Researchers reveal people with the most social-connections, like friends, spouses, relatives and neighbors, were the happiest and if your social-contact is also happy, you are 15% more likely to be happy; Reuters reports.

How Not to Get Your Minerals...

It might look like food. But those are actually all sorts of rocks and gems. And it’s a horrible way to get your vitamins and minerals. Ouch!

Now, while I appreciate the artistic vision, it’s not nearly as awesome as last week’s fruit and veggie masterpieces.

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Green-News: Monday 12.8.08


Wine in the Sippy Cup!

Editor’s Note: Someone from Dr. Fuhrman’s member center couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw a young child being served alcohol at Thanksgiving dinner. Dr. Fuhrman responds.

  • Member

"My nephew is 22 months old. And at dinner his uncle poured red wine into his cup for him to drink. It was a decent-sized serving. The child's mother is very lazy about nutrition and didn't care at all if her son drank wine. He drank it all and became very flushed in the cheeks and was obviously feeling the effects, based on his behavior. They thought this was funny and harmless.

I know this is a no-brainer, but they think that such small amounts are no big deal. I want to be able to say convincingly that yes, a little bit can hurt! I didn't see anything about this in your book, which I assume is because it's so painfully obvious and shouldn’t needed to be covered."

  • Dr. Fuhrman

"It is a crime to serve alcohol to a young child and is considered child abuse. This is not funny because many children each year are admitted to the hospital in a coma from one drink. Their small bodies and underdeveloped livers do not metabolize alcohol well and respiratory depression, hypoglycemia, unconsciousness and death can ensue. One in five admissions for childhood alcohol consumption report significant brain damage that could have permanent negative effects.

Parents need to be vigilant at parties. They need to keep an eye on their young children so they don't inadvertently pick up an alcoholic drink, thinking it is soda, which is bad enough. Adults who give alcohol, marijuana and other drugs to children should be reported. When this occurs the child is usually removed from the home and placed in protective custody.

Print this out and give it to the people who witnessed this. You are not helping anyone by letting this happen in front of you and the whole lot of you could have spent the night in jail if anyone anonymously called the police. I would have knocked the cup out of the toddler's hand. Maybe you should invite me over at your family's next get together."

Fruits and Vegetables Keep Bones Strong!

Dr. Fuhrman explains that diets high in animal products and low in fruits and vegetables weaken bones. And a new study seems to agree. Research in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reveals eating a lot of protein and grains produces excess acid, causing calcium excretion, hurting bones, but diets rich in fruits and vegetables help strengthen skeletal health; via NewsWise.

Pig Poop into Power...

Bacon doesn’t grow on trees. In fact, rearing just 300-grams of pork sucks up 1,440 liters of water and only 6-ounces of pork spews 1,108 grams of carbon, not to mention meat’s hefty fuel cost and disease-promoting effects. That’s why a group of eco-conscious farmers are cutting emissions by cooking the poop from their 3,000 pigs. It captures methane and can provide electricity to the local grid; The New York Times investigates.

Exercise Soothes the Savage Kids

According to a new study in Pediatric Exercise Science not only does exercise help obese kids get fit, but being active reduces anger and aggressiveness. Researchers believe exercise puts kids in a better mood and gives them a sense of self-control; Reuters reports.

Everyone should exercise, especially kids. Previous studies show teenagers in particular, skimp on the fitness. So, inspire them! The NFL has its Play 60 campaign, music makes working out more fun and if parents exercise, kids are likely to follow.

Green-News: Friday 12.5.08

  • Toronto has gone hardcore against plastic. No more water bottles at city hall and an eventual city-wide ban in 2 years. Then starting in June they’ll be a 5 cent fee on plastic shopping bags. And by 2011, hard plastic takeout food containers will be banned too; GreenSpace investigates.
  • Barack Obama plans on making the Whitehouse green. After he takes office he will sit down with the chief usher of the presidential mansion and discuss its energy efficiency. He’s doing it because it wants to show the country that going green is not hard; from the Associated Press

Doctors to Disclose Industry Ties...

Last year, The Los Angeles Times reported pharmaceutical companies spend $19 billion a year to woo doctors, dwarfing the $5 million spent on direct advertising to consumers. Some claim this interferes with the doctor-patient relationship. It might be. In 2006, U.S. customers bought $279-billion worth of prescription medications and 80% of that was brand-name products.

This sort of thing happens a lot. Like when Atkins funds a study saying Atkins is good for you. But the Cleveland Clinic is bucking the trend. The hospital has announced plans to disclose business relationships that any of its 1,800 staff doctors and scientists have with drug companies and device-makers, the first prominent medical center to do so; The New York Times investigates.

CT Scans Boost Cancer Risk

Scientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston have determined up to 7% of patients from a large U.S. hospital system had been exposed to enough radiation from CT scans during their lifetime to increase their risk of cancer, up 1% from the baseline cancer rate. Researchers warn against continually scanning cancer patients that have cured their cancer; via Reuters.

Not a new concern. According to Dr. Fuhrman, other radiation scans, like mammograms, also up cancer-risk. Claiming, “The younger you are when the mammograms are performed, the greater the risk of radiation-induced cancer.” He explains that mammograms have become a multibillion dollar industry, how they provide false hope and the role of vested-interests in cancer treatment.

Surviving the Supermarket

The supermarket is a treacherous place. Plenty of fruits and veggies, but wall to wall candy, cookies, bacon bits, chips and soft drinks too. So, when shopping, resist temptation. Try leaving kids at home, shoppers with kids buy 40% more groceries and avoid big shopping carts, people buy 30% more stuff when pushing around a giant cart; from Parade Magazine.

Via That’sFit.

Obese Kids Risk Thyroid Inflammation

All kids should run around like that. Because according to a new study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism obese children may be damaging their thyroids. Researchers found an association between body mass and thyroid hormone levels, suggesting that excess fat could alter thyroid tissue, causing weight-gain, but more studies need to be done; Reuters reports.


Green-News: Thursday 12.4.08

  • Nuns of the Conventus of Our Lady of Consolation in the U.K. are going green, inspired by a saint’s vision of a world living in light. They’ll be moving into a solar-powered monastery with rainwater harvesting, woodchip boiler and other eco-innovations; The Guardian reports.
  • And more bad news, the Whitehouse has approved regulations allowing coal mining debris to be dumped into nearby streams and valleys. Environmental groups are upset, claiming this ruling will accelerate the destruction of mountains, forests and streams; The New York Times explains.
  • At a U.N. conference on climate change in Poland, environmentalists criticized the U.S. and other rich nations for not making commitments to curb greenhouse gas emissions. And speakers cite a lack of trust between the developed and the developing word; The Associated Press reports.
  • Back to coal, Greenpeace activists were briefly arrested in Denmark for attempting to board a cargo ship carrying South African coal to Denmark. Protestors contend it’s outrageous that a small country like Denmark burns 8.3 tons of coal every year; the AFP investigates.
  • Here’s more protesting. This time 10,000 German metal workers came out against the European Union’s plans to combat climate change, which they feel will hurt their industry. Last year 27 members of the E.U. agreed to a 20% reduction in emissions by 2020; more from the AFP.

On Manager's Special 12.3.08


A bunch of onions $1.25.



Slightly banged up bananas $0.42.



And 6 pomegranates for only $3.00!

Grand total, just $4.67.

Those onions will last me a month, bananas are always cool and pomegrantes. Awesome!

Drug Marketing Puts People at Risk!

A new study in the British Medical Journal claims quicker FDA approval for drugs and sophisticated marketing may put people at risk of dangerous side-effects. Drugs approved closer to deadline were more likely to be withdrawn or given stronger warning labels later on. And advertising masks the lack of long-term testing for a drug's rarer complications; Reuters investigates.

Stop Diabetes, Get Kids Doing Yoga

India has the most diabetes worldwide, with 41 million cases in 2007 and an estimated of 70 million by 2025. Officials blame modern life and inactivity. That’s why India’s health minister wants to make Yoga mandatory for all school-going children; Reuters reports.

In addition to a healthy diet, Dr. Fuhrman insists exercise is an integral part of diabetes-prevention and previous reports agree. Now, Yoga is phenomena exercise! It’s awesome for your abs, helps reduce stress and can aid in breast cancer recovery. So, go get bendy!

Cut Fat, Add Salt?

Salt is unhealthy, it ups hypertension and stroke-risk, but yet, it’s in everything, from bagels to breakfast cereal. And in this video, Dr. Fuhrman’s friend, Jeff Novick MS, RD, LD, LN, explains that after cutting the fat in many foods. Food producers increased the salt, to make it taste better.

And experts at Consumer Reports concur. "Our analysis found that lower-fat products might be higher in sodium. That's in part because when fat is taken out of full-fat foods, sodium is sometimes used to compensate for flavor," Jamie Hirsh, associate health editor, told Reuters.

Green-News: Wednesday 12.3.08

  • Wind power might change the weather. Using a computer model, scientists determined a mega wind-farm from Texas to central Canada and the Great Lakes to the Rocky Mountains, on the average, lowered wind speeds by 2-3 meters per second; Discovery News investigates.
  • Our energy demands show no signs of slowing down. Leading researchers to believe that even if we switch to clean power, all the heat generated from our energy needs might still cause the planet to warm up, despite the reduction in greenhouse gases; NewScientist reports.
  • Rainforests soak up carbon emissions. But they’re being chopped down in order to grow biofuels. Here’s the problem, a new study has determined the benefit of using this land for biofuel wouldn’t show up for 75 years. Meaning forest conservation is more eco-friendly; TreeHugger explains.

Don't Stuff Kids with Milk and Meat! --UPDATE--

According to new research in the Journal of Pediatrics feeding children lots of meat and dairy products build stronger and healthier bones in adolescence. Claiming children eating 2 servings of dairy and 4 or more servings of meat a day had denser bones as teens; Reuters reports.

Bad idea! Kids already eat too much milk and meat. Over time, children, specifically girls, eating a lot meat and dairy products go through puberty sooner, increasing their risk of breast cancer later in life. Not to mention dairy is linked to heart disease and meat to prostate cancer.

Getting plenty of vitamin D is important to bone health. So is exercising. Also, calcium is not restricted to cow juice. Plant foods like flaxseed and quinoa and leafy greens like bok choy, turnip greens, collard greens, kale and romaine lettuce are packed with calcium. Phooey to milk!

UPDATE: Dr. Fuhrman got fired up over this study. His thoughts:

This article must have been interpreted by the animal food industry. The facts are as follows.

It did not show denser or healthier bones in children eating more meat, milk and cheese; it showed kids who eat more animal products are bigger with larger BMI’s. If you are bigger your body’s mass of muscle, bone and fat are bigger too, everything enlarges. So they had bigger bones, not denser or healthier bones, but that we already knew. This is bad, not good; researchers have well established that kids who eat more animal products get bigger and die younger.

Our population is getting bigger, maturing earlier, aging earlier, getting sick sooner and dying younger. Size does not equate with health. A recent study tracking over one million girls for 25 years showed those who were taller and heavier had drastically increased risk of ovarian cancer. And breast cancer is linked to increased size, early maturity and early puberty too. The same heightened cancer risks have been shown for males. Those with the highest body mass have dramatically increased risk of early life death. In fact, an important study showed football players in the largest BMI category (linebackers) had six times greater risk of early life death that those in the lower category.

Overeating animal products in childhood is the main reason for our world’s explosion in cancer incidence in this century. The mantra should be, “Eat to get bigger, die younger.” I discuss more studies in my book Disease-Proof Your Child. Understanding these scientific studies is a must read for every person in America. It is the only way we will ever win the war on cancer.

Veg Imitates Art...

Artist Ju Duoqi uses fruits and vegetables to recreate famous pieces of art. You’re looking at Liberty Leading the Vegetables. Other masterpieces include:

Okay, this is pretty freaking cool!

Via Serious Eats.

Fight Obesity, Diabetes: More Parks and Safer Roads

By 2025, diabetes will likely surpass 380 million cases worldwide, exacerbated by obesity rates, which show no signs of slowing down. World health experts are calling for action:

It's the responsibility of governments to enable populations to create the conditions where (healthy) lifestyle is an easy choice rather than something that's very difficult to achieve," Gojka Roglic of the World Health Organization's diabetes program told Reuters.

If you don't have a park to walk in, if the traffic is too dangerous, then people won't be encouraged to walk or ride bicycles. Or if there is crime and someone will kill you for your bike, then you won't be encouraged to cycle."

Some governments have already answered the call. New York City’s calories-on-menus law, Japan measuring waistlines and a town in Italy paying people to lose weight.

More Trouble for Depressed Heart Patients

Heart attack sufferers are 3 times more likely to be depressed. And a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reveals depressed heart patients can face more heart trouble because they’re likely to take up unhealthy habits, such as not exercising enough and smoking; Reuters reports.

Green-News: Tuesday 12.2.08


Bowel Cancer: Brits Eating Less Processed Meat...

In lieu of reports linking processed meat with cancer, specifically bowel cancer, British consumers are now eating less meat. Of the 2,124 people surveyed 11% said they were trying to reduce foods like bacon and 26% reported eating more fruits and vegetables; via FoodNavigator.

Meat takes longer to digest. As it sits in the gut, it promotes prolonged exposure to carcinogenic compounds found naturally in meat. Now, on the flipside, fruits and vegetables reduce the incidence of cancer, like colon cancer, because phytonutrients protect the body against disease!

Eggs Boost Diabetes Risk...

Eating eggs may increase type-2 diabetes risk. A new study in Diabetes Care claims men consuming 7 or more eggs per week are 58% more likely to develop type-2 diabetes and women are 77% more likely; from MedPage Today.

“The combination of being overweight and eggs, likely the cholesterol, do something to either impair pancreatic function or impair glucose tolerance,” explains Dr. Fuhrman. And initially this research found eating 7 or more eggs a week increased death-risk in men.

Your Boss, a Pain in the Heart!

We’ve all had crumby bosses. I know I have! Lucky for me, Dr. Fuhrman isn’t a curmudgeon. Because a new study in Occupational and Environmental Medicine claims an incompetent supervisor can increase risk of angina, heart attack and death in employees; HealthDay News reports.

Via HealthandMen.

Processed People...

Coming out this month, Processed People is an in-depth documentary discussing the state of American food and health. Explaining why some many of us are sick and dying from preventable chronic diseases.

It features interviews with leading health and nutrition experts, like Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD; Jeff Novick MS, RD, LD, LN; author John Robbins and Dr. Fuhrman.

Check out the trailer at ProcessedPeople.com. I'll be hitting up Dr. Fuhrman for a free copy!

Green-News: Monday 12.1.08

  • The Bush Administration has issued a request to state governments. Tell us how much you don’t want us to regulate emissions. Current provisions will establish a mandatory limit on carbon dioxide, the Whitehouse feels this is a bad idea; via The Washington Post.