Surgeon General Warning: Quitting smoking now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.

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A year ago I bought my first pack of cigarettes.  Yes, you read correctly. This mother of five made the big purchase.  The entire episode at my neighborhood gas station lasted no longer than four minutes, and it was the most pathetic thing that I've ever done in my life. Obviously, I had no clue of what to even ask for; my ignorance was obvious to all. I felt like I was robbing the place. I was paranoid that someone would recognize me, and kept looking over my shoulders to see if anyone I knew was lurking behind the candy counters.   

The cost was $4.71; and that was for the cheapest brand. I spent almost five dollars for something that ruins health. I immediately thought, “What a waste of money.” I quickly threw the cigarettes into my purse and scrambled out. 

Since childhood I'd been influenced by teachers, coaches, 4-H leaders, clergy, and various other leaders that smoking was wrong. It was totally out of the question if one wanted to be successful; not so much a health issue as a moral issue.  

However, this same conservative community saw absolutely nothing wrong with eating fried tenderloins, apple dumplings, and cotton candy at school carnivals; serving donuts and hosting all-you-can-eat potlucks at religious gatherings; or devouring BBQ sandwiches, taffy, and sno cones at the 4-H County Fair. They taught their values well. I didn’t become a nicotine addict.        

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A Dairy Queen treat averages $3.50. Add carbonated fountain drinks, and the evening indulgence can easily cost a family of five more than $30. According to statistics, two of those family members may end up developing diabetes on down-the-road. In today’s economy, that would cost one person ten or fifteen dollars a day just to manage insulin dependent diabetes. That number doesn’t reflect the cost of doctor visits, lab tests or hospitalizations due to complications from the disease.  In the next 24 hours 4,384 cases of diabetes will be diagnosed in America.1 Is eating for disease a negligent waste of money? 


Exploding Epidemic Set to Potentially Cripple our Healthcare System; Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Tops 40 percent of US Adults  by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. 


morals - ideal codes of conduct which are held to be authoritative in manner of right and wrong (Wikipedia)

By the way, I hid the cigarettes.  I sure didn’t want my kids to discover them in my purse!  That would certainly set a bad moral example for them, wouldn't it?

Don’t worry.  I’m never going to smoke the pack of cigarettes.  I only bought them to prove how psychologically brainwashed we’ve become that suicidal and self-destructive eating is the acceptable norm in our culture.   


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