Dr. Fuhrman on HPV Vaccinations

Mandatory HPV vaccinations have been in the news lately. Now I don’t know a lot about them, but the whole topic is a big deal to Dr. Fuhrman. Check out this article he sent over from the American Academy of Family Physicians. It seems the push to require HPV vaccination for school entry might be a little premature. Cindy Borgmeyer reports:
In the face of a growing number of states taking up legislation that calls for vaccination of preteen girls against the human papillomavirus, or HPV, as a requirement for school entry, the Academy has adopted a more cautious tone, saying it's too early to consider mandating the vaccine in the absence of more definitive data about its use and a better understanding of the logistical issues involved in making it available to this sizable patient population.

A policy statement developed by the AAFP Commission on Science and approved Feb. 7 by Board Chair Larry Fields, M.D., of Flatwoods, Ky., laid out the Academy's reservations about taking such a hard-line stance, saying it was "premature to consider school entry mandates for HPV vaccine until such time as the long-term safety with widespread use, stability of supply and economic issues have been clarified."
Dr. Fuhrman’s also leery about it. He shared his thoughts with me:
Of note is the statement made by the American Academy of Family Physicians that we do not know the long-term safety or even the effectiveness of the vaccine, yet (likely under pressure of drug companies). Many states are making the vaccine mandatory.

The point here is that in this country we allow legislatures to mandate which medications we must give our children? People are not allowed to have an opinion about drugs and vaccines different from the majority opinion, in spite of the controversies and poorly studied short and long-term risks.

Remember this is not about arguing about the effectiveness or value of vaccines, just whether we should mandate medical care and take another freedom away from Americans. We no longer have the freedom to take or not take medications. Sounds like the Taliban to me.
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Jackie Danicki - February 22, 2007 1:00 PM

I agree with Dr Fuhrman, but wonder how he reconciles his view with a support for the banning of trans-fats. Either people should be allowed to own themselves or not.

dingosatemybaby - February 24, 2007 8:28 PM

Allowing the government to prescribe medication to our children - in many cases completely against the parent's wishes - is one thing.

Having the government step in to ban a substance proven to be a health menace on epidemic levels is quite another.

They should act in the interests of long term public safety - like they are in the trans-fats issue and stay OUT of my house when it comes to making decisions about what medications my children may or may not take.

Blanche the HPV Facts Lady - August 5, 2010 2:16 PM

I think that most doctors today have to be very careful what they say in public, in print and online. There are too many people that are happy to file a lawsuit that it taints the real facts of disease. HPV is a real problem today and its growing. A lot of people have the "it cannot happen to me" syndrome and ignore doing some thorough research so they can not only protect themselves but also their children.

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