Regular Weigh-Ins Keep Teens Slim

As a kid, I used to weigh my toys on our bathroom scale—I was slow—but now, a new study in Journal of Adolescent Health claims adolescents who weigh themselves at least once a week are more likely to exercise or eat less junk food and more fruits and vegetables. Experts surveyed 130 teens that were overweight, but slimmed down over the past two years, finding 43% of kids reported weighing themselves once a week; Reuters explains.

This is good news, especially since nowadays many pediatricians fail to diagnosis weight problems in children. As kids continue to eat horrible diets—just like their parents—they are developing adult health problems, such as kidney stones and even heart disease.

In related news, previous reports show overweight teenagers are more likely to commit suicide and obese kids, ages 2 to 19, are 26% more likely to develop some sort of allergy.

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Gerard - June 5, 2009 8:55 AM

Wouldn't this be a sign of an eating disorder? Or possibly lead to an eating disorder? Eating disorders run in the family and I fear for my child(5 yr old girl)?I know this is slightly off subject but it just sparked the thought in my brain.

Sara - June 6, 2009 2:08 PM

Weighing five times a day might be but once a week? These are overwight teens. I think that the ones that way themselves are aware and trying to do smething about their weight.

Ronda - June 9, 2009 1:00 PM

I think weighing is just an information tool like getting your cholesterol checked. The people I've known with eating disorders they were sparked by a family member or a person they looked up to like a coach with comments like you could run faster or jump faster if you lost some weight or you could probably get a boyfriend if you lost a few pounds or that dress would look good on you if you'd lose a little weight or a comment that makes you feel you aren't your best now but you'd be better if only. I weighed myself about twice a month as a teen. Back then I was too busy to care about calories or nutrition and just ate what and when I wanted like most teens do. Food is even more processed and calorie laden now than it was then. I would notice though if I was up 5 pounds or more and then would just cut out snacks and have smaller portions and try to be a little more active.It came off a lot easier back then. Its so easy to put on ten pounds here and there though and there is so much going on during that age I think all teens should be able to weigh themselves and be better informed to what is happening to their bodies before they find out they have put on 30 or more pounds without realizing it.

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