Don and Alicia no longer have diabetes and no longer need medications

Diabetes is a serious disease that shortens one’s life expectancy. Most adults with Type 2 diabetes die of heart attack and stroke, and these deaths occur at a younger age compared to people without diabetes. Diabetes also ages the body more rapidly, causing harm to the kidneys, nervous system and eyes, and also increases the risk of cancer. Premature death and the devastating complications of this disease simply do not have to happen. Type 2 diabetes is a devastating disease, but it is both preventable and reversible.

The vast majority of those with type 2 diabetes who adopt my nutritional and exercise recommendations reverse their disease; they lose their excess weight, become non-diabetic, and no longer need medications. They simply get well.

I met Don at my recent Health Immersion in Chicago, and he told me that he and his wife both got off all their medications and reversed their diabetes by following my recommendations. Here is Don’s story:


Don and Alicia: beforeDon and Alicia: after

(Don and Alicia: before and after)

“I was a fast food junkie, eating out 7 to 10 times a week. The rest of the time was processed foods, meats and dairy.  Hated vegetables but always said with enough butter and/or cheese they could be edible.  I would eat the occasional fruit and loved all breads and rolls.

I had wanted to be in the best shape of my adult life by the time I turned 50.  I started the Atkins and failed, gaining back even more weight and feeling lousy.  I was put on Wellbutrin then Prestiq for depression, refilled Lomotil for the IBS I was diagnosed with 25 years earlier, a few different pain killers as needed for degenerative arthritis of the lower back and hips.  Last but not least Viagra, hmmm I wonder why?

In May of 2012 my A1C went up to 11 on Glucophage and Actos.  My doctor then added Glyburide. My numbers came down into the sixes but I was experiencing low sugar episodes, and she wanted to start me on insulin.  My numbers may have been better, but I would not want to live with the swings the Glyburide was giving me.

I heard about Eat To Live in July and started it in August of 2012 also discontinuing my Glyburide right away.  My numbers had fallen and stabilized so I cut out the Actos and cut the Glucophage in half on the second week. Still my numbers looked great so I cut Glucophage out, and because my blood pressure had lowered and stabilized I cut out the Accupril. 

Meanwhile it was time for my 3 month diabetes checkup and my doctor was happy with my numbers yet still mentioned starting insulin. I told her what I was doing, and she was concerned that I had stopped my meds.  After seeing that my cholesterol was good I stopped the Lipitor as well.  I couldn't believe how good I was feeling.

The weight was coming off at about 7 pounds a week.  I hadn't started this plan for weight, but I can't say I was disappointed either.  Three months went by, and I hadn't taken so much as an aspirin since September.  I was exercising and feeling great.

I back slid around the Holidays, just a little, and put back on 5 pounds and started feeling bad again.  I was reminded of a refrigerator magnet that read “nothing will taste as good as you will feel.”  I have better stuck to the plan since then.   

I started in August at 272 pounds.  I stand 6'1" and I had so many aches and pains I just laid around being very uncomfortable. I have lost 60 pounds and have been medication-free for over 4 months.  My wife started in September and she has lost 36 pounds and is off her Glucophage and her allergy medicine.  We are both medication-free, happy, and getting healthier all the time.

Boy has my life changed.  I believe if I can do it anyone should be able to, you just have to get fed up with being sick and tired.

I got a chance to meet and thank Dr. Fuhrman in Chicago and I showed him a picture, on my phone, of all the meds I no longer take. This man needs to be in charge of our Government medical and nutritional standards!”


As Don’s story clearly illustrates, the human body has an amazing capacity for healing, even from diabetes.  All we have to do is establish the optimal nutritional environment with high-nutrient foods and let the body do its work. A long, healthy life, free of diabetes and its tragic complications is possible, and it is your choice; you are the one who chooses whether you are going to live with your diabetes or get rid of it.

My new book, The End of Diabetes, outlines in detail my program for reversing (or preventing) type 2 diabetes with a nutritarian eating style and exercise.  If you are overweight or have diabetes you must read it, then share what you learn with your doctor, and get ready to enjoy excellent health.  




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Theresa Anderson - February 15, 2013 4:14 PM

I never get tired of reading these wonderful stories of health restoration with Dr. Fuhrman's Nutritarian Diet.
Good for the both of you Don and Alicia!

Lilly - February 16, 2013 1:14 AM

Thank you for sharing your inspiring stories of recovery from diabetes. This week a beloved colleague suddenly died from the effects of type II diabetes. It is incredibly sad to know that this wonderful man will not be able to live a life of health. I am so happy that you both healed your diabetes through nutritatian living. Best wishes for long and happy lives. I wish my friend could have met you both.

Candace N - February 16, 2013 10:58 AM

Thank you for your story...I have had type~1 Diabetes for 30 years. I keep starting the ETL plan then my sugar addiction kicks in..I really want to start is the day!!I am so happy for you both. Good luck to you both!

Josey - February 20, 2013 4:04 PM

I am so impressed by your progress and endurance.
Keep up the good work and never go back to the old ways!

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