Interview with the Mother of a Young Nutritarian: Gabriela

At one point Gabriela had almost come to the end of her rope trying to figure out a solution to her six-year-old son’s ongoing illnesses. She was tired of the repetitive trips to the emergency room and doctors treating his symptoms with inhalers and medications, all to no avail.  However, today she is one happy mother as her son now has his health and life back by following Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritional recommendations that she discovered on PBS last year. Welcome to Onlyourhealth, Gabriela.


What was your life like before discovering Dr. Fuhrman’s nutritarian eating-style?

My husband and I were at a breaking point! Our son, Kevin, was at the emergency room nearly every month, and we couldn’t take the stress any longer.

Everything we had to go through took a toll on our relationship, and it also affected Kevin’s childhood. He missed school often, and we didn’t take him anywhere, because we were afraid that he would get worse. It was hard to see our son suffer and not be able to do anything about it.


How did Kevin feel then?

I lost count of how many times we took him to the doctor, but he was ill all the time. The longest he went without getting sick was 5 days. He got ear infections, bad colds, reoccurring episodes of croup, and a cough that wouldn’t go away.  

One time Kevin had an episode in which he was coughing nonstop for weeks. It got to be so bad that his stomach would hurt from coughing so much.

He couldn’t run because he’d start coughing and have difficulty breathing whenever he got agitated. Therefore, he couldn’t play like the other kids when we went to the park.


How does Kevin feel now?

Many kids in Kevin’s class have been sick, but he is not affected anymore. He only had a runny nose that lasted for less than two days, and a mild cough that went away overnight. He hasn’t been sick or taken any medication since June of this year.



Do you have any success tips to share with others?

I wanted Kevin to eat more fruits and vegetables so I started to decorate his plates to make them look fun. One day I posted a picture on Facebook and everyone loved it so much that I created a special page where I post what I give to him every day for breakfast. [Click here]

Kevin loves the dishes I make for him, and this helped me turn mealtime frustration into happy memories. Now, he eats all the fruits and veggies he needs for the day.


In a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for Kevin and your family?

At last, Kevin can play and run as much as he wants; he can finally enjoy his childhood and be a normal kid, and we don’t have to worry about him getting sick anymore!


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Thank you Gabriela and Kevin for inspiring all of us to better health ~ keep up the great job!