Compliance gives the most pleasure out of life

For me, being 100% compliant to eating for health means following Dr. Fuhrman’s high-nutrient food plan (“GOMBBS” - greens, onions, mushrooms, beans, berries, nuts/seeds), stopping before full and eating only when truly hungry.

Following the food plan isn’t the hard part for me; the "stopping before full and eating only when truly hungry" is the hard part. The stopping before full habit has taken me the longest to retrain and develop. I actually feel about as miserable now when I'm full as I would if I ate processed fake foods; but it took much repetitive training, and many failures, over three years' worth, to get to this point.

Plus, eating as a social and recreational activity has been hard to change as it has been so engrained in me over the years. However, I'm now much more aware of how many times a day most of society eats as an activity. In fact, it's pretty sad. For instance just recently I attended a social gathering, and of course, just an hour or two after dinner, a snack was served. AND it wasn't just a snack, it was a mini-meal. As a culture, we celebrate eating (the verb form) just as much as the processed junk food version of it.

All in all, it does take a lot of effort, sweat and perseverance equity to retrain damaging habits.

However, I will continue to keep these health promoting habits an intentional part of my life. For instance, I don't desire to go back to the standard American diet foods, but I would like to sit down on occasion and just pig out on unlimited amounts of high caloric, nutritarian-friendly desserts without restraint.  However, I can't go there. I can't do that.  No way. It would open the door for more and more and more until I'd go right back into a binge eating addiction. Been there. Done that. Bought the plus size t-shirt and it was no fun. 

Junk food addiction and binge eating addiction are both were very damaging habits that I never want to develop again in my life. That's why I stay compliant. I know what would happen if I didn't follow the plan. 

In all reality, for me it's a "get to" . . . .not a "have to." 


  • I get to remain free from craving the standard American diet and binge eating!
  • I get to enjoy life without feeling miserably bloated, tired and depressed.

  • I get to enjoy wearing pretty clothes on hot summer days.

  • I get to ride a bike and enjoy the sights and smells of a fresh, spring morning in the country.

  • I get to wake up in the mornings refreshed and happy to be alive!

  • I get to live my life without ongoing endocrinology and cardiology appointments.

  • I get to save lots and lots of money by not needing to buy test strips and insulin. 

  • I get to live in no fear of ever having a heart attack in front of my kids. [Dr. Fuhrman told me that it would be impossible for me to have a sudden heart attack now.] 

  • I get to stay out of bypass surgical suites.

  • I get to be free from astronomically expensive and toxic pharmaceuticals. 

  • I get to sit in an airplane seat and not be encumbered by rolls of fat.  

  • I get to play with future grandchildren someday instead of sitting on the sidelines in a chair. 

  • I get to do all of this and more!

What a privileged opportunity we all get as a result of choosing foods and habits that give the most pleasure and quality out of life; knowing that we are supporting, not destroying, our health as we enjoy eating!




Changing America one city at a time

On a chilly Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago people were waking up to the sound of alarm clocks all over northern Indiana to attend an all-day Health Immersion at First Assembly in Fort Wayne. It was 7:45 am when I pulled into the church parking lot, and the atmosphere was charged with excitement as lines were already forming for when the doors would open at 8:00. The cold weather didn’t seem to deter anyone. Simultaneously, the catering company across the street was busy prepping 640 nutritarian box lunches to serve at noon. 


My hometown city, Fort Wayne, Indiana, made national news headlines this past fall. Besides earning the reputation several years ago of being one of the most obese cities in the country; in November we earned the title of being the second most artery clogged city of a metropolitan population over 200,000. Considering incoming flights into Fort Wayne International Airport are greeted with a cellophane wrapped cookie upon arrival, and we actually celebrate an annual summer festival with “Junk Food Alley”, it’s no surprise that our claim to fame is disease.

However, history was made on March 10th when Dr. Fuhrman spent an entire day covering topics such as “Core Concepts”, “Changing Perceptions of Hunger”, “Preventing and Reversing Hypertension, Heart Disease and Diabetes”, “Practical Tips”, “Super Immunity”, and answering personal questions. Myths such as the value of high biological protein, and needing doctors for protective heart health were demolished. Instead, a complete paradigm shift took place in the minds of participants as Dr. Fuhrman instructed how to obtain wellness and health through self-care and personal responsibility; not medical care. 

To be quite honest, when the idea was first suggested to invite Dr. Fuhrman to our city to speak about nutrition and health, some didn’t think very many would be interested in giving up a Saturday to learn about nutrition and wellness; let alone pay a fee to attend. When over 600 people registered for the event, minds were changed! AND even those who attended commented afterwards that they wish they would’ve invited their co-workers, neighbors, relatives, pastors, and entire churches; wanting Dr. Fuhrman to return so they can invite others next time! Needless to say, the catering company was inundated with positive comments also. The day was a huge success.  

Even in one of the most disease promoting cities in the country, people were desperate for Dr. Fuhrman’s message ~ he was welcomed with open arms. We may not have a Whole Foods Market in our city yet, or organic farmers’ markets on every corner, but we are changing! 

The change of one is a transformation. The change of many is a revolution. The revolution is definitely happening; one city at a time!   

  • For information about hosting an all-day Health Immersion with Dr. Fuhrman in your city please contact  


image credits; top picture by Steve Federspiel, nutritarian box lunches picture by Don Hall's catering; all others by Emily Boller 

Dr. Fuhrman interviews Michael Greger, M.D.

Michael Greger, M.D. is an author and physician specializing in clinical nutrition. He serves as the Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States, and most recently he has launched, where he posts information on the latest studies in nutrition research in the form of short video segments.

Dr. Fuhrman: Hi Dr. Greger, it is a pleasure to know you and see the terrific work you do. Can you tell my audience about your day job?

Dr. Greger: I am director of public health and animal agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States.  It is the largest independent animal protection organization in the world backed my 11 million Americans. I have been doing this for about 7 years. One of my proudest accomplishments was testifying before a congressional committee to reveal the public health implications of slaughtering downed cows for the federal school lunch program, which includes an increased risk of transmitting manure pathogens such as E. coli and Salmonella as well as mad cow disease.              

Dr. Fuhrman: What was your work in the field of medicine before taking on this important position with the Humane Society of the US and what spurred your interest in nutrition?

Dr. Greger: I did post grad studies in public health and then practiced as general practitioner.  However, I wanted to put a bigger dent in our health care mess, especially after seeing my grandmother suffer so much from her multiple bypass surgeries and then being sent home to die, wheelchair bound with crushing chest pain. My grandmother then became one of Pritikin’s earliest adopters and I watched her actually reverse her heart disease and get well.  She was able to live another 31 years after her terminal heart disease diagnosis to be 96, and enjoy her 6 grandchildren, including me.  In those days it was considered a miracle cure. Then in the early 1990’s after Dr. Ornish’s Lancet publication I really got more interested in the nutritional reversal of heart disease as it was still the number one killer disease in America. I thought, aren’t doctors supposed to heal people?  In medicine today this is the exception, not the rule. Most people go into medicine to make people better; certainly I realized that nutrition had to be the cornerstone of proper health care and made it my primary interest.

Dr. Fuhrman: How do you get so much done each day?  You accomplish important work for the Humane Society, yet you still speak, write and put out tremendous information about nutritional research? 

Dr. Greger: I don’t do it all myself. For example, I coordinate and supervise the work of 23 interns working there in Washington, pulling articles from scientific journals and reviewing the scientific literature for important studies.

Dr. Fuhrman:  Do you think some of the present vegan authors seem to hide from any science that may weaken their prior (sub-optimal) pronouncements on nutrition?

Dr. Greger: Yes, I have learned it's always best to seek out the primary sources to review them rather than rely on expert opinion. Too often we hear outdated information that is ego-based and supporting old theories that have been proposed. These include extremely low fat vegan diets, without nuts and seeds, or centering one's diet around white potatoes or white rice. This is just not the best science-based advice.

Dr. Fuhrman:  For example, I know you are aware that my work and findings with thousands of patients as well as that of David Jenkins in Toronto that show that my dietary advice designed to include a portfolio of the healthiest foods, outperforms those extremely low fat, high carbohydrate diet in many important health parameters. 

Dr. Greger: Well this is a vibrant changing field; we just can’t just come up with a hypothesis and only stick to the evidence that supports it and ignoring all the compelling data.  It is a disservice to the people that depend on you for proper information and some of those authors have done that. 

Dr. Fuhrman:  Do you agree with the 30-55 range for optimal blood level of Vitamin D or do you think the U.S. Institute of Medicine’s recent position that levels above 20 are sufficient?

Dr. Greger: I agree with you and think their conservative bias and continued recommendation to stick to only 400 IU is a big mistake.  We have to consider all the data and continue to monitor this. 

Dr. Fuhrman: What are you hopes for your website  Why are the most recent findings in nutrition so important to you?

Dr. Greger: I am hoping it will fill a niche in this nutritional debate, one that will give additional information in an easy to understand manner.  And given the proven power of good nutrition, I am convinced it is the answer to our health problems in America and it can have a beneficial effect on the health of the public in general.  It is important that people are not pulled in by nutritional scams and dietary fiction, and become unable to take control of their health.  There are tremendous negative influences by the junk food and meat and dairy industries–they have a tremendous stake in keeping a confused populace, eating unhealthfully and good science counters that.  

Dr. Fuhrman:  What small amount of animal products might be able to be consumed and still make a diet safe, have you thought about that? 

Dr. Greger: I don’t know for sure, but ideally as low as possible as long as we can make sure we have sufficient amount of all nutrients that might otherwise be sub-optimal. 

Dr. Fuhrman:  And what are those, what nutrients do you take?

Dr. Greger: I take algae-derived DHA and EPA, vitamin D, eat sea vegetables for iodine and of course make sure I ingest sufficient vitamin B12. 

Dr. Fuhrman: Thanks for the interview; obviously I am thrilled to have someone with your degree of scientific integrity to be in general consensus with and to have mutual efforts complement each other, in order to revolutionize the health of Americans.  It is a pity people are eating themselves to death, and still getting so many conflicting messages that serve to keep them confused, addicted and unhealthy.