Joel Fuhrman, MD

Joel Fuhrman, MD is a board certified family physician specializing in nutritional medicine. He is the author of  , Disease-Proof Your Child , Eat For Health and New York Times Best Sellers Eat To Live, Super Immunity, and The End of Diabetes.

Dr. Fuhrman is also a former world class figure skater and member of the United States World Figure Skating Team. In 1973, he placed Second in the United States National Pairs Championships. In the World Professional Pairs Skating Championship in Jaca, Spain in 1976, he placed Third.

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Emily Boller

Emily Boller graduated magna cum laude from Eating Disorder University with a PhD in malnutrition. She's experienced first hand yo-yo dieting, binge eating disorder, and obesity; however today is completely free through embracing the nutritarian lifestyle.

She's a middle age, mother of five from Indiana, balancing multiple schedules, healthy meals, and personal self care.



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Deana Ferreri, Ph.D.

Deana Ferreri earned her Ph.D. in biomedical science studying cardiovascular physiology.  Over the course of her graduate work, she became interested in the links between diet and health, started reading the scientific literature on nutrition and also Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live, and experienced a transformation from sluggish-overweight-junk-food-vegetarian to lively nutritarian. 

Deana became so excited about the value of this information to benefit mankind that she then decided to leave the lab behind and sought to join Dr. Fuhrman’s team so she could help spread the word about the powerful effects of superior nutrition and the science that substantiates it.



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