Interview with a Nutritarian: Ronnie

Ronnie is an amazing example of the dramatic results that nutritarian eating can have on the body.  Not only did he lose over 140lbs in one year and get his precarious health restored, but is now completely off $600 a month of medications!  You will be astounded by his remarkable recovery. Welcome to Onlyourhealth, Ronnie.

formerly obese male with his wife (before and after pics)

Tell us about yourself and the events that led up to getting your health back?

In 2005 I had open heart bypass surgery, and two years later I had three stents put into an artery. Soon after being released from the second hospitalization, I was still experiencing chest pain.  I typed “reverse heart disease” into an on-line search engine and discovered the web site of Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

At that time I weighed over 300 lbs and couldn’t perform even the simplest of tasks without shortness of breath and chest pain. I was getting affairs in order for my impending death, including preparing my wife to take over our business.   


How did you feel before committing to nutritarian eating?

I was always hungry and I felt lethargic all the time. My brain seemed to be in a continual cloud of confusion, and every joint in my body ached.


What’s happened to your body and how do you feel now?

I committed to Dr. Fuhrman's high nutrient diet-style on July 10, 2008.  During the first seven months I lost 110 lbs.  By July 2009, I had arrived at my ideal weight; a total weight loss of 140 lbs! 

After a couple weeks of nutritarian eating I had renewed energy and hope. I gradually lost all aches and pains, and toxic hunger completely disappeared. Each morning I woke up with vitality for the day.

My chest pains have completely ceased. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides have all been reversed to a healthy range. With Dr. Fuhrman’s careful oversight through Ask the Doctor on the Member Center of, I’ve been able to completely stop all medications. (Medications for blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood thinners and more.) As a result I’ve been able to save over $600.00 a month in out-of-pocket pharmaceutical expenses!    

Now I can:

  •         do heavy weight strength training 4 x week
  •         do interval cardio training
  •         play tennis
  •         ride a bike 

These are all activities I couldn’t even dream of doing two years ago! 

I’m no longer a patient that needs medications; I’m fit, healthy and well!

fit and healthy male

Ronnie, do you have any success tip(s) you’d like to share with others in their journey to health?

I highly recommend joining the Member Center of I couldn’t have done it without the lifesaving and valuable support from Dr. Fuhrman. He personally answered every question that I had along the way, and his continual guidance and oversight was always reassuring.

Also, don’t just read Dr. Fuhrman’s books, put them into practice!


Is there a final thought that you would like to share with anyone who is discouraged or has given up hope?

It’s always the darkest before the dawn. There is life in all of us if we will make the choice to live it! Nutritarian eating works! Don’t live your life always looking in the rearview mirror. Let the past be just that; the past. 

Our journey to optimal health is always in front of our eyes, and we sit at that intersection every new day. Go forward to freedom! Forget past failures and always keep your eyes on the prize of great health and vitality through excellent nutrition. 


I asked Ronnie’s wife, Peggy, if she had anything to add. She responded with the following note written directly to Dr. Fuhrman:

Dr. Fuhrman,

I want to add my note of appreciation to you for your hard work and devotion. I now have a new husband! 

Who can ever know how life can change? Over a year ago I was sure that Ronnie would not be with me much longer. Through his own doing, he was a prime candidate for a stroke or heart attack. Now, through his dedication and hard work, and the knowledge that you have given to him, he is not only (hopefully) going to live a long life, but he is living it to its fullest! His commitment to nutritarian eating is an inspiration to all of us.

None of this could have been possible without you.



  July 2008 July 2009
weight 300 lbs * 160 lbs
blood pressure

161/110 (on meds) *

115/70 (no meds)
waist 58" 34" *


41.5 (morbidly obese) 21.7 (healthy)
cholesterol 228 * 132
triglycerides 312 63
LDL 148 75
HDL   44

                                *Ronnie weighed more, but 300 lbs was his scale's limit.

                                * He now wears a size smaller in pants (30) than he did in high school (31)!

                                *300mg of Avapro and 200mg of Toprol for high blood pressure

                                * 20 mg of Lipitor for high cholesterol


Congratulations Ronnie!


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Stephanie's Two Month Progress Update

Stephanie began the journey to get her health back by following Dr. Fuhrman’s high nutrient diet-style on November 1, 2009. Now, two months later she is down twenty-seven pounds, has lost 6 inches off her waist, and is continuing to have more energy and stamina. If you are new to Onlyourhealth, click on the following links to read previous posts: Introducing Stephanie and Stephanie’s One Month Progress Update.

weight loss progression pictures of obese female

Stephanie, how do you feel now after two months of nutritarian eating?

I feel completely different as my energy and stamina are increasing everyday. I am also gaining confidence; therefore making it easier for me to be in public.


Have your cravings for eating between meals subsided?

YES!  Because I’ve learned to recognize true hunger, I know when I really need to eat and when I can hold off a while longer. Plus I’m now able to smell aromas that I've never smelled before!


How has the Member Center of helped you?

The Member Center has been invaluable to me!  I make it a priority to be on the Member Center at least once a day to post my struggles and victories, and to encourage others.  I feel totally at ease there because I know the members are people who have experienced the same things I am going through. They have showered me with their friendship, encouragement, affirmation, and accountability; and given me hope for where I can end up! Plus, it’s been so encouraging to ask Dr. Fuhrman questions anytime, and he answers each one personally.  His straightforward answers have been so helpful to me. I appreciate his honesty and how he has helped me put my priorities in their right place. Hands down, I wouldn’t have made it through the past two months without the Member Center of!

portrait of obese female

Have your children noticed a difference in you?

My 7-year-old said, “You look amazing! You are nicer and don’t yell as much.”

My 9-year-old said, “Your clothes are getting too big for you and things are fitting differently.” 

My 4-year-old said, “Your tummy isn’t as fat and your legs are getting ‘phinner.’ You are acting more better with us. I want to eat this way because it is ‘helffy!’”

My 7-year-old daughter, who is overweight, told me that she wants to copy everything that I do. All of my children are getting involved in planning meals, shopping and cooking with me. They are all super excited because we were given a gift to purchase a Vita Mix, and they can hardly contain themselves!


Do you have any success tip(s) that have helped you make it through the many temptations of the standard American diet; especially the last month of being inundated with holiday gatherings?

It has helped me to remember that much of the stuff I "think" I want to eat is really, really bad for me; and if I eat it, I’ll most likely end up back in the same place where I started. I NEVER want to be there again in my life.  I have also posted on the Member Center whenever I've had urges or cravings to eat unhealthy food (instead of eating it.) I’ve established this habit and it has been a tremendous tool to help me succeed.


  November 1 January 1
Weight 398 lbs 371 lbs
Waist 58" 52"
BP 140/100 138/84


Way to go Stephanie ~ keep up the great work!