More Problems with Multivitamins

A new report by discovered many multivitamins either contain significantly more or less of an ingredient than they claim and some are even contaminated with lead. Scientists tested several products, including three for children, and found many exceeded tolerable limits of certain vitamins, such as vitamin A, folic acid, niacin and zinc, which can cause health risks like liver damage and bone-weakening. And a vitamin water examined had 15 times the amount folic acid stated; Reuters reports.

Our society loves magic pills and we forget foods like fruits and veggies are loaded with healthful nutrients. For example, broccoli is packed with vitamin K, which fights prostate cancer. Eating seeds and nuts helps prevent type-2 diabetes. And greens like Bok Choy contain compounds that neutralize harmful free radicals and protect against cancer.

In related news, a recent study showed high-dose beta-carotene may raise lung cancer risk. That’s why Dr. Fuhrman’s multi does not contain things like isolated beta-carotene, vitamin A and copper, which have be linked to cancer, birth defects and liver problems.

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Folic Acid Pills Up Prostate Cancer Risk

Most people think vitamins are healthy. No questions asked. Not always the case. According to new research in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute daily folic acid supplementation may increase men’s risk of prostate cancer. The study showed men taking 1 mg of folic acid everyday had more than twice the risk of developing prostate cancer than participants taking a placebo. Experts examined data on 643 men, with an average age of 57.4. After ten years the cancer risk among supplement-takers was 9.7%, but only 3.3% for men taking the placebo; Med News Today reports.

Isolated beta-carotene isn’t the only thing that can increase men’s risk of prostate cancer. Eating too much meat messes with a hormones resulting in more prostate cancer, while foods like broccoli provide protect against prostate cancer. And in the past, a study of 300,000 men revealed men taking more than seven vitamins a week had double the risk of getting fatal prostate cancer, compared to men who never took pills.

Now, I’m not into hocking products, but this is relevant. Dr. Fuhrman has known about link between folic acid and prostate cancer for a long time, that’s why his daily vitamin supplement Gentle Care has no folic acid and no isolated beta-carotene. Isolated beta-carotene was recently found to raise lung cancer risk. Eek!

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Giant Freaking Carrots!

Okay, I’ve had success growing big tomatoes, but a 19-foot carrot. How the heck do you dig it up! Joe Atherton of Mansfield Woodhouse in Nottinghamshire, England, figured out how. He’s the Guinness World Record holder of the longest carrot ever recorded at exactly 19 feet and 1.875 inches. Wow!

Oh, the other carrot was found at a supermarket in Tokyo, Japan. It’s packed with an extra big load of beta-carotene. And can be used to thwart burglars! Bugs Bunny is moaning with ecstasy.

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Human Torch Turned Green, Gives Up Veggies...

I don’t like the Fantastic Four. They’re too wimpy for me. I’m a Batman guy. So it didn’t surprise me when the Human Torch, aka Chris Evans, star of the new movie Push, quit being veggie after his friends said he was turning green. Evans, who’s normally very pale, said he went vegetarian because a girlfriend convinced him it was the way to go, but soon after they broke up, plus the razzing of friends, he went back to burgers; via Ecorazzi.

Sparky also complained he was getting too skinny. But he was probably eating a lot of junk. Just not eating meat, doesn’t make your diet is healthy. Vegetarian junk foods, like processed soy meats and sweets, aren’t good. As for the color change, if you eat a lot of veggies you may get a little yellow, due to beta-carotene, but green? I think not.

Now, Batman star Christian Bale might be hot-tempered and a tiny bit crazy, but the dude’s ripped, not green and vegetarian. So man up flame boy!

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