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At OnlyOurHealth, we strive to provide reliable and accurate health information to our valued readers. As part of our commitment to transparency and integrity, we have established the following advertising policy:

  1. Advertising Independence: Our website’s content and editorial decisions are independent of any advertising partnerships or sponsorships. Advertisements displayed on OnlyOurHealth do not influence the information, articles, or reviews published on our website.
  2. Distinction Between Advertising and Editorial Content: We clearly distinguish between advertising and editorial content. Advertisements on our website are labeled as such and are displayed in designated advertising spaces. We ensure that our readers can easily differentiate between sponsored content and our editorial content.
  3. Advertiser Selection: We carefully select advertisers and partners based on their relevance to our readers and the overall integrity of their products or services. However, the inclusion of advertisements on OnlyOurHealth does not imply our endorsement or recommendation of the advertised products or services.
  4. Advertiser Responsibility: Advertisers are responsible for the accuracy and legality of their advertisements. We do not assume any liability for the claims, products, or services offered by our advertisers. Any issues or concerns regarding advertisements should be addressed directly with the respective advertisers.
  5. Ad Blocking: We understand that some users may employ ad-blocking software. While we encourage users to support our website through non-intrusive advertisements, we respect individual choices in this matter. However, please note that blocking ads may affect the overall user experience and functionality of our website.
  6. User Privacy: We prioritize the privacy and security of our users. Our advertising practices adhere to applicable privacy laws and regulations. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
  7. Ad Policy Updates: OnlyOurHealth reserves the right to update or modify this advertising policy as needed. Any changes will be clearly communicated on our website.

Please note that while we strive to maintain the highest standards in advertising practices, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, or safety of products or services promoted by third-party advertisers.

For any inquiries or concerns regarding our advertising policy, please contact us through the provided channels.

OnlyOurHealth Team

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