Vegetarians Have Less Cancer Risk than Meat-Eaters -- UPDATE --

New findings in the British Journal of Cancer reveal of the 60,000 Britons studied those who were vegetarian—half of them—had a lower risk of developing cancer, compared to meat-eaters. The research followed participants for 12.2 years, with 3,350 incidences of cancer. The number of meat-ears who developed cancer was 2,204 and 829 among vegetarians—only 317 fish-eaters got cancer. Overall, vegetarians were 12% less likely to get cancer; Medical News Today reports.

But vegetarian and vegan diets most often aren’t ideal. Dr. Fuhrman points out many vegans and vegetarians are often deficient in things like omega-3’s, found in fish. Dr. Fuhrman’s DHA Purity can help. It’s derived from microalgae and supplies plenty of brain-building omega–3 fatty acids.

In related news, animal fat was shown to raise the risk of developing pancreatic cancer, while leafy green vegetables—such as kale and cabbage—help fight and protect against cancer.

UPDATE: Dr. Fuhrman had some additional thoughts: 

A vegan diet can be ideal if well designed as can be a diet with a small amount of animal products, such as one or two servings a week. A nutritarian diet is designed to reverse disease and promote longer life, and features:

  • Adequate depth and variety of nutrient-rich natural foods
  • Limited animal products, but adequate ALA/EPA/DHA
  • Adequate whole food plant fats and proteins from seeds, nuts and beans
  • High intake of green and cruciferous vegetables
  • Careful attention to supplements or lab tests to assure no deficiencies are present with genetic variation of absorption and variable needs

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Mr. Curious - July 6, 2009 9:13 AM

This is an interesting study. I first read about it here which shows that some types cancer has a higher rate in vegetarians such as colon and rectum.

Here is the table with the actual results by each group

From what I know Cancer is very common disease. The best way to prevent it is to give your body the best nutrient dense food and drink pure water. Also keep known carcinogens away, especially from kids who are more vulnerable.

Sara - July 6, 2009 10:06 PM

Not surprising that meat eaters have more cancer.

Peter - November 6, 2011 7:14 PM

Some people justify their meat-eating habits like this:

"My grandfather lived to 90 and he ate a lot of meat. Vegetarians don't have cancer because they die to early to even develop it"

The thing is, how many people have you seen actually live to 90 years old? That's like saying Jeanne Calment smoked no more than 2 cigarettes per day from 21 to 117 years old, so that must mean smoking 2 cigarettes per day does hurt your health.

Peter - November 6, 2011 7:58 PM

And for all you paleos and meat-eaters, get this fact straight:

You need tools to kill animals and cook them. You don't need tools to eat vegetables, fruits, roots, or nuts. Maybe rocks to crack the nuts, but that's about it. So after X amount of years, the tools used to kill and cook animals were left behind with the fossils. Nothing that was used to cook plant foods was left behind because we only needed our hands to eat plants. This makes it seem as if we lived on a high-meat diet.

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