Wow, what an incredible time!

            Princeton Westin


food lineEmily Boller (right) with Adrienne who has lost 128 lbs and still losing!Wow, what an incredible time everyone had at Dr. Fuhrman’s Weekend Immersion in Princeton, New Jersey last weekend! To immerse oneself is to: engage wholly, deeply, and absorb everything fully.  

There is definitely something to be said about being completely immersed in Dr. Fuhrman’s health information to understand the science and logic behind his nutritional recommendations; tasting delicious, new recipes; listening to inspirational success stories; meeting and interacting with other nutritarians, and sharing a common bond with everyone . . . . all in one place! Everyone left with a renewed commitment to optimal health for life.


Dr. Fuhrman speaking at the Princeton Immersion

A time set aside to be fully engaged in such an environment speeds up the learning process, and one’s mindset changes from “I really should eat better” . . . .to . . . . “I want to eat this way for the best health that’s possible!” 


A changed mind naturally produces a transformed body for life


Here are a few comments from the weekend:

  • fruit beveragesI was beyond blown away. Dr. Fuhrman was so amazingly inspiring and informative. I have been at this for several years, but I learned so many new things. The success stories that were presented were unforgettable, and renewed my enthusiasm and commitment to this way of life. The food was off the charts too! I was there with my dad and we both were so thrilled that we went. We met some fantastic people, and I am going to lobby hard for the Getaway this summer! -Heather
  • I enjoyed the weekend very much! Thanks to Dr Furhman and staff for a well-organized event!   -Alexandre
  • The whole weekend was awesome and my husband and I both learned so much!
  • It was great! I learned new things, met new people, and tried some new recipes. –Essie
  • It was such a wonderfully planned event and you can tell the staff worked hard to make it seem effortless. I have returned with lots of enthusiasm. –Laura
  • The weekend immersion was so good! I was a little hesitant about going alone, but I was so happy that I went. It was so comfortable, and the material presented was just wonderful and informative; and the place where it was held was great. –kfrasetto


For those who couldn’t make it to the weekend immersion, Dr. Fuhrman’s 2011 Fifth Annual Health Getaway will be June 26 – July 2 at The Grand Summit Resort in Park City, Utah. Actress Marilu Henner will be this year’s MC; and along with Dr. Fuhrman’s life-changing lectures will be health screenings, social events, indoor and outdoor activities including gondola rides, hiking, golf, concerts, and much more to make for a never-to-be-forgotten revitalizing vacation for you and your loved ones! 

Invest a week of your life into your health ~ it’s MUCH more fun and cheaper than a week’s vacation in the coronary care unit recovering from quadruple bypass surgery, or a lifetime of finger pricks and insulin shots!


Here’s to optimal health for all!  

Be immersed in a nutritarian lifestyle!

 Dr. Fuhrman's upcoming Weekend Immersion is being held January 14-16, 2011 at The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village in Princeton, 6108032618.

Be immersed in a nutritarian lifestyle:

Health Getaways

  • Seven lectures presented by Dr. Fuhrman that will transform your thinking about health and disease
  • Dr. Fuhrman's great-tasting high nutrient cuisine at every meal that is sure to satisfy;
  • Recipe and menu planning instruction that will inspire and spark your culinary skills;
  • Exercise classes
  • A warm, friendly environment to make connections, build relationships, gain knowledge to control the future of your health and have fun!

When you leave stay connected with a FREE 1 month subscription to Dr. Fuhrman's Member Support Center.


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Dr. Fuhrman's Health Getaway; part 2 - the presentations

Last month over 160 people gathered for a week of relaxation, pampering, education, inspiration, physical fitness, great food, friendship, and fun at the beautiful Rancho Bernardo Inn in southern California for Dr. Fuhman's Health Getaway.  Recently, I wrote about the delicious foods that were served that week; everything from California Creamed Kale and Eggplant Roll-Ups to Apple Carrot Custard Pie. Just like the top-notch quality meals left the body feeling well nourished, each presentation was loaded with powerfully transforming information for the mind.  Below is a brief overview of them.    

Dr. Fuhrman, John Mackey, Chef Chad Sarno

After the welcome reception and dinner on Sunday evening, the week kicked-off with an early morning power walk, led by Dr. Fuhrman; followed by breakfast and a dynamic lecture on healthy muscles and bones.  Immediately after Dr. Fuhrman demonstrated exercises that are important to structural health, he led a fitness class to put the information into practice.  The entire week was like that; a powerfully life-changing message on everything from the basics of eating for health, food addiction and weight loss, reversing heart disease and diabetes, to cancer prevention and longevity; laced with Dr. Fuhrman's humor, and plenty of fitness classes, yoga sessions, health assessments, and fun activities woven in-between.  Of course, he also gave practical cooking demonstrations, and there was always plenty of opportunity for Q & A after each lecture.  

                        health assessment and yoga

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, shared his vision of the Healthy Eating Revolution involving the immersion of healthy eating into corporate America and beyond.  I was blown away by the astronomical amount of dollars that Whole Foods Market has saved in health care costs by introducing its employees to this healthy eating initiative.   

Master Chef and Whole Foods culinary educator, Chad Sarno, entertained us with his delightful cooking demonstrations:  Base Recipes for a Delicious Nutritarian Lifestyle, and Entertaining with Canapes.  He proved that healthy cooking can be fun and easy!  

Lisa FuhrmanLisa Fuhrman's transparent approachability welcomed personal questions in her discussion forums throughout the week. Her practical tips and honest experiences with raising children to eat healthfully were most helpful. 

The week was emceed by the lovely Sarah Taylor, who imparted hope to all with her inspiring motivational talk on overcoming obstacles.  Joe Cross spoke after the showing of his documentary movie, "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead;" the compelling journey of not only getting his own health back, but helping others that he met along the way.  

As an exciting, new addition this year, the entire week of presentations were professionally filmed and DVDs will be available sometime in September. Please check soon for more details.  

"Since returning from the Getaway I'm delighted to find that I'm now able to prepare delicious salads, sorbets, and steamed vegetables.  I'm now ten pounds lighter, exercising vigorously, sleeping soundly, and have a body of like minded friends to share my experiences."  - Diana


"I left inspired, renewed and committed.  I am so excited!"  -Joy


"I was expecting to be inspired, to learn a lot, and to enjoy not cooking for a week.  It was all that and more!  The unexpected and delightful surprise was making new friends, and talking endlessly with them at each meal and while exercising.  It made an impact on me how important community is."  -Barb


"We could hardly imagine how our third Getaway could be even better than the first two, but it was!  Lifesaving health information, seeing old friends and meeting new ones, great food, exercise and yoga, and inspiration . . . everything a beginning or veteran nutritarian could want."  - Darryl



image credits: special thanks to Getaway guest, Dan Williams of for his many wonderful images of the food, speakers, and activities; the picture of Lisa Fuhrman is courtesy of Getaway guests, Stanley and Martha