Dr. Fuhrman Talks Eat For Health on "Returning to the Body Mind"

Last week, Dr. Fuhrman was on “Returning to the Body Mind” with Dr. Melissa West, an internet radio show focusing on mind over matter and remembering the importance of health as the foundation of personal growth. Dr. Fuhrman explains why he wrote Eat For Health and why it appeals to so many people.

When I wrote Eat For Health I addressed all physiological, social and other myths people perpetuate in their minds that makes them think they can’t eat a healthy diet. I wrote Eat For Health to achieve a higher turnover, meaning for the people who read there will be a higher percentage of people who feel they can actually do it.

And with that, working with gourmet chefs to make it so phenomenal and so gourmet that I can give these Eat For Health books out to corporations, to people who aren’t even interested in health and they can read this and be convinced and feel when they do it they’re going to get results.

You can listen to whole show on “Returning to the Body Mind” on Contact Talk Radio.

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Introducing Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Additions

Looking for healthy convenience in a fast food world? The choices are typically limited and compromised with high sodium and fat while offering little substance. I have created 3 high nutrient products to make healthy eating convenient, great tasting, and satisfying!

VitaBeanaVegaMin Soup

  • Contains the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and phytochemicals from carefully selected, natural, nutrient-rich foods. These disease-fighting foods may be the most powerful medicine to extend human lifespan and to prevent cancer, heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Supreme Greens

  • Kale and mustard greens are two cruciferous vegetables loaded with disease-protecting nutrients. Supreme Greens combines kale and mustard greens with a creamy tomato-cashew sauce for a delicious dish that tastes great.

Moroccan Chickpea Stew

  • This flavorful, sweet and spicy stew is distinguished with a mix of both light (Kabuli) and dark (Desi) chickpeas. Desi chickpeas have markedly higher fiber content. The combination adds a mild, nutty-flavor to the vegetable stew to offer heart-healthy nutrients and a powerful protein punch.

Scientific studies reveal colorful, natural foods contain thousands of health protective nutrients, including phytochemicals, which are essential for excellent health. All of my Healthy Additions products contain a variety of phytochemical filled natural plant foods to create the healthiest and most nutritious products that also taste great.

Each can is like a meal by itself, packed with hearty ingredients, nutrients, and flavor! Visit www.DrFuhrman.com/HealthyAdditions to learn more about Healthy Additions. Stay tuned, for Healthy Additions Salad Dressings coming soon!!

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Help Change the Direction of Health Care


Nutritional science has made dramatic advances in recent years. We are at a point in history where we understand that the majority of diseases plaguing Americans are preventable. We have an unprecedented opportunity in human history to live healthier and longer than ever before. Nevertheless, most Americans have been brought up to believe drugs are the solution to their health care issues and billions of dollars get donated though non-profits to fuel drug development. This is the main reason we have a health care crisis today; the lack of funding for research in nutrition.

With the help of the National Health Association, I have set up the Nutritional Research Project, a non-profit foundation for the purpose of funding medical research utilizing my high-nutrient-diet therapeutically to reverse diseases. This information is also needed to promote the awareness of dietary-caused disease, the major cause of chronic illnesses and premature death in modern countries. As a nation it is possible for us to win the war against heart disease, strokes, dementia, diabetes, and cancers by making a few simple but profound diet and lifestyle changes.

My 20 years of patient experience with more than 10,000 patients and thousands of case histories demonstrate nutritional excellence is not merely preventative, but more effective than medications for most diseases. However, our population and the medical profession will never incorporate this lifesaving knowledge into our nation’s health care system until it is shown to be effective in medical journal published clinical studies.

We are in desperate need of funding to support such medical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of this dietary-based approach to disease and to bring the results of the research to the public for implementation.

I sincerely appreciate any money that can be donated to help this important cause. The billions of dollars that are typically donated to medical causes go exclusively to drug research and that is what essentially has caused the health care crisis in the modern world, and millions of needless deaths; an over-reliance on drugs, while people destroy their health with a disease-causing diet-style.

Especially in these trying economic times, even the smallest donation will make a difference. If everybody receiving this gave something we would be able to start 3 major studies in 2009. So, please join us in our effort to support the medical research projects that we have been developing. This is the time to initiate a new approach to health care.

Thank you for your support it means so much.


Make your tax-free donation here. Please email this page to a friend!

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Howard Stern Gets a Six-Pack of Advice!

Last week, Howard Stern said he wanted six-pack abs. So, being a super-fan, I asked Dr. Fuhrman to help him out. And today, Lisa G. of Howard 100 News talked about it on the show!

Here’s the transcript of Lisa in the studio with Howard and Robin from today’s show:

Howard: Anything else?

Lisa: Yes, an online health blog has given advice to you. Advice on how you might be able to finally get the six-pack abs that you’re hoping for. Dr. Joel Fuhrman recommends that you eat carefully every other day, just vegetables, beans and fruit with no grains, oils or animal products. You should be avoiding bread, olive oil and egg whites on those careful days.

Howard: If I did that, I would probably lose another 20 pounds and I’d look like a skeleton.

Robin: But your abs would be flat!

Lisa: You’d get cut.

Howard: I see these guys and they’re also big on top and stuff. I don’t know how they do it. Me, I just start looking more like I was just released from Auschwitz. I don’t get it.

Lisa: Well, the bodybuilders I know they eat eggs whites chicken and broccoli.

Howard: Nah. I don’t think they run. I think that’s what the secret is.

Robin: No. But you got to run. Because you got to take down the body fat, right?

Howard: I don’t know. I don’t know how they do it. And you know what, I’m a little passed my prime.

Robin: You think it’s that. You’re passed the prime.

Howard: My trainer says if I stood up straight I would have no belly.

Everyone laughs.

A mention on the Howard Stern Show, so freaking cool! Thanks again to Lisa G. And Lisa, come on. Take me up on my offer. You and me, let’s do dinner! I’ll bring you free books.

Hey everyone, email Howard 100 News and tell Lisa G. she needs to have dinner with yours truly: howard100news@sirius-radio.com. Help a brother out!

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Dr. Fuhrman on Studio 10 TV

This Thursday Dr. Fuhrman stopped by Studio 10 TV in St. Petersburg, Florida to talk health and nutrition with hosts Jerome and Holley.

Here’s the video: Dr. Joel Fuhrman Shows Us How to Eat for Health!

Dr. Fuhrman Talks Weight-Loss with Mike and Juliet


This morning Dr. Fuhrman joined The Morning Show’s Mike and Juliet to discuss America’s ever-expanding weight problem. He was joined by three women who each lost over 100lbs; one through diet and exercise and the others with the gastric bypass and the lap band.

The cool part is all three of these ladies learned the importance of healthy nutrition and living. If fact, one of them now owns a gym and is a full time fitness trainer and another is sexy, sultry burlesque dancer. Talk about a turn around!

Here’s the transcript of Dr. Fuhrman’s interview:

Juliet: Obesity is a major-major problem in this country. We’ve been hearing this. We do segments about this all the time. It’s getting worse.

Dr. Fuhrman: Well we do in live a toxic food environment today. Right now we’ve passed the mark, where 61% of the American diet is now processed food and junk food. 51% of American’s die of heart attacks and strokes and if you manage to live long enough half of us become demented in our later life. This is all because of our toxic food environment. Our brains and our bodies don’t take in the nutrients we need—THE MICRONUTRIENTS—to sustain good health into our later years.

Mike: Half of us are going to die of a stroke or a heart attack unless we do something about it.

Dr. Fuhrman: And they are unnecessary deaths! You can make the decisions right now not to have it happen to you and that’s the message here.

Mike: The processed food you talk about is that kind of addictive food too?

Dr. Fuhrman: That’s exactly the point, the reason why people fail at diets is because they don’t recognize that food has physical addictive properties and the physical addictions are intertwined with the emotional addictions.

Juliet: Are there just some people that cannot function or cannot have any success with a diet?

Dr. Fuhrman: You know why they don’t succeed, because they feel shakiness, weakness, fatigue, mental confusion, pain, muscle spasm, if they don’t constantly put food in their mouth they feel sick. We have to treat it like an addiction. Once we fuel their body with high-nutrient foods, they can actually get rid of these food addictions and make success in the weight-loss arena. I could fill this audience with people who lost between 50 and 300 pounds, who did it naturally, who did it with NUTRITIONAL EXCELLENCE, because they studied, they gained the knowledge and learned about food addictions and to remove their food addiction behavior, but if they are not willing to put up with a little discomfort—like coming off cigarettes or coming off ten cups of coffee a day—you’ll feel lousy for a few weeks. People fail on diets because it’s like telling them to eat less food or eat healthy, is telling them to breathe less oxygen. They’re just too uncomfortable, they can do it for a while, but the majority of people put the weight back on.

Mike: If the majority of us put it back on, they haven’t, why haven’t they put it back on do you think?

Dr. Fuhrman: That’s exactly point, because even the lap-band or gastric bypass, is just a tool to help you deal with addictive behaviors for a period of time, but you’ve got still to get the knowledge to learn how eat right, how to exercise.

Juliet: Can you still gain weight on the lap-band?

Dr. Fuhrman: People can trick their lap-band and trick their gastric bypass. These women didn’t just do the surgery. They combined it with learning about nutrition.

Awesome! Now, in case you missed this morning’s segment, the video is up on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet’s website. Enjoy it, don't be like me. Taking notes, recording, transcribing and blogging while watching!

Dr. Fuhrman on the "Morning Show with Mike and Juliet"

Turn on FOX tomorrow morning Tuesday, August 12th at 9am EDT. Dr. Fuhrman will be joining Mike and Juliet to talk about weight-loss. Spread the word and tell your friends!

UPDATE: Here's Dr. Fuhrman's appearance: Dr. Fuhrman Talks Weight-Loss with Mike and Juliet.



Dr. Fuhrman on Oprah & Friends

You know Dr. Mehmet Oz, he’s American’s Doctor. He’s also an old medical school buddy of Dr. Fuhrman’s and earlier today Dr. Fuhrman appeared on Dr. Oz’s radio show. Have a listen! Here’s a little about the show:
Many diets have poor nutritional value and therefore could be contributing to, instead of fighting off, various diseases, Dr. Fuhrman says. His diet plan focuses on foods that are rich in vitamins and nutritional density, keeping the body healthy and protecting against illness.

Dr. Fuhrman says his diet is successful because people are allowed to eat as much food as they want, as long as they are eating the right foods. "The key is not really to focus on the calories you are eating but [rather] on the quality of the food you eat—then there are mechanisms where the body produces fewer free radicals and the body feels comfortable eating less food," he says. "The symptoms between meals go away and you don't want to eat so many calories."

Avoid (but don't eliminate) animal products and eat lots of leafy greens and vegetables, Dr. Fuhrman says. By following that plan, Dr. Fuhrman says eventually the feelings that are commonly associated with diets—feeling light-headed, weak, foggy and shaky—go away and the weight begins to melt off. "When you eat healthfully, your body gravitates relatively rapidly toward a better weight," he says.
Dr. Fuhrman is becoming quite the satellite radio maven, remember this: Dr. Fuhrman on Howard 100!

Dr. Fuhrman on Ice...

Recently the IceNewtwork.com interviewed Dr. Fuhrman about his previous life as a figure skater and his current life as a nutrition guru. Here’s a bit:

"When I was a skater, I was always reading about nutrition, even as a teenager," says Fuhrman. Although he attended college and earned good grades, figure skating was his primary focus. When it became clear his skating career was over, he started to think about the next phase of his life. He'd graduated from college with an economics and business major and started coaching skating and working in his father's shoe business. Then he decided he wanted to go to medical school, so he took the pre-med program at Columbia.

"It was a gradual thing through my teenage years and early 20s. I had that passion for nutrition," Fuhrman says. "I felt the only way I could really express it and have an effect on society and use nutrition as medical therapy would be to get a medical degree. So I went to medical school with the idea in mind I was going to be a doctor specializing in nutrition."

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Health Association and serves on the Advisory Panel of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. He is a certified family physician with a nutritional specialty. He is considered a leading expert on nutrition and natural healing. His 2003 best-selling book, Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Plan for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, has gone through 17 printings.

To see Dr. Fuhrman in action, check out his 1973 winning routine.

Dr. Fuhrman on Howard 100!

Yup, Howard 100! Thanks to my post about Robin Quivers and her claim about vegans. Lisa G. from Howard 100 News gave me a call and asked to speak with Dr. Fuhrman about eating veggies and beating the heat. Here’s the transcript from today’s newsbreak:
Announcer: Around the world and up your block. This is a Howard 100 Newsbreak.

Ralph Howard: I’m Ralph Howard. For Robin Quivers being a vegan is a cool thing. It’s Howard 100 News on your side.

Announcer: Howard 100 News on your side.

Lisa: Robin said the recent heat wave in New York City didn’t bother her and agreed with her friend who claimed it’s because she’s now a vegan. Dr. Joel Fuhrman author of Eat To Live and the book Eat For Health says Robin is absolutely right.

Dr. Fuhrman: Any foods like meat and cheese take a long time to digest and digestion is an energy demanding activity that raises body temperature, just like going for a walk or exercising. Also when you eat a diet rich in vegetables, your micronutrient levels are higher. Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals; they are the non-caloric portion of food and when you have a high level of micronutrients your healthier.

Lisa: But how does that correlate with the outside temperature?

Dr. Fuhrman: Well, when you metabolism is slower you can handle the heat better. When your metabolism is faster it raises body temperature and you have more difficultly in feeling okay when it’s hot out.

Lisa: Dr. Fuhrman claims being thin and eating healthy will make you live longer.

Dr. Fuhrman: We know from studies on animals, like on rats, when they feed them more intermittently, when they calorically restrict them, they can practically double their lifespan and live one and a half times longer, and lower their body temperature and their metabolism goes slower as they age slower.

Lisa: The downside of being a vegan, the winter.

Dr. Fuhrman:
Makes you tolerate the cold not as well. So a person eating a more plant-favorable or plant-heavy diet, more vegan diet, is going to have to dress warmer in the wintertime, but is going to tolerate the heat much better.

Lisa: Dr. Fuhrman says metabolism is like a battery. The slower it is, the more energy you save, thus slowing down your aging process. For Howard 100 News, I’m Lisa G.
How cool is that? I’m a HUGE Howard Stern fan—which should help explain all my smart-ass remarks—it was doubly cool for me because I’ve got a major crush on Lisa G. Thanks again Lisa! You rock! Oh, and give Artie a shot.