Diabetes Drug Linked to More Factures in Women

Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, scientists claim the drug thiazolidinedione, used to control type-2 diabetes, raises fracture risk in women by 45%. In two case studies women who refilled more than eight prescriptions for rosiglitazone or pioglitazone, derivative drugs of thiazolidinedione, had 2.5 times higher risk of facture than women not using the drugs. Data showed evidence of bone wasting among women using thiazolidinediones, such as a 1.11% loss of bone density at the lumbar spine and 1.24% at the hip; Med Page Today investigates.

As of 2007, diabetes has affected 246 million people worldwide, an epidemic worse than the death toll from AIDS, so literally all the drugs in the world aren’t helping. Diet is a far more effective approach, eating lots of healthy foods like green vegetables, beans and nuts has been proven to prevent and reverse type-2 diabetes.

Keeping your bones strong is important, especially as you age, it lowers risk of osteoporosis and bone breaks. In his DVD Osteoporosis Protection for Life, Dr. Fuhrman demonstrates exercises that strengthen muscles and promote bone density.

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Spacemen Need to Exercise Harder to Stay Fit in Space

Life for little green men isn’t easy. New findings in The Journal of Applied Physiology reveal astronauts floating around in space need tougher workouts. Typically, astronauts spend six months on an International Space Station and during this time, despite regular exercise, crew members can lose 15% muscle mass and 20% to 30% of muscle performance. Experts say by clinical standards this is a major loss of muscle, prompting them to recommend a balance of high-intensity resistance and aerobic exercise, in order to protect against the effects of a microgravity environment; Newswise reports.

If you’re zipping around in space or just sitting on the couch, exercise is important. According to Dr. Fuhrman staying physically active not only keeps you fit and trim, but improves your psychological function, by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. And resistance training is very important, in both men and for women it helps bolster bone density, which staves off osteoporosis and bone breaks.

In related news, all exercise, whether you are pumping iron or running cross-country, is helpful after a heart attack, increasing the amount blood vessels widen to allow for greater blood flow.

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