Interview with a Nutritarian: Laura

yoga portraitI became acquainted with Laura through the member center of I’m always impressed when young adults take control of their health destinies at a relatively young age, and Laura is one of them. It’s exciting to know that she will save herself a lifetime of unnecessary suffering and costly medical expenses in the days, months and years ahead! Welcome to Onlyourhealth, Laura.


What was your life like before discovering nutritarian eating?

Even though I wasn’t that overweight, I used to be obsessed with food. I felt guilty whenever I ate anything fattening, and most of the time I had stomach aches after eating the standard American diet. I didn’t think there was anything abnormal about it so I didn't try to find a solution. However, fast food always made me sick so I stopped eating it altogether. This helped, but I still didn't feel well most of the time.  

I also had terrible allergic reactions to grass, ragweed, pollen, cats, trees, etc.  If I was invited to a home where there were cats, I'd either decline the invitation or take Benadryl; which always made me groggy, and I still sneezed and sniffed.


How did you find out about Dr. Fuhrman?

About four years ago I was unemployed and spent much of the day online reading about nutrition. Eventually I saw a presentation that Dr. Fuhrman gave on a raw food website and I liked his discoveries that were based on scientific research.


How do you feel now?

I lost close to fifteen pounds and feel lighter; both mentally and physically. I feel more alive and have a bounce in my step. I used to think that it was normal to feel stuffed and not want to move after eating. Now I like to take my dog for a walk after I eat; plus, I have enough energy to workout, whereas before, I couldn’t make myself exercise.

My former obsession with food is gone and I don’t feel guilty about eating now. I know that certain foods make me feel good and other foods make me feel lethargic, stuffed, and overweight.  I’ve now trained myself to think before eating, “Is this food going to keep me feeling light, able to exercise and move around, or is this food going to drag me down?” Meals have never been more enjoyable.  

I haven't taken Benadryl for a couple of years, and I even live with a cat now! This has been the most remarkable change since I never expected to get rid of allergies.  I still have symptoms if I pet cats and scratch my eyes, but for the most part, I’ve forgotten what is was like to have allergies.  

Plus, I used to have urinary tract infections and now I don’t, and I used to have continual sinus drainage down the back of my throat and now it’s completely gone!


Do you have any success tip(s) to share with others?

  • It's been extremely helpful to have a friend who is supportive. I recommend attending a lecture that Dr. Fuhrman gives in-person, and take a friend or relative along. [Dr Fuhrman was speaking in New Jersey and I begged my friend to go with me; I’m so glad she did!]
  • There are lots of healthy recipes that you will like.  You don't have to eat foods that you dislike.  

In a nutshell, what has nutritarian eating done for you? 


It has totally changed my life! I’m so thankful to be able to really enjoy eating with no guilt while also giving my body the nutrients it needs to fight off viruses, cancer cells, bacteria, etc. It has also caused me stop obsessing about food and finding the right diet.  There's no longer the temptation to find the latest way to lose weight or feel better.  I’ve discovered what really works to live in great health and that settles it for me.  Nutritarian eating does takes some effort, but it doesn’t take long to see and enjoy the rewards!  


Congratulations Laura ~ we are so proud of you for choosing optimal health so early in life!


image credit: Reggie Meneses