Cutting Alcohol, Meat and Smoking Lowers Colon Cancer Risk

Geez, I know people who do all three—in one sitting! If you know someone like this too, show them this.

New research in the International Journal of Cancer suggests lifestyle changes—such as eating less red meat, not smoking, avoiding alcohol and exercising—may lower your risk of colon cancer.

Scientists analyzed 100 studies on colon cancer risk, finding that high intake of red and processed meats, smoking, obesity and diabetes were associated with a 20% increased in the risk.

As for alcohol, people averaging one drink or more each day had a 60% higher risk of cancer. However, people who exercised regularly were 20% less likely to develop colorectal cancer.

Makes sense! Especially since last week a report came out saying vegetarians—i.e. people who don’t eat meat—have less cancer than meat eaters.

And previous findings reveal smoking and drinking heighten risk of bowel cancer, but eating fruits and vegetables, protect against cancer. Sweet!

Via Reuters.

Image credit: ilovedthecoffee

Kids, Don't Eat Magnets

Be careful buying toys this year. First, a report came out claiming 1 in 3 toys contain toxins. And now, research in Pediatric Radiology warns parents to watch out for toys with magnets, because ingested magnets can stick to each other in kids’ bowels, leading to infection. The study calls for more warning labels and better publication education on the potential dangers; via HealthDay News.

Clearly, eating a magnet is not a good way to retrieve that nickel your kid swallowed.