Hotdogs Linked to Leukemia Risk

Last year, it was discovered processed meats and cheese speed up the growth of lung cancer tumors. And now, new research in BMC Cancer found children who consume cured meats, like hotdogs and bacon, were 74% more likely to develop leukemia. It’s believed nitrites, which build up in cured and smoked meats, amplify cancer-risk. Conversely, researchers suggest the potent antioxidants in vegetables and soy foods may help protect against cancer; Reuters reports.

Not surprising, Dr. Fuhrman considers processed meat, like luncheon meat, as one of the worst meat options available and discourages eating them, especially expectant mothers. Women who eat hotdogs while pregnant put their child at risk for brain tumors later in life.

And other research has shown diets high in saturated fat, i.e. meat, increase the progression of prostate cancer, while eating lots of fruits and vegetables stomps breast cancer risk!

Image credit: Bettnet

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Steve - January 30, 2009 11:14 AM

Hi Gerry
Just playing devils advocate here, but weren't the dangers of nitrites downplayed significantly in 'The China Study'. Or was that nitrates?

I definitely have no plans on returning to eating the deli meats, though.


Bea Elliott - February 12, 2009 1:24 PM

Oh goodness! Eating any "meat" at all is totally out of the question for me... all the health risks, environmental concerns, cruelty to animals, etc... Adopting a sustainable, plant based, vegan diet might be the best alternative for anyone wishing to address the many negative issues regarding "meat" consumption.

Stephen Phillips - September 9, 2009 2:45 AM

Yes it would seem until someone can make a buck for us not eating meat we will have the status quo. It is hard for many people under stress to make the change. My old teacher used to say if you live an unbalanced life it is hard to get by on a vego Diet. As a vego for 16 years I can testify that being vego is not only good for you but also the animals and the planet. I believe first we need to have people look at the greed that drives their lifestyle and then the shift will be easier. Hari Om
Great reading love the site

best acai berry - December 27, 2009 11:54 AM

Home cooking is the best way. Try to avoid the processed stuff if you can.

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